I was a perfect fit for the open position. They wanted a teacher who could relate to the Junior and Senior students — not just the girls, but the boys, too. They wanted a teacher who had been to the College, and appreciated the Dress Code, but also understood how girls might be a little apprehensive about it.

This was my first job out of college, so I was embarrassed when they asked me to attach a copy of my college ID to my resume. You see, I didn’t know girls were supposed to be topless for their ID photo, so on the day of my photo appointment, I showed up the way most girls dressed at the College, wearing just a top. So when they asked me to take off my top for the photo, I didn’t know what to do. I guess the photographer was used to girls being a little hesitant, so he assured me the photo would just be from the waist up, and I needed to be topless for a more accurate ID. That turned out to be a total lie, but it was too late. The ID I carried with me for all four years of College shows a frightened little girl, naked head to foot. Oh, well. I made a copy of it, and attached it to my resume.

I guess they liked my resume, or maybe the ID photo did the trick, because they called me in for an interview for the College Prep teacher position. College Prep is the class I wish I had taken when I was in high school. In this class, girls prepare themselves for dealing with the College Dress Code. I know what you’re thinking: A whole class just to teach girls not to wear panties? But it’s more complicated than that. You see, it’s also important for girls not to look like they might be wearing panties, because these are the girls who are most likely to get Inspected.

Let me digress just a minute, and explain about the Inspections. At the College, most of the girls are very good. That is, they follow the rules, though they may disagree with them, and they avoid wearing any underwear at all. I don’t know if you’ve spent much time in public not wearing any underwear, but depending on the length of the dress you’re wearing, it can be stressful. So once in a while, a girl might try to get away with wearing panties, or maybe even a bra, too. So every girl at the College is subjected to random Inspections, just to make sure she’s a good girl. The Inspections are carried out in public for transparency, and so the other students can gather around and watch as the girl is forced to demonstrate that she is, in fact, following the Dress Code.

Every girl at the College is prepared for it. Although a girl’s heart starts beating a little faster than usual when she’s Inspected, there’s really nothing for her to worry about. Her Inspection begins when she is asked to remove some or all of her clothing. It’s natural for a girl to hesitate before stripping, but too much hesitation is a “Violation”, so it’s best if she disrobes immediately, and completely, and surrenders her clothing right away, and stands with her legs apart and arms raised to give full access and to show she won’t interfere with the Inspection. The Inspector may leave the girl standing naked for several minutes while he decides her fate. As a crowd of fellow students gathers, the Inspector may slip his fingers between the girl’s buttocks, or cup her breasts if he feels such treatment is warranted. After the Inspector has done an initial examination of the girl’s clothes and body, he may offer her the opportunity for “early release” in which he gives her back a single item of clothing, and sends her on her way. A reasonable girl might want to take this deal, because if she doesn’t, the Inspector might ask her to spread her legs wider, and force her to grab her ankles as he strokes her soft, white inner thighs. This is a test, you see, of the girl’s ability and willingness to refrain from exhibiting sexual excitement in public. It is a violation of the Code of Conduct for your pussy to be visibly engorged or wet, and any girl who allows herself to be seen this way is deemed to be giving “consent” for sexual activity. The way the College sees it, visible sexual excitement is the body’s way of indicating that she is ready to be fucked. The girl faces a terrible choice at this point. If she interferes with the inspection, she risks forfeiting her clothing, but if she allows the inspector to continue stroking her inner thighs ever closer to her pussy, she may become completely aroused, in which case the Inspector would be permitted to fuck her, or he may let one of the boys in the crowd fuck her. And at the end of all that, the Inspector may let the girl have some of her clothes back, or none at all, completely at his discretion. And all of that can happen to you, me, or any girl, even if she is following the Dress Code to the letter. But listen carefully: The purpose of Inspections isn’t to embarrass girls or entertain the boys who come to watch. We have Inspections to catch girls who violate the Dress Code. The fact is, Inspections don’t happen as often to girls who are “obviously” not wearing any underwear.

Which brings me back to my point… as a teacher, I will help girls understand that they should not only not wear panties, but also not look like they might be wearing panties. It means wearing very revealing clothing — short dresses or skirts. They should wear the sort of top that reveals what’s under it. Good choices would be a thin or even see-through top, or a tank top that shows some side-boob or even some potential nip slips. Girls in high school should use this time to get used to wearing the sort of clothing that reveals rather than hides their pretty bodies, and all the while going about a normal school day.

And as the College Prep teacher, I will be the one who will guide the girls through it. At first, the girls will not feel comfortable wearing revealing clothing, but after making an example of one or two girls, they’ll start to see it as the lesser of evils.

And the boys will benefit from my teaching, too, by the way. It’s important for them to feel comfortable surrounded by girls wearing clothes that don’t completely hide their femininity. And the boys can help Inspect the girls, and teach them how to behave during an Inspection.

End of digression, and back to my job interview…

Dressing for my interview, I felt it would be important to convey my understanding of the nuances of the College Dress Code and College Code of Conduct. I was ready to show them I was comfortable not wearing underwear, and also to show them that I wasn’t wearing underwear. So I wore a thin, loose-fitting top that came down only to my hips, leaving my legs completely uncovered.

I’ll admit I felt underdressed as the secretary ushered me into the principal’s office. But he was very gracious, offering me coffee, or water, if I preferred, and showing me to the couch, which was very comfortable. At first, I kept my legs together, but as the interview progressed, I felt comfortable enough to relax a bit.

Then, without warning, the principal asked me if I would mind taking off my top. My heart started racing, and my mouth was dry all of a sudden. I guess he noticed my deer-in-the-headlights look, so he said it was okay for me to say yes.

“Yes?” I asked.

He laughed. “Yes, honey,” he said, putting me at ease, “If you mind taking off your top, you can tell me yes you mind,” and chuckled again.

He stood up, which was my cue to stand as well. All of a sudden I worried I had just blown the interview, so I panicked, and quickly took off my top and handed it to him. “I’m sorry, I don’t know why I hesitated earlier,” I said.

“Relax,” he said. “You’ve got the job.”

I was so happy, I hugged him. And I could tell he was happy too.

That was two years ago.

Discomfort Quotas

I’ve learned some things in my last two years teaching College Prep to my high school Juniors and Seniors. But now it’s the start of a new year, and like the other two years, I feel like I’m starting over again. The girls are wearing underwear, and the boys are wearing jeans despite numerous letters over the summer to prepare them.

I began, “You know the school completely outlawed bras, right?”

There was some murmuring. Apparently not everyone was clued in to the no-bra rule. It was new this year. It came about because some girls complained last year, when bras were optional. One girl was forced to strip down to her underwear in class, and since she wasn’t wearing a bra, she had to get topless in front of the whole class. Although it is a common punishment in our high school to force girls to strip down to their underwear, most girls wore a bra and panties, so it was only a little embarrassing for them, which was the intent of the punishment. But since wearing a bra wasn’t required, but only optional, this girl (and her parents) argued that her punishment was more severe than that of other girls who were forced to strip down to their underwear. Naturally, she wanted the school to put an end to the practice of stripping girls down to their underwear, but the principal had another idea. He kept the punishment as-is, but prohibited bras. That way, the punishment would be fair to everyone.

“And for the first time, the school has finally made panties optional.” I was ready for more murmuring, but no one budged. They were waiting for the other shoe to drop. “But in my class, panties are also forbidden — and I’ll check.”

And for the first week, I did check. But I didn’t want to embarrass the girls, not yet. Every time I saw a bra or panties, I took the girl aside, and asked her to remove them. After a second offense, I made the girl come to school wearing only a t-shirt the next day, and not a size “large”, either. I made it clear: I wanted to see my adorable girls feel some discomfort.

It was during this first week that I set the quotas for coming to school wearing less than a comfortable amount of clothing. Each girl would have to come to school topless four times during the semester to get a passing grade. And your topless days have to be scheduled in advance. I’ll make sure you’re either the only one topless, or maybe one other girl. That’s to prevent all of you getting together and deciding to come to school topless on the same day. I need you to feel uncomfortable. And no modest bottoms, either. I want to see you in a tiny little skirt pulled up to your waist so it shows a little cheek.

Next, I’ll want to see you bottomless at least two days, scheduled in advance. Do I have to tell you? A dress isn’t bottomless. A size “Small” t-shirt would be fine. A belly shirt would be even better. Anything longer, and I’ll take it away from you. In short, take a risk, you’ll be better for it.

Finally, there will be one day for each girl when you will come to school completely naked. You will act completely normal. You will not cover your pussy with your hands. And you will stay naked for at least 24 hours. You’ll live your life as normally as you can. If you have a hot date with your boyfriend that evening, you’ll be naked when he comes to pick you up. Trust me, girls, when I tell you it’s not as bad as you imagine. Well, one of you will be first, and it will be that bad for you, I guess. But after a few girls have spent the day naked, and nothing bad has happened to them, you will find your day to be easier than you thought it would be.

Then I picked the shyest girl in the class, and brought her to the front of the room. You’re first, I told her. She was wearing a top and a pair of shorts. “Do you want to face the class? Or face away?”

She turned her back to the class, and began trembling.

“Arms up,” I told her. She did as she was told.

I pulled down her shorts. “Good girl,” I said. “No panties.”

I pulled them down to her ankles. She stepped out of them. I patted her cheeks. “Relax.” I gently touched her inner thighs.

She spread her legs, and relaxed her cheeks. Her top came almost exactly halfway down her pretty butt, so when she relaxed, her asshole was fully visible. When she spread her legs apart, her moist vulva was fully visible from behind.

I walked around to her front, and stroked her pretty hair. Her erect nipples were clearly visible through her shirt.

“Please,” she quivered. “Don’t make me get naked today.”

“When, then? Tomorrow?”

“Yeah, tomorrow, I promise. Or the next day…”

“Okay,” I said, surprising the pretty girl. “But you’ll have to wear this top and nothing else until you’re finally ready to get naked.

For some girls, it takes a few days of wearing just a top to finally come around and accept the idea of spending a full day completely naked. But this girl came to see me that afternoon, shirt in hand. She went home on the school bus, arrived the same way the next day, and spend the day stark naked.

I was very proud of her.

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  1. someone

    “But after a few girls have spent the day naked, and nothing bad has happened to them, you will find your day to be easier than you thought it would be.” Nothing bad happend. That a very important point. Most girls fear the moment they reveal any skin they got raped the next. But that is not the case. Prep class is to show you, one can be completely normal and comfortable being naked all day. And this is why prep class is for boys as well. They have to learn as well to be comfortable around naked girls.

    1. Anonymous

      Boys need to get used to being naked too. Both when performing consensual rapes, understanding how the girls feel, or even just hanging out with their female friends nude.


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