Inspector Test #7

Inspector wannabes, this test will determine you ability to observe. Avoid distractions. Stick to your mission, and you too can call, “Mission Accomplished.”

So, here we go with the lovely Tiffany in a sexy little black dress (LBD). Gorgeous, for certain. And calling for an inspection would be understandable for weaker inspectors. but you must decide whether it is really warranted.

Study Tiffany, top to bottom. A keen inspector would have his decision made straight away. Lesser inspectors would have to play a game to decide. Have you checked for her wearing panties? Would you suggest Tiffany tighten her buckle on her heel?

Getting Tiffany to bend over gives you a peek under her short dress. She knows that is what you really wanted, and she fully cooperates with you amateurish inspection trick. So, no panties, right? Is there something you think Tiffany might be hiding from you an inspector?

Letting her go when there is a chance she is flaunting the Dress Code would be a huge mistake. Many girls look to Tiffany as a role model. If she gets away with a clear violation, others will start to try. However, needless inspections will cause many girls to realize that if even Tiffany gets inspected for no good reason, they may not stand any chance as well. Demoralizing the co-eds is a mistake. So, what might you do to not call for an inspection without knowing she deserves a full inspection?

Think she is wearing a pushup bra?

Well, anyone who knows Tiffany, also knows her breasts are perky and do not require additional support. And it is not that we know this from constant stripping for inspections. No, Tiffany is apt to flash her breasts for sexy fun. She’s proud of them, and well, a gifted speaker can get her to reveal her beauties. A wink, a nod, and a smile often works. Clearly, no bra.

Are you ready to concede that Tiffany is a good young lady? That she would never violate the Dress Code? Have you reached that conclusion? Or is there something else you need to check? If you still haven’t made your decision, maybe becoming an inspector is not really for you. Perhaps you should leave the inspections to those who can observe without distraction.

Okay, so you haven’t reached a clear decision. Give it up. Call for the full strip. Go ahead. Tiffany will not complain. She’s used to inspectors wanting to see her gorgeous body. You thought maybe she would have a bush? No, anyone walking across the Common Grounds at midday would be able to tell you that Tiffany shaves clean under the open showers. So, you wasted an inspection slip to find out Tiffany has done nothing wrong, right?

Still not so sure, maybe you should get a look at her backside as she walks back to her discarded dress. Still nothing? If so, apologize to Tiffany. She is friendly. Maybe being nice about your inspection without finding a violation will not end your chances for getting her number for a date. Or should you take a stern view of things?

What possibly could Tiffany be doing that is against the Dress Code? Only high potential inspectors have long since spot the violation. Fear not, these inspector tests are designed to teach as well as weed out lesser inspectors.

Erect nipples? Not a Dress Code violation. That’s covered under other sections of the College Code of Conduct. Not Dress Code inspections.

Fine. Some of you will never see the clear violation that the rest have seen since first stopping Tiffany. What else is Tiffany wearing? Did you see that earlier? No, not the belly ring. That’s jewelry, and perfectly fine. Look! Stop being distracted. Look.

Tiffany is not wearing a bracelet. She is not wearing those plastic wrist straps. What is that on her wrist? Tiffany has been carrying her panties on her wrist. It was a bet she had with some other girls. Carrying clothing is the same as wearing them. Panties are panties regardless if worn on the wrist or over her pussy. All she need to have done was ducked around a corner and slipped them on to flaunt the rules. This is not allowed. The best inspectors knew this through their connections in order to stop Tiffany from across the student mall, but also they knew it from observations had she walked closer to them. You stood face to face with Tiffany. Did you spot the panties right away? If not, go back and review each image closely. Click on it to enlarge. Study every detail. Leave nothing unseen. An inspector must see everything at a glance.

Our thanks to Tiffany who will be punished accordingly at her trial for this outrageous Dress Code violation.

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11 thoughts on “Inspector Test #7

  1. Grinch

    I can proudly say I noticed the panties on the very first picture … but then again, there were not many distractions on that one 🙂

  2. Prospective Female Prof --> Desperately seeking advice!

    Hi! 🙂

    I’m a 26 year old female, and just received my PHD! super happy 😀 I made some job enquiries for a teaching position, and this college has offered me one –> it looks great on paper, research funds and pay are excellent, students are motivated! 🙂 Can’t ask for anything better!

    There’s one thing I’m pretty concerned about, which is that of the dress code! Have read this entire website, but there’s nothing about there being a Staff Dress Code, is there one for females? Will I be subject to the CCC? :O

    Please advice, am super worried! 🙁

    1. base Post author

      Your fear is not unfounded. It is after all, the Campus Code of Conduct, not the Student Code. While guests and faculty can receive passes to keep them immune from inspections, you must enter the Admin Building to receive the pass, and they are only good for one week to prevent forgeries. You must have the pass with you at all times. The hours are limited for staff to receive their passes, so you need to be prompt. Should you miss the window of opportunity to get your pass, fear not. Most inspectors get to know the professors, so the accidental strippings are just that, accidents. But given your youthful appearance, you might better consider following the Dress Code, lest you be stripped on your way to the Admin Building.

      The one area not suitable for exceptions is the swimming pool.

      Also considered why you became an instructor. To teach. There is no better means to teach than by setting the example. This subject has been discussed, albeit off the website, perhaps it is time to revisit those articles: a visiting professor researching the Code, a teacher tired of the girls crying about being stripped, a teacher who just never seems to make it to the Admin building on time, and finally, a professor who loves a morning swim. And most recently, a professor who thinks her time in Europe has made her a bit more worldly than her students gets trapped in a logical debate over American versus European attitudes towards nudity.

      1. Female Prof

        hi! 🙂 Thanks for your comments, I’m really appreciative of it! it’s all very reassuring!

        Do you happen to have any links of these encounters by faculty members? Will it be possible to ask them to do a writeup of it, it will be especially helpful to potential staff like me, will be deeply grateful!

        Are there instances where professors follow the Students Dress Code and Code of Conduct anyway? I’m haha still a pretty young girl I think, and I do love my very short miniskirts, but I always had the luxury of wearing panties underneath! Will it go down very badly with the students if I wear panties? 🙁 I’m very hesistant of wearing my microskirts without something underneath, what if I accidentally flash my students? and pictures go on the internet?

        I’m so sorry to sound so hysterical, I’m sure this must be a very nice college. It’s just that I heard stories about a young female teacher like me being “accidentally” inspected and forced to promise to teach without clothes for the rest of the year, and how practically every lecture of hers henceforth became a glorified orgy session. Are these rumours true? 🙁 I really really want to be a staff of this wonderful school, I’m just afraid of the Codes.

        Sorry to sound so panicky, I must seem less like a prof, and more like a flighty freshman! Appreciate all help and advice 😀


        1. base Post author

          First of all, anyone on the faculty must instill a sense of confidence to the student body, especially concerning the Code of Conduct. You should have no doubts to its effectiveness and overall goals. All of this was covered during your interview process.

          Secondly, rumors are simply that, rumors. Place no faith in them. What happens in one classroom is up to the professor of that classroom. Calling an instructional period a glorified orgy is degrading not only to the professor, but this school of higher education. To be sure, some classes have explored more of the human body and human sexuality than others, but all in a purely academic pursuit.

          Lastly, your own attire is your business; however, if you are wearing skirts so short that panties are required for modesty, perhaps you should reconsider your own wardrobe. It would be quite a distraction for the students to have their instructor flashing her panties throughout the lecture. If your fear is inspections, do not fear them. As we tell the students, they are all part of the overall good we hope to achieve here on campus. Setting the example is the start of your teachings to your students.

          1. Evaluator

            base’s comment (to avoid the distraction of panty-flashing by increasing skirt-length) ignores the impact of student evaluations of their professors. College students (especially the guys) are accustomed on campus to the shorter skirts you too would prefer. Dowdy old fashioned skirt lengths would yield disappointing student evaluations, on which your own merit pay would be based. Why not accept the College freedom from undergarments — you might find class attendance and participation skyrocket, particularly from some of the guys who need extra help ofter class.

  3. ...?

    I thought that there was something suspicious about that “bracelet” she was wearing. It is true that panties cannot be carried around as stated by the Official Dress Code in Article 2, section 3, subsection 1, Forbidden Articles of Clothing. It says that panties and other articles of clothing designated “underwear” may not be carried at any time.

    However, if, as stated above, only a weak inspector would call for an inspection based on the first photo alone, then there must be a lot of weak inspectors on the force. There are several documented examples of what kind of outfit must be worn to minimize the chance of an inspection. This example demonstrates that a skirt providing much less pussy coverage than that of Tiffany’s dress must be worn in order to stand a chance of avoiding an inspection. Here is a girl actually being inspected for wearing a skirt shorter than Tiffany’s dress. Here is another girl being inspected for wearing a skirt shorter than even those preceding her. There are other accounts of similar occurrences, although not illustrated as those three are. Regardless, there is clearly a great reform that must be undertaken regarding the quality of the inspection force. I’m glad that these tests have been created and posted here, but instead of sharing them with us, give them to the inspectors. If they fail the test, then they are clearly no longer fit for duty as an effective enforcer of the dress code, as they demoralize the girls through excessive inspections of girls, compliant or not, and make them think that they have no chance of avoiding inspection by obeying the dress code anyway.

    This particular incident is just horrendous. The inspectors stopped every single girl that they saw, forced them to strip without even the proper inspection procedures, and as for what they had to do next…you’ll have to read it to find out. I think that all the inspectors involved in this utter abuse of power, some of which wasn’t even theirs to exercise, should be thrown off the force at the very least, and also be subjected to the same punishment as poor Halle here was forced to endure.

    1. base Post author

      Sorry for the delay in “accepting” your comment. I believe the system might have flagged yours in the pending queue due to the lack of a “name”

      Weaker inspectors generally pick out the prettiest girls and just demand inspections of them regardless of the clothing worn (not worn). A keen eyed-inspector would have noticed the panties and conducted the inspection to reveal the violation to the less observant. To the casual observer, both seem to be acting in the same regard, but one is serving a greater purpose.

      The Campus Code of Conduct, through the Dress Code, is meant to have the girls dress more modestly. While some females have decided to wear less and more revealing outfits, that is not the intent. A side effect if you will.

      These tests are designed to find potential inspectors to avoid such side effects. If inspectors used better judgement, we would not have the females wearing skimpy clothing to avoid stripping. Hence these tests are an attempt to return the balance, if you will.

      The ladies on campus should feel free to wear whatever they wish in keeping with a one-layer idea. The goal is for them to decide to dress more modestly, and having inspectors foolishly stripping girls in complete compliance has a serious side of its own.

      As far as removing inspectors from the force goes, this would have a far worse side effect. Much time and energy has gone into the training the current inspectors. Yes, humans will make mistakes from time to time. But the hearing judge can decide when an inspector needs re-training. If several girls are brought before the court and found not guilty of the violations charged, this reflects poorly on the inspector, and warnings are issued. The judge has the discretion to impose a reverse rape on the inspector. The innocent female (already nude at her hearing) can remove the inspector’s (prosecutor) clothing and force an erection (manually or orally) for her to mount and make the inspector endure her reverse raping. To have the inspector climax before the rape is incomplete is quite an embarrassment for the inspector, and he will attempt to avoid this at all costs. The female will attempt to humiliate the inspector for his false charges by trying to get him to climax early.

      So, as you can, all the checks and balances are in place. The goal of the CCC and DC remain for more modest clothing, and the threat of the reverse rape will help keep inspectors from abusing their power.


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