Pretty Girl of the Day, March 6, 2016

Today’s pretty girl is wearing a coat due to the cold weather.


Here at the College, we recognize that girls might want to wear a coat in cold or rainy weather. We understand that in the rest of the world, people wear coats over their ordinary clothing, and they remove their coats upon coming indoors. But here at the College, we have a dress code to uphold. If we let girls wear coats over their ordinary clothing, then before long, every girl would use an ostensible need for a “coat” as an excuse to wear clothes under other clothes. Before long, chaos would reign, and we would be policing dresses as “coats” over underwear as “clothes”.

Does that mean we’re heartless, and we would make girls go without wearing a coat in cold weather? Of course not! Any girl who wants to wear a coat may do so at the College. It just means that girls have a choice of wearing ordinary clothes or a coat, but not both.

That said, we want to discourage girls from wearing coats when not absolutely necessary. This means there are some special Dress Code rules that apply only to coats. To help girls understand the rules for coats, they are repeated here. (Of course, every girl may feel free to read the rules in their entirety in the Student Handbook.)

1. A coat must be removed immediately upon entering a classroom, cafeteria, student center, or any college office.

2. A coat does not protect a girl from fondling. Any student may fondle a girl beneath her coat at any time. Ordinary fondling rules apply. In particular, a girl may not impede being fondled. This means she must remove her coat as soon as the fondling begins, even if she is outside at the time.

3. A coat may not be used to hide sexual excitement. If a girl becomes sexually excited as a result of being fondled, she must completely remove her coat, and she may not put it back on until her sexual excitement subsides.

In addition to these official rules, a girl should be aware that wearing a coat greatly increases her chance of being Inspected, as it is easy to hide other clothes beneath a coat. For this reason, girls are strongly encouraged to wear coats no longer than waist-length. Such a coat is long enough to provide warmth for a girl’s torso, and yet short enough to completely expose her butt and pussy, obviating the need for increased Inspection of such girls. Furthermore, in all but the coldest weather, a girl should leave her coat open to plainly show she’s not wearing a bra or top.

Upon first hearing this advice, many girls recoil, objecting that it isn’t fair to force them to leave uncovered their entire entire body — top and bottom, including even her pussy. Yet what benefit would there be in covering these very feminine parts? A coat offers no protection against sexual excitement or fondling. Once inside, a girl is required to remove her coat anyway, so why would it matter that it gives affords her no modesty?

A girl should think of a coat is simply an alternative to clothing, to be used as a convenience for keeping her warm and dry while she’s outside. The trade-off is that she will remain naked while indoors, which is a reasonable accommodation to prevent abuse of the Dress Code.

One thought on “Pretty Girl of the Day, March 6, 2016

  1. lover_mystery

    What does a girl mean, when she complains if she has to take off a coat. I cannot believe, that any of them keep it on when lounging around at home. A girl, wearing a coat, because of the cold weather should be glad to take it off when entering class. Otherwise she would probably sweat a lot and that wouldn’t be in her sense. It’s up to her to act modest all the time. While sitting in the class, she may not spread her legs to tease a boy looking at her. During the breaks she shouldn’t provoke the boys by posing or similar. Indeed, she should be glad to be naked, because she will be exempted from any clothing-inspection and the possibility to get aroused during it with the consequence to get raped. Instead she will find the inspectors and her school-mates kindly looking at her and trying to seek her company. When sitting in the cafeteria (or elsewhere), she will always find a boy, taking his seat next to her and tenderly stroking her legs. She should enjoy it and as it is required, separate her legs to let him stroke her, wherever he prefers. She will find herself quickly enjoying his efforts and feeling her crotch moisten of his nice caressing. That’s perfectly common for a girl, which is threaten so fondly. When she has reached this stadium of excitement, she will find the boy obediently following the college rules, which requires him to give her, what she asks for. The boy will politely as he is, lift her up and make her bend down on the table. She mustn’t defy, but freely spread her legs and make her body-openings available for his access. The boy won’t hesitate any longer, but rape her either in her pussy or ass.


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