Pretty Girl of the Day, December 13, 2015

My sister and I dared each other to take the biggest risk of our lives. . .


We dared each other to “Run the Gauntlet”. What’s that, you ask? It’s a game some very adventurous girls play against the Inspectors. It’s all on the up and up. The College even encourages girls to do this. If a girl loses, big deal, she gets Inspected, found indecent, and pays the penalty. But if a girl wins, she wins big: freedom from being Inspected for the rest of the year, with a single minor restriction. (The restrictions is: to avoid Inspection, the girl must be wearing a single item of clothing and must be either completely topless or completely bottomless. At first, you might think going topless would be easier, but going bottomless is pretty easy, too: your top can even cover some of your butt crack, as long as your asshole is clearly visible from behind when you’re standing with your legs apart, hands at your sides, and cheeks relaxed. Even some of your pussy can be covered, as long your top is an inch or two shorter than crotch-length. Most girls have a few tops that easily fulfill this restriction.)

I won’t bore you with the technical details; just suffice it to say we complied in every respect. On the appointed day, we filmed each other getting dressed, from naked. I put on a bra under my jacket — oh no! — and my sister stuffed a pair of panties into her vagina! My poor sister was Inspected, so of course she stripped naked immediately. The Inspector asked my sister to begin masturbating so it would hurt less when he raped her. I begged the Inspector not to rape my sister, still hoping the panties were safe in her vagina. The Inspector found it amusing that I would try to protect my sister, so he offered to make a game of it. He said if I can make her cum before I cum, then he would rape me instead of her. I wasn’t thrilled about being raped myself, but I still thought I could get away with it, and I knew could make her cum pretty quickly just by tickling her all over her adorable little body, so I figured I would take one for the team.

But then the Inspector made it a bit harder. “You can only use your tongue,” he said. “No hands.” Then he made it even harder: “And you can only lick her asshole, not her vagina.” What he didn’t know, though, is that I have a great tongue. I was still sure I could make her cum. I cheated a little, and licked her perineum, ending each stroke at her asshole, and poking my tongue in, then all around it, before beginning another stroke. I also cheated by dragging my lower lip over her vagina, and pressing my nose gently into her asshole just before each lick. As you might expect, she went wild. She arched her back to help, and it seemed like my sister was about to cum when I felt the Inspector’s hands on my own pussy. He spread my legs apart, and told me to keep working on my sister while he checked to make sure I didn’t cum first. It got harder and harder to focus on my sister’s pleasure as I got closer to my own orgasm. Each time I lunged forward to lick my sister’s asshole, I felt the delightful pleasure of the Inspector’s hand on my own pussy, and then it became too much. I was paralyzed. If I moved another inch, I would cum. I pushed my tongue in and out of her gorgeous little asshole without moving my body. My sister started breathing hard, then gasping. I knew she was about to cum, but I dared not move. Then, the Inspector slowly caressed pussy, and it was all I could take! I came hard, about a second before my sister came.

“It looks like your friend will be raped after all,” he said.

“My sister,” I said, sadly.

“Even better,” he said.

“I’m so sorry,” I said, knowing the Inspector would find the panties in my sister’s vagina the minute he began raping her.

“Can you use your magic tongue one more time to lubricate your sister’s gorgeous asshole?”


He pushed my head between my sister’s cheeks. I grabbed her silky thighs and licked, making her asshole as wet as I could. He pulled me aside and shoved himself into her asshole, pushing once, twice, and… Ahhhh, sweet release.

“Listen, you girls are so sweet,” turning to me, he said, “I know I said I would only rape one of you, but if you spread your legs wide and tell me you love me, then maybe I could fuck you both, and then let you go.”

I did as I was told, and pretended to enjoy it each time he pushed his nasty dick into me. I even kissed him and wrapped my legs around him. That did the trick. He came inside me. I was stiff all over, but I finally stood up, and helped my poor sister to her feet. She asked, “Can I have my clothes back?” to which he lunged at her, making us both run.

I felt bad for my poor sister, who was stark naked and had just been butt-fucked by that Inspector. “Are you okay?” I asked her.

She grinned from ear to ear, still glistening from her workout.

“What?” I asked.

She held it up. “The camera,” she said. “It recorded everything.”

“Great,” I said. “I’ll be immortalized giving my sister a rim job. How nice!”

“No, silly,” she said, pushing me playfully. “It shows the Inspector not finding the panties, which are still in my pussy!”

“And he didn’t find my bra!”

“We got away with it!”

W ran to the Administration Building, and collected our prize. The rest of the year, free from Inspections.

“I can finally wear panties every day,” said my sister.

“Not just panties, but a skirt, too.”

“Or blue jeans! Oh, the joy!”

I could kind of see it, but I wasn’t too thrilled about being topless, myself. “I’m looking forward to wearing a cute little top every day, and never worrying about being stripped and having to spread my legs.”

And although I didn’t tell my sister, the thing that made me happiest of all is finally having an excuse not to wear a bottom. I could wear cute little tops that showed off my belly, and no bottom at all. And now I have a good excuse. It’s my free “no Inspection” pass for running the Gauntlet with my sister!


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  1. lover_mystery

    I guess the administration should review the terms and conditions of this subject. A girl hiding any item of clothing in a body-hole, like her vagina, can hardly argue she had worn it. Indeed it should count as a swindle and the girl should be penalized therefore very harshly, instead to free her from further inspections as reward.


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