Pretty Girl of the Day, December 15, 2015

It’s nice to have a car on campus, says today’s pretty girl.



I can just get in it and drive wherever I want to go — to the supermarket, or the shopping mall. I’m always happy to get out and go somewhere. Today, though, well, I guess I was talking in class, but it really wasn’t my fault. A boy was fondling me, and I was spreading my legs, but the seats in that lecture hall are a bit cramped. It’s been warm, so I didn’t bother to wear a top this morning, just a little skirt. So, to help the boy fondle me, I offered to take off the skirt, but he said it wasn’t necessary, if I just get up on my hands and knees. So I balanced on the chair, with my ass in the air, and he did his thing. “Mmmm,” it felt really good. I was plenty juicy, and he helped spread that juice around, so my whole bottom was pretty wet. I think maybe he used his tongue a little, too; my eyes were closed, so I don’t know. I just let all the wonderful feelings wash over me, and then before I knew it, I was cumming.

Well, I guess I wasn’t very quiet about it. So I hear the professor calling out my name. I stood up all innocent-like, and said “Yes?”

“Come to the front of the room, and bend over.”

Well, I knew my pussy was all wet, and probably a little red, to boot, so I was a little embarrassed.

I did as he said. I touched my toes, with my butt facing the class. I even spread my legs, because I knew there was no point in trying to hide anything.

“Well, young lady,” he said, “what am I going to do with you?”

I shrugged my shoulders. The class laughed. I guess that was all he could take. He made me strip naked, which he must have thought was a bigger deal than it was. I undid my skirt and handed it to him. “Is that it, then?”

He got furious, and made me leave the classroom. I looked down, and saw my pussy was bright red, and my lips were still puffy. I knew I was asking to be raped, but there wasn’t much I could do about it. I was afraid if I went all the way back to my dorm to get another skirt, I would be raped before I got there, so I just went to the parking garage, and tried to remember where I had parked. Finally, I found my car, and unlocked the door.

“Whew!” I spread my legs to let my pussy dry off, and started driving. I tried to act natural every time a truck passed me, and although I’m sure a few of those truckers got a good look at me, I made it all the way to the shopping mall without anything scary happening.

Now, here I am.

I would like to get out, and maybe shop for a new skirt, but I’m a little shy about being completely naked off campus. Should I get out of my car? Or just drive back to the Campus? What would you do in my position?

3 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day, December 15, 2015

  1. lover_mystery

    Leaving the campus without a serious reason is not acceptable and should not be tolerated. But first, the girl shouldn’t drive back to the campus at once. It can happen, if another trucker seeing her bare naked gets so astonished, that he loose control of his truck and crashes. Instead the girl should visit the mall stark naked and take her time to look for shops to buy a nice skirt. If she finds one, she should try it on if it fits and then take it off again walk to the cash deck to pay before she puts it on again. When reaching the parking lot at the campus the girl should make atonement for her misdoing. Instead just to walk to her classroom, she should take off her skirt and walk naked all the way back to her dorm, where she may dress again. If, while on her way, she finds a boy keeping an eye on her, she should deliberatly spread her legs and let him touch her. Surely he will make efforts to find her wet and give her what she had asked for. First when he has raped her, she may put on her skirt and return to her classroom. That will teach her not to leave the lessons without allowance.


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