Pretty Girl of the Day 12/24/2012

Like the pretty girl from yesterday, I’m home for the holidays, so I have to be a good girl, and wear “appropriate” clothing.  It’s been so long since I’ve worn anything long enough to even remotely cover my pussy it’s such a delight to wear this top, which is stretchy enough that when I stand up, I can tug on it enough to cover me completely!

But the best part of wearing this little dress is when I’m out with my friends, it’s tight enough that if I pull it up, it stays up, which is nice if I want to spread my legs a bit, which feels nice.  No one prepared me for my first day at the college.  I had no idea that panties were forbidden until the orientation on the first day.  I was shocked when the Dean of Students told us about the Inspections, and had us go through the motions right there in our seats!   Because it was our first day, he said, we wouldn’t have to get completely naked, just topless.  I was so embarrassed, and I think most of the other girls were, too, when we all had to take off our tops.  A few girls were wearing dresses instead of tops, but the Dean told those girls to take off their dresses, because they would soon learn that a dress and top are really the same thing.  I took off my dress, and felt lucky that I wore a bra, but then I saw all the topless girls, and realized we weren’t supposed to be wearing anything under our top!  The Dean told us the objective of today’s exercise was simply to show each other that it’s OK to be topless.  The girls to my left and right were actually naked, because they had been wearing nothing but their tops.  I felt extra sorry for them when the Dean asked all the naked girls to raise their hands — both hands!  Then he made them stand up.  Some of the girls put their hands down, but the Dean yelled at them, asking who told them to put their hands down?

Can I tell you a secret?  My pussy was wet seeing all those girls get humiliated that way.  Of course, now I know the Dean was praising those girls, not humiliating them.  But to this day, my pussy still gets a little wet thinking about all those naked girls.  Like I said, these were the lucky girls, because they were allowed to leave with their tops (which they put on outside in front of their parents and siblings!) while the mock Inspection continued inside the auditorium.  The Dean asked all the topless girls to raise both arms and stand up, and then he asked the nearest seated person to each girl to make sure the girl was wearing a single item of clothing.  As it happened, there were two girls standing near me — one wearing jeans, and the other wearing a skirt.  I unzipped the jeans, and felt inside them.  She was wearing panties.  Out of curiosity, I felt inside her panties, and they were sopping wet.  Since the girl was forced to endure my inspection, I felt emboldened, and took the liberty of pulling down her jeans.  To my surprise, she made no objection, and even stepped out of them, kicking them aside.  I felt her pussy again, and it was wetter than ever.  I saw her nipples were as hard as rocks, and she was covered in goosebumps.  I felt bad for her, but I couldn’t resist hugging her, she was so beautiful.  Her breasts were firm and sexy, and she made no effort to stop me from fondling her.  I don’t know what came over me, but I pulled down her panties, just a bit, so I could see her hairless pussy in the light.  Her butt cheeks were so delicious, I squeezed them in my two hands, and slowly felt between them until I reached her wide open and sopping wet pussy.  The girl surprised me by spreading her legs, ripping her panties, which fell limp and wet to the floor.  “Oh!” she said as I gently touched her pussy.  The poor girl was cumming right in front of me!  I looked up to see the Dean, right next to me!  Suddenly crimson with embarrassment, I apologized, and turned my attention to the girl in the skirt.  She knew the rules, apparently, or maybe she just went commando because it was her style.

“I’m done inspecting these girls,” I said to the Dean.  An awkward silence ensued, which I filled with chatter:  “This one was wearing jeans and panties.  This one was wearing just a skirt.”  He continued to stand there, saying nothing.  I don’t know what came over me, but I felt so bad for making the girl in the jeans cum, and I was about to cum myself, so — I can’t believe I said this — I said, “My panties are wet.”

I cringed when the Dean spoke, but he was surprisingly kind, “It’s OK, honey,” he said.  “Just take them off, OK?”

I froze.  I couldn’t believe the Dean of Students was asking me to take off my panties in public!  “Do I have to?” I asked in a tiny voice.

I know what you’re expecting: an angry response.  But the Dean was so kind.  “No, sweetie, just raise your arms, and let this boy take off your panties.”  He pulled a boy out of his seat by the arm.  “But first, the boy will take off his pants and his boxers.”  The boy was scared shitless, but still had a partial erection, which became fuller as he approached me.  With my arms raised, I was helpless to keep my panties on, yet the boy pulled them off so slowly and sweetly, I felt a kind of soft love for him.  He slipped his hands inside my panties, and didn’t seem to mind that they were sopping wet.  He smoothed one hand down my abdomen, and the other straddling both of my cheeks, with just one finger “accidentally” touching my asshole as he hugged me tenderly.  I let in a quick breath of air as his shoulder brushed against my breast, and another as a finger entered my vagina.  With his other hand, he managed to get my panties off, as I heard the Dean admonish the boy, “Take it easy.  Don’t let her cum until the rape, OK?”

The rape?

My arms still in the air, I turned to see the boy was standing at full attention.  I guess I bent over just a bit as I turned, which gave the boy the opening he needed.  Before I knew it, his penis was in me, and he was cumming.  He pulled me toward him with such force, both his hands on my lower abdomen that I almost came.  The Dean was talking, but my head was buzzing with all kinds of thoughts — why is this boy raping me?  Oh, it feels good!  I’m so ashamed!  Please don’t let me cum!  Oh, oh, oh, I felt his fingers on my clit, and on my breasts as he plunged into me again and again, and try as I did not to cum, I felt the sudden release of sexual energy as I came harder than I had ever done.  I mean ever! 

When the boy was finished fucking me, I collapsed in a heap on my chair, my legs spread wide, and my vagina wide open and still pulsing.  Can you believe it?  I was still cumming, half a minute after the boy pulled out of me.  When I looked around I saw that the Dean had ordered all the girls to strip down to a single item of clothing, and we were all filing out of the building.  I was still wearing my bra, so I guessed that was the single item I was allowed to keep.  Most of the other girls were wearing skirts, panties, or jeans, and a few, like me, were wearing a bra.  Some girls were even wearing dresses — the lucky ones, I guessed.  I was wishing I had kept my panties instead of my bra, because I could see we were being marched outside, a kind of parade of shame in front of our parents, for failing our first Inspections!

But then, when we got to the door, I saw that all the girls wearing panties were being ordered to remove them, and go out into the sunshine stark naked.  Suddenly, I was glad to be wearing a bra.  My mom and dad hugged me, and seemed glad that I survived the ordeal.  My dad asked if I was ready for some dinner.  I was too stunned to even cover my pussy, and just stood there agape.  He hugged me again, and said it was OK.  It was all OK.  He stepped back, and looked at me with — what? Pride, I guess — and then hugged me again.  Just about all the girls were half naked, which made me feel a little better, but I was at least three quarters naked, and freshly raped.  My pussy was still wet, and my vagina was agape, too, but it was nice to have dinner with my family.

Now, I’m home for Christmas, and it’s nice that my family has accepted the College rules.  My mom thinks it’s a good idea to wear just a top, as short as I dare.  So this top is perfect, because it’s tight enough that when I pull it up, it stays up.  That way, when I start to feel a bit excited — a natural feeling from going bottomless — I can spread my legs, and wait for the feeling to subside…  Or help it along, perhaps.

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