Pretty Girl number 1, and the Heat Wave

Hi, there, CCC fans, this is Dick Hertz, with a quick note about one of the students here at the College who needed to beat the heat.  This will be the first in a series of posts, which I’ll call the “Pretty Girl” series.  The idea of the series is to feature one of the pretty girls from our College in each post, so people all over the world can see what a fun place we have here.

A word of warning, before I introduce today’s pretty girl:  Although we have a strict Dress Code here at the College, each girl is free to decide for herself how to dress decently.  One of the tenets of the Dress Code is that no girl may wear underwear beneath other clothes (although a girl is permitted to wear panties as “shorts”).  This rule encourages most girls to dress even more decently when panties are not available to them.  In order to enforce the Dress Code, it is, of course, necessary to Inspect the girls from time to time, in public.  When a girl is Inspected, it is necessary for her to remove her clothing to prove she is not wearing panties.  Naturally, many girls find this process degrading and humiliating, although that is not at all the intent.  Some girls even become sexually aroused as a result of the inspection, and the fact that a crowd of onlookers often gathers to watch the inspection, which increases their embarrassment.  If the Inspector notices the girl he’s inspecting has become aroused, he might force her to face away from the crowd, spread her legs, and bend over.  Then he may stroke her buttocks and inner thighs in such a way to cause her to reach orgasm, which is often accompanied by pulsing of her vagina and anus, all of which causes her even more embarrassment.  Why do inspectors engage in this humiliating behavior?  Because it’s fun for them, and for the crowd, and because they can.

Most girls take this sort of abuse in stride, but some girls find it intensely uncomfortable, and seek to avoid being inspected at all cost.  These girls typically wear very little bottoms, or no bottoms at all, because they prefer to show a little cheek than run the risk of Inspection.  You see, a bottomless girl is almost never inspected, because her adherence to the Dress Code is quite evident.

When boys, or other girls, for that matter, run across a girl dressed this way, they should understand why she does it: She’s shy.  She doesn’t want to engage in the public spectacle of an Inspection, and all that entails.  So it is understood that you will look into this girl’s eyes, and not let them stray too far down below her belly button.  It’s OK to touch a girl’s bare skin, of course, but you should not take undue advantage of this right.  A gentle stroke of her bare butt is enough.  She is supposed to spread her legs when you touch her, to avoid giving the appearance that she dislikes the touching, or that she wishes it to stop.

The weather has been getting warm lately, which is another reason girls like to wear very little clothing.  One way to beat the heat is with water.

This girl loves to play with water…

And, as you can see, it’s a great way to beat the heat.

Well, boys and girls, that’s it for Pretty Girl number 1, and the Heat Wave.  I hope you enjoyed the story, and learned a little more about why girls act so strangely here at the College.



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  1. Slick P. Wraith

    Excellent! I know of a few other girls who are determined to beat a heat wave by wearing less conventional clothing and have asked me to write about them so that the rest of the students are not shocked by their alternative outfits…


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