Pretty Girl of the Day, October 11, 2016

Here is today’s pretty girl…

Not only is she pretty, she’s a good girl, too. I mean she’s following the Dress Code, and not wearing any underwear. Unfortunately, that’s not easy to see just by looking at her. She’s taking a bit of a risk by wearing such a modest sweater. A Dress Code Inspector might well take a look at her and think she’s hiding something under that long dress.

At the beginning of each school year, many girls are a bit shy, especially the freshman girls, so they wear dresses that are longer than necessary. This is unfortunate, because it makes the Dress Code Inspectors’ jobs that much harder. The Inspectors work overtime to force as many overdressed girls as possible to strip naked in full view of their classmates, and the girls, by and large, are happy to demonstrate their adherence to the Dress Code.

Boys, you can help the College with our quest to ensure girls are following the Dress Code by questioning any girl you see who seems like she might be hiding underwear beneath her dress. Assuming you ask nicely, a girl will most likely gladly lift their dress, and show you her pussy. If you ask her to take off her dress completely, she will probably do that, too, because she’s proud to follow the Dress Code.

After she gets naked for you, feel free to check her for signs of sexual excitement. Girls should refrain from exhibiting such signs, even if you gently stroke her inner thighs and labia. If you’re not sure, then just ask her to lie down, and spread her legs, so you can get a better look at her.

Go ahead and palpate her breasts, checking for erect nipples, and run your fingers around her vaginal opening to check for moisture. If she’s a little wet, you might want to taste the fluid to help you judge whether she’s excited. If so, then it would be reasonable to probe her vagina with your penis as well. A good girl will be happy to let you take as long as necessary for a thorough check of her level of sexual excitement.

By providing your support this way, a boy can greatly improve not only adherence to Dress Code, but also encourage girls to wear shorter dresses, thereby obviating the need for such heightened scrutiny.

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  1. Daniel

    I’d Very Happily Squat Her Down On My Face And Drink Her Minge Juices Dry, Then I’d Cumfill Her Guts While Sucking Her Perfect Small Round Boob’s. She Very Sexy Love See More Of Her But No Name


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