Life Art Lesson

“I can’t wait till this lesson’s over, Steven,” Billy said to me as he took his seat behind mine.

There we were in the second of a special art class, getting ready to continue our life drawing of the person we were drawing last week. The reason this was ‘special’ was because the girls had been separated from us so they could learn about some ‘feminine issues’ and to keep us boys busy, we had to do this.

None of us were looking forward to it because to our absolute horror, the nude life art model that turned up last week was a 78 year old man! No offense to him but it was no fun at all. We could barely look at the wrinkly dude, let alone draw him!

So there we were, sat reluctantly waiting for him to show. After a few moments, our regular art tutor, Miss Petia, came through the door. We all liked Miss Petia. She was a bit ditsy – almost the archetypal ‘dumb blonde’, but she always meant well and was an incredible artist.

“I’m so sorry boys! It looks like Mr. Wilson won’t be joining us this week. The nurses at his retirement home called and told me that he’s taken what he thought was his medication, but turned out to be Viagra and now, he’s been giving the nurses a hard time!
“Anyway, it’s such a same. I know how you were all looking forward to finishing your sketches this week.”

What she didn’t know was that we were all ecstatic that Mr. Wilson wouldn’t be coming and it now looked like we would be having a free period.

“Oh, well! Never mind!” some of the boys said exaggeratedly.

“Well I can’t let you lot sit there and do nothing,” Miss Petia said. “I promised you a life art drawing lesson and I’d hate to be a bad tutor for not supplying what you are here to learn. I could get into big trouble with the Dean for this, so…”

She sat down on the cushioned modelling stool and thought for a bit. We didn’t have a clue what she was thinking but when she announced it, it was one of the best things we could have ever hoped for.

“I know!” she said suddenly, “I’ll be the model! This is my fault after all.”

Before we could comprehend what she had said, she got up on the modelling stool and started pulling her dress down to take her clothes off!

All of us fell silent and we could not take our eyes off her.

Moments later, a goddess stood before us.

“Before we continue” Miss Petia said, “I need not remind you boys that this is a life art drawing lesson, not pornography! I will not tolerate any of you getting aroused just because you are studying my nubile naked body. You are all to remain professional and decent throughout this lesson. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Miss Petia,” we all said in unison, although I knew that this would be an impossible task for me and most, if not all of the other guys.

“Good,” she said. “I’m sure I didn’t really need to tell you that because I know how mature and responsible you all are.
“Right! So what position do you want me in first? How about this?”

She knelt behind the modelling stool and struck a pose.

We were awestruck! Michael just couldn’t resist commenting. “You look so angelic, Miss Petia,” he told her.

“Why thank you, Michael! That’s nice of you to say but I don’t think this would be good after all because you can only see my torso,” she said. “A fuller picture of me to draw would be better.”

She stood up in all her naked glory and lay across the modelling stool.

“How about something artistic?” she said. “How about a pose like this…?

We were lost for words! She was so stunning! However, I could foresee a problem with her chosen posture.

“That’s a really good one, Miss Petia but I think your back might start to ache if you have to hold that position for a long time,” I said.

“Oh, good thinking Steven! I must have left my brain at home today!” she said jokingly with a giggle. “Okay, I’ll go for something else elegant, like this…”

“What do you guys think?” she asked.

I thought this was great but Josh had a problem this time. He and a few others were positioned facing her feet.

“That’s okay Miss Petia but your outline doesn’t look very interesting from where we’re sitting,” Josh said.

“Hmm… I need to choose a pose that looks great from all angles. Okay then, what about this one…?”

As she sat on the modelling stool, innocently opening her legs thinking that this would be a good position for us to draw her in, we all winced trying to keep our erections away but Miss Petia thought we were criticizing her choice of position again.

“Oh, I’m sorry! Some of you still can’t see me clearly. Let me make this pose better…” she said. She shifted her position slightly, spreading her legs even wider apart, making our views much better (and our erections much worse).

“Is this any good?” she asked innocently.

“Great!” “Fantastic!” “Excellent!” we cried.

“Oh, hang on. I just noticed we haven’t got the lighting here set properly. A shadow’s being cast across my legs that will obscure some of your views. I want to make sure that you can get all the detail of my body, so I should adjust my position a bit…”

This made most of us start to fidget and shift about uncomfortably in our chairs as she had now given us very strong erections and we were desperately trying not to let her see them.

She looked down at herself and paused, “Oh, I just noticed! I’m not very tanned down there, am I? Do I look alright?” she asked, nonchalantly stroking her vagina.

The way she was gently brushing her pussy with her finger was driving us wild, and being quite the airhead, she didn’t even realise how much she was turning us on!

“No, you look great!” we said. Unbelievably, she wasn’t convinced.

“Are you all sure? I think I look a bit too pale here.” she said continuing to stroke and gently pull at her pussy making her vulva lips open up and close when she let go.

I am sure by now some of the boys were pretty close to cumming in their pants and Billy in particular was trying hard to control himself.

Again, we reassured her that she was fine – she’s way finer than we could ever tell her!

“…and can everyone see me clearly?” she asked.

This time, most of us remained silent. We were focusing on trying to stifle our throbbing erections but because of her ditsy manner, Miss Petia took our silence the wrong way.

“Oh dear! I can see that I’m not very good at this am I?” she asked rhetorically. “Let me change position again so you can all see me clearly.”

She lay back on the modelling stool. “Oh! My boob is sagging a bit. I better hold it up,” she said. “Is this okay for everyone?”

Seeing her grab her boob like that made some of the boys groan “yes” in response to her question. They were definitely close to cumming in their pants.

“Okay! Great! I think we’re ready to begin!” she said.

We all started to ready our pencils and paper when Miss Petia suddenly said, “Wait! Wait a minute! I’m still not totally happy with my pose. I think it will be very boring for you all to draw me like this. This lesson should be interesting, not dull. I’ll give you a much more exciting pose, one that’s action orientated.”

We had no idea where she was going with this. She stood up, turned around and bent over the stool looking back at us.

Poor Billy. The sight of her full round ass looking back at him sent him over the edge. He let out an uncontrollable moan and bucked around in his chair. The rest of us knew he had just cum in his pants. Unfortunately for him, Miss Petia realised this too.

“Everyone stop!” she said getting off the stool and walking towards Billy. She was quite annoyed. In fact, she was so annoyed that she had completely forgotten to put on the dressing gown hanging on the back of the door.  As she made her way towards Billy, her fury was making her voluptuous breasts bounce and sway. This set Josh off and he too gave into an involuntary groan and started jerking around in his chair as he ejaculated in his boxers.

“Billy and Josh stand up!” Miss Petia ordered as she reached Billy. They did so reluctantly.  Dark patches were beginning to seep through the fronts of their trousers.

“I am so disappointed in you both! How dare you idolize me sexually?! This was supposed to be an artistic lesson…!” she continued angrily.

The rest of us were desperately trying to hide our own erections and make them dissipate but the way she was wagging her finger at Billy and Josh while telling them off was again making her luscious breasts jiggle and wobble around.

Her boobs were mesmerizing! I lost concentration and accidently exposed the tent I had grown in my trousers.”

“…and another thing! I am not just some piece of ‘eye candy’ that you can…” she stopped mid sentence and looked at me, then down at the crotch of my trousers. I thought my desk covered me but I was wrong. “Steven, stand up! In fact, all of you stand up right now!!” she commanded.

We did as she said and she saw that all of us had huge boners poking through our trousers.

She gasped, “I don’t believe it!! You boys are unbelievable!!” she said throwing her hands up into the air. “The Dean will hear about your disobedience right now!!!” and she stormed out of the classroom.
She was so furious (and so ditsy) however, that she still didn’t realise that she was still completely naked as she went bounding down the hallways to the Dean’s office.

14 thoughts on “Life Art Lesson

    1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

      Wow, eagle-eyed oldtimer! Can you believe I didn’t notice that till you pointed it out. Perhaps I was too distracted by another part of her body…

        1. Grinch

          Ha ha me too – I had to scroll up, re-read the story and closely look at each and every picture again to find it 🙂

  1. a student

    Worth mentioning that as she left her clothes behind, She also left behind her exemption pass for the drerss code. This means that anyone could enforce the groping rule, although I suggest they wait untill she’s at least a floor from her classroom, so there is no easy escape.

  2. William Kazak

    What a nice story and pictures of a great life drawing teacher. She really knows how to pose as a model in the classroom. She must have years of experience working with the nudes. I would like to learn more about her as she comes back with the dean and finds her clothes are missing.


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