Pretty Girl of the Day 12/23/2012

I’m home for the holidays, and I don’t think my parents have any idea how we really dress at the College.  I mean, sure, they know about the Dress Code, and the Inspections.  They try to avoid thinking about the possibility that I might be inspected, but I don’t try to keep that a secret from them.  So when they ask how my day was, and if I was inspected that day, I tell them.  I even tell them if the Inspector was mean, but I don’t give them the details.  I mean, they don’t really need to know if I was forced to masturbate and then risk being raped, or if I had to give up some or all of my clothes to avoid that ordeal — a tough choice, let me tell you.

What I’m trying to say is that my parents don’t know how awful it really is to be inspected.  They think I just take off my clothes to prove I’m a decent girl who doesn’t wear any underwear, and that’s all there is too it.  So I don’t tell them what I have to do to avoid being inspected, which is pretty much not wear any bottom at all, unless it’s see-through or backless.

So today I think I’ll wear an oversize shirt that covers my pussy and most of my butt.  I’ve told my parents how nice it is to be home, and in my mind I’m thinking: so I can dress a little more decently.  But I can’t tell them that, because they don’t know how indecently we girls are forced to dress at the College.  They’ve bought into that whole idea of girls not wearing panties to make them dress more decently, because they just don’t know what it’s like at the College.

Now, look at me, all covered up, aren’t I cute? OK, you noticed I’m holding down the bottom of my little dress, because it’s a little windy. It has a slit up to my hip, which makes it open up in the slightest wind, but it’s long enough that my parents probably won’t see my pussy.

My parents know I’m not allowed to wear underwear at the College, but they think I’ll magically start wearing underwear at home, or a thong, at least, even if I don’t wear a bra. So I’ll keep up the pretense of being “fully clothed”, as they like to call it. Part of my act will be casualness. That is, if I’m constantly holding my dress closed in the wind, they’ll know I’m not wearing panties. So I’ll have to throw caution to the wind, so to speak, and hope for the best.

…which is why I think this little dress is perfect! It covers enough of my butt that my dad will imagine I have a thong on, but not so much that I feel like a little prude. I’m planning to go out dancing with my friends tonight, and it would be awkward if I changed into an even shorter dress, so I need to wear a dress short enough for me to feel sexy all day.

It’s nice to be home, so I can wear this top as a dress, because at school, if I wore it, I would certainly be a target for Inspection — it just covers too much of my body. Before 9 am, I would find myself naked, and begging the inspector not to pull off all the buttons. Without having to be asked, I would spread my legs and arch my back. Even though it’s strictly against College policy, I wouldn’t complain when some boy starts feeling me up, while I’m standing there completely helpless! Watching the Inspector pull off one button after the other, I would allow the boy to get me good and wet, and then I would let the boy fuck me, hoping he would finish before the last button hit the floor. Then, if I was lucky, I would get my dress back with a single button still intact. To get the dress back at all is a kind of luck, too, I guess. I would just have to spend the rest of the day holding the dress closed, although that would just be for show. The boys all know they can feel under a dress with no buttons, and they know I know, so if a boy fondled me under the dress or asked me to take it off, or even if he took it off me, I wouldn’t complain. Walking around campus in a buttonless dress, I can’t help but get wet and stay wet all day, because I know the next fondling — and the next fucking — will cum with the next boy I see, or the boy after him.

So, like I said, it’s nice to be home.

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