College Newspaper Article – Alternative Clothing #1

Peter Kent reports

With the girls of the college ever aware to the prospect of undergoing dress code inspections, some have decided to try and reduce their chances even further. Although most already try to dress in a way that makes an inspection less likely, some have decided to go an ‘extra mile’ and wear clothes that are a little unconventional so that in the rare event they do get inspected, they hope their new thinking dress styles will make inspections go much quicker as some have found the inspections were making them late for lessons. There were other benefits the girls found in their new dress styles and eventually, some of these became very fashionable so in this short series, we look at some of the alternatives clothing the girls have been wearing around the college.

Simple cloths

Simple cloths have been quite popular with the female students. Because of their one-piece nature, they are easy to put on and come an inspection, easy to reveal the parts an inspector is interested in.

Natasha here shows the elegance of a simple cloth.

She can go about her daily business without exposing herself but if an inspector is ever suspicious of her, she can just lift up the material to show that she is not in any offence.

Tied decoratively at the front, the material is light and flexible enough not to tear or rip when she needs to assume more physical positions.

Another advantage of the simple cloth is that if the wearer ever gets too hot, all she has to do is open it a little and let the breeze in.

Tera here has gone for a side tie with her material.

Again, it allows her to assume all sorts of positions without it becoming a hindrance.


One of the most popular alternative choices for girls to wear are towels. Towels provide the extra convenience of being the first thing a girl grabs when she gets out of the shower in the morning. The student can just jump straight out and wrap a towel around herself and not have to spend precious time deciding on what outfit she is going to wear which is one of the main reasons why girls are late to lessons.

Seasoned towel wearer Zoe, finds it very convenient to go about her lessons at the college in this attire. She prefers the original ‘Wrap Around’ towel style.

Zoe explained that another advantage of wearing a towel is that one size usually fits all. As you can see, she has large breasts but all she needs to do to fit them in is adjust the towel a little bit.

She does not have to go through all that fuss of getting her bust size measured in one shop, only to find that in another store, she is a different size to the previous one.

Zoe does warn however that there is a knack to wearing just a towel around the college and if not done right one could open themselves up for a wardrobe malfunction. Here she proves that even though she is a professional towel wearer, she is not immune from making the odd mistake by accidently dropping her towel.

Kimmy demonstrates how easy it is to wear a towel in the ‘Cape’ style.

Here she demonstrates one of the aforementioned fundamental ideals of wearing only a towel as she just steps out the shower and is ready to go straight to her first lesson of the day.

Kimmy however, is quite new to the ‘Cape’ towel style and still needs practice on how to keep it on.

Another girl needing practice in wearing her towel in the ‘Cape’ style was Brooke Skye. She kept having to adjust it but told me she was working hard at it and would persevere as the benefits were great.

Anne is one of the newer students and is very happy with the classic ‘Wrap Around’ towel style. She showed me that now that she no longer has to angst over what outfit to wear when she gets out of the shower, she has time to paint her lovely nails before going to class.

Here we have another Brooke, Brooke Marks. She was the first girl to pioneer the towel look. She started off in the early years with the traditional ‘Wrap Around’ style but evolved it until she reached this:

She has developed the ‘Reverse Cape’ style. She explained that wearing just a towel was invaluable in the summer as it is perfect for catching the sweat that trickles down her hot naked body on the extremely warm days.

Even though Brooke is only wearing a towel, she brims with full confidence knowing that she is still decently dressed as her boobs and vagina are not on display.

You might be thinking that the ‘Reverse Cape’ style of towel dress would be a bad choice of garment to wear as one would always have to use at least one hand to keep it on, but Brooke shows us that as a professional towel wearer, although difficult, she can actually wear it in this style and keep both hands free.

There are many alternative dress style these creative girls have come up with which we shall continue to explore.

6 thoughts on “College Newspaper Article – Alternative Clothing #1

  1. William Kazak

    I am a bit confused. I love the idea of wearing just a towel. It is a great idea to save time in the morning and to not be late for an early class. However, at every naturist resort, the rules say that you need to carry a towel so that you can sit on it. If the co-eds would sit on their towels once they get to their class, then I would not be so confused.

    1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

      Unfortunately, the college is not a naturist resort. If the girls sat on their towels during class they would be fully naked and thus be indecently exposing themselves and we wouldn’t want that now, would we? 🙂

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