Pretty Girl of the Day, July 7, 2011

“I think I’m going to regret this,” Ashley said as Donna caught up to her.  It was a bright summer morning, and already the insects were buzzing.

“Regret what?” Donna asked, innocently.  Donna was jealous of Ashley’s poise and confidence while wearing a dress so short she was practically bottomless.

“Do you see the way the boys are looking at me?”

Donna looked around.  “What do you mean?”

“Oh, I’m being silly.  Forget it.”

“No, I really don’t know what you mean.”

Ashley whispered, “I feel practically naked in this dress!”

Donna took a step back, and admired Ashley’s pretty butt.  “You’re fine,” she said.  Then she added, “I just wish I had the good sense to wear something so light.  It’s going to be a hot day.”

6 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day, July 7, 2011

  1. base

    “I feel practically naked in this dress!”

    College is a place of higher learning and reasoning. It is time to put away “feelings” and examine the truth. Either you are naked or you are not. Ashley is not naked. A more apt description of the truth would be, “I feel NOT naked in this dress!”

    To test this hypothesis, Ashley should remove the dress. Does she suddenly feel naked? Of course she does. Putting back on the dress will reinstate her feeling of not being naked. This is a good test all females should practice if they allow feelings to overrule their intellectual knowledge. you feel too expose? Remove what you have, and see if you feel more exposed. If so, putting back on whatever clothing you have should align your thoughts to feeling less exposed.

  2. Kiki

    Golly, Base, you’re harsh! I totally understand how Ashley felt in that dress. Sometimes I feel the same way, especially when I go off campus in a short dress. As I ascend the escalator, and try to overhear the whispered conversations behind me. I find it particularly troubling due to my slight build. I have round cheeks that always seem to be slightly separated, even when I press my legs tightly together. As a result, my pussy is visible for all to see, unless I wear an absurdly long skirt.

    To your point, base, I agree there’s so little difference between wearing a short skirt and no skirt at all — both leave me feeling bottomless, if not naked — that I have lately taken to wearing just a top about campus, where I feel comfortable in an almost naked condition. But there’s enough of a difference between almost naked and actually naked that I really prefer to keep my top on, thanks just the same.

    1. base

      “But there’s enough of a difference between almost naked and actually naked”

      Sure there’s a difference. One is naked, and one is not naked. That is not so little of a difference. A girl should feel exposed when naked because she is. Once she is no longer naked, there is no rational reason to feel naked because she is not.

      The college does not want you go naked. The entire idea behind the Dress Code is to promote decency. Not the idea of decency in other people’s minds, but in your own mind. I assume you keep your rational, educated mind on campus as well as off campus. Whether you are riding an escalator or sitting on a park bench, it is still you and your own mind. You cannot control what other people think. If you feel indecent on the escalator across town, you should feel indecent on campus, too. If you feel decent on campus, there is not reason to feel indecent at a cafe across the street from campus or at the mall clear across town. You are the same person wearing the same clothing wherever you go.

      Do not fall for whispers behind your back. Little minds engage in such things. The college as failed if your education does not allow you to think for yourself.

      The exercise of removing your top was simply to remind you the difference of being naked and not being naked. By no means is it the college’s desire you should remain naked, but if being naked for a brief time helps you learn this lesson, it is a small price to pay. Much like how inspections help us all learn the lessons of adhering to the Dress Code.

      Finally, much like the water glass being either half full or half empty, some small minds might consider you half naked, but the enlighten mind considers you not naked, i.e., half dressed. A typical dress leaves your head, arms, and legs exposed. That is half dressed. A few inches shorter does not change significantly alter that percentage.

      Count what you do have, not what you do not.

  3. Kiki

    I took another close look at the picture of Ashley, and I totally see your point, Base. Her arms and legs aren’t covered, and this doesn’t make her feel naked, and why should it? Her butt is also not covered, so should she feel any differently just because of the particular body part that is bare? Of course not!

    Thank you for helping to bring me back to the basic reason for having the Dress Code in the first place: to promote decency. As long as Ashley feels comfortable baring her pretty butt, then there’s no reason she shouldn’t do so, and, as you point out, there’s no reason she should feel at all uncomfortable dressing the way she does.

    I, too, suffer from that irrational feeling of being “half naked” when I wear a dress or top that’s shorter than crotch-length. I think Ashley and I can both benefit from your wisdom, and stop lamenting the need to go bottomless, which is the only reliable way to avoid being inspected. One thing I need to work on is curbing my obvious sexual excitement, which comes over me whenever I get that “half naked” feeling. I can’t tell you how many times a boy has caught me with a wet pussy. The good thing is that I’m usually better able to control my excitement after my first rape of the morning, and I must say it’s pretty convenient to be raped in just a top.

    I have a question about being raped, though, maybe you can help me. Yesterday, I was on the campus bus, and it was really crowded, so I had to stand. A boy was also standing on the bus, and he hugged me from behind to steady me as the bus jerked around each corner. He was much taller than me, so he had to lift my dress a bit to hold on, and he happened to stroke my nipples, which were hard. I was definitely in the wrong, allowing myself to be turned on like that, especially considering what a public place it was, so of course I submitted to my punishment, which he carried out right there on the bus. He was very sweet, and like I said, cute, too. So when he was done raping me, I kissed him. A girl who was sitting on the bus tugged on my hand and told me I should give the boy a tip for being so nice. I asked her what she meant by a tip, and she explained that I should give the boy an article of clothing. It’s customary, she said. But I only have this one item, I told her. The boy interrupted our conversation to say “that would be fine.” He helped me off with my top, and kept it as a souvenir, or maybe as a kind of trophy. We kissed again before the bus arrived at my stop. I got off, and attended my class in the nude. In fact, as it happened, I spent the rest of the day naked, because all my classes were on the far side of the campus that day, and I just didn’t have time to get back to the dorm to put on another top.

    So here’s my question: was the girl on the bus right? If my rapist is particularly sweet, and cute to boot, should I tip him?

    Thanks ever so much for your advice and council.


    1. base

      Despite what waitresses tell you, tipping is purely optional. If you enjoyed the service provided you should reward good service. However, you should not be enjoying your punishment for publicly exhibiting your sexual arousal. This is completely counter to the Campus Code of Conduct. In the earliest of years of the Code, the punishment was public spankings, but as the Dean soon discovered, some girls enjoyed their spankings a little too much. Some professors still use the spanking punishment, and should the girl find herself stimulated by that punishment, the male students should then exercise their role in delivering the proper message to her.

      Most girls receiving punishments often have their clothing torn or removed during the ordeal. Remember, you are to resist the punishment. Leaving behind the torn rags is customary.

      In terms of rewarding a good punishment, we have noticed some girls taking out their ball point pens to write down their phone numbers on the male member’s member; however, this has proved highly frustrating for the boys. 555-1234 on an erection quickly becomes 534 on a flaccid penis. And if the boy tries to regain his erection to read the full number, he smears the ink.

      One sorority requires their girls to have their punishers sign their work. the girl is forced to wear that signature on her butt or breast throughout the day. This practice was to stop wild stories from being told during the lingerie parties at night.


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