Pretty Girl of the Day, October 21, 2016

Meet today’s pretty girl.

Like many girls at the College, she likes to wear a short dress, but not too short, of course, because she’s not allowed to wear any underwear, and she naturally wants to be decent.

Many girls, especially freshman, have silly little worries about short dresses, mostly stemming from concerns over the Dress Code. These girls need to just relax a little, and stop worrying. The same girls who were very happy to wear a short dress in high school, without any worry about their panties showing suddenly get all worried about it when they wear the same dress without panties.

Well, girls, let me tell you the honest truth: whether your dress is a few inches longer than crotch length, or a couple inches shorter, there are always a few angles in which your fellow students can see between your legs. That was true in high school, and it’s true here at the College. No one worried about it in high school, did they? So why are you so worried about it at the College?

Fact is, a short dress shows off your pretty legs. You don’t want to cover them up, do you? Of course not. Sure, once in a while, a boy will catch a glimpse of your pussy, it’s only natural. You don’t want to let that dictate your fashion choices, do you?

Similarly, a short dress doesn’t always completely cover a girl’s bottom. This is natural. A girl shouldn’t expect her bottom to always be completely covered. In fact, a girl looks prettier in a dress that’s a little “cheeky”, like this one, don’t you think?

The most important thing, pretty girl, is not to worry over such minor details as whether your pussy is covered, or if boys might see your asshole between your pretty little cheeks. Yes, of course they’ll see it. And they would see it even if your wore a much longer dress, because you know full well that all a boy has to do to get you to spread your legs is touch your inner thighs. And boys know this, too. It’s in the Student Handbook, after all. So our recommendation to any pretty girl who’s just a little worried about wearing a short dress like this one is: Don’t worry. Be happy.

And be ready to face the day in your beautiful dress!

6 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day, October 21, 2016

  1. insecurelydevoted

    Wow really sexy!!
    Hard to see my undeveloped Peno’s bouncing around as I get a closest look.


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