Pretty Girl of the Day, October 22, 2016

Today’s pretty girl is enjoying a new and very daring trend at the College.

Girls are daring each other to flout the rules of the Dress Code, including some of the most sacred unwritten rules. Yes, that’s right, they’re wearing long skirts — long enough to make it less obvious they’re not wearing panties!

Of course, these most daring girls are still in the minority, but there are enough of them that the Inspectors are having trouble keeping up with the demand. Often, a pair of roommates will make a pact, and try to make it all the way to lunchtime before being stripped naked.

Of course, it’s still quite rare for a girl to be so foolhardy as to actually wear panties under her long skirt, but it’s often hard to tell. Boys all over campus are rightly concerned that their coed classmates might actually be wearing panties. It’s certainly fair to ask any girl to lift her skirt, just to put your mind at ease.

Or if you’re a patient sort of boy, you can just stalk her, and wait for her to squat, sit with her legs up, or begin crawling, which are three things most College girls do quite often.

What? You’ve never seen a girl sitting with her legs up before?

Don’t mind me, I like to crawl around. Doesn’t everyone?


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