Perfect Length for Dresses

Hi again, girls and boys, it’s your favorite Dean of Students, with a quick message for you on the subject of dressing decently.

First, let me commend you girls on your overall adherence over the past month to the Dress Code, and acceptance of your responsibilities under the Code of Conduct. In particular, I have not seen a single girl wearing panties despite careful checking. On warm days, many of you girls wear just a skirt, which is nice to see. The shorter skirts not only look prettier on you, but also show off your decency as well. Some of the longer skirts cover too much of your butt, and, in some cases, the top inch or two of your legs, which is completely unnecessary.

Over the past month, there have been some cooler days, and I have seen more mini-dresses (or tops, worn as a dress). These are fine for the cool weather, but I urge you to please ensure you don’t cover any part of your legs, when viewed from the front, nor more than half of your butt, when viewed from behind. The point, of course, is that your lack of panties, or even a thong, should be clearly evident even while you are fully clothed.

That’s not to say you should go overboard and wear a dress that’s way too short for you to feel comfortable. After all, the whole reason we don’t allow girls to wear underwear at the College is so you will be encouraged to wear more decent clothes in which you feel comfortable. Each girl should choose for herself just how much of her bottom she’s willing to leave uncovered.

The important thing for all girls who are striving for full decency while walking around on campus, is that you try to leave uncovered as much of your butt crack as you can, while still feeling comfortable. Not only will you look prettier, but you will be showing your school spirit as well, and this will make you and everyone around you very happy.

Viewed from the front, to feel completely decent without wearing a bottom, many girls think it’s necessary to cover your entire abdomen, including your pussy. But that’s really not true. By now, you should be comfortable wearing short dresses without panties, and you have come to terms with the fact that your pussy will be seen several times throughout the day. Boys, too, will be used to seeing girls’ pussies, and will not react negatively to such a sight, which might cause you to be embarrassed. So, for complete decency, it’s not at all a requirement that your top cover your pussy. It’s perfectly adequate, and most girls feel completely decent, if their top covers a little more than half their abdomen.

If you’re a freshman girl, and you’re on the shy side, don’t worry. You can still wear a top, perhaps an inch or two longer than this one, and feel very comfortable. The College is a nurturing environment for young girls, in which you will learn to be more and more comfortable wearing less and less clothing, not only around other girls, but around boys as well.

Inspections Bring Back High School Memories

An aspect of College life that I get asked about a lot is Inspections. In recent years, the College has transitioned from having a fleet of Inspectors to allowing any teacher or student to Inspect a girl they suspect of violating the Dress Code. While all girls understand the importance of adhering to the Dress Code, many are shy about proving it, when asked.

Many girls, especially freshmen, associate being forced to strip in public with the punishments they received in high school. For example, in high schools in which girls were spanked as a punishment, a girl was often required to remove her panties prior to being spanked, which some girls found a little embarrassing. But, of course, the intent wasn’t at all to embarrass the girl. Rather, it’s just more convenient to spank a girl when her bottom is completely bare.


Another punishment often used against girls in high school is the “stocks”. Many girls preferred to be sent to the stocks as an alternative to spanking because they were often allowed to keep their panties on while they were in the stocks, and sometimes even their pants or skirt, as well. Still, many high school girls don’t wear panties, so it would be common to see a girl in the stocks wearing just her top, which some of the shier girls found a little embarrassing.

For milder infractions, high school girls are often stripped down to their underwear. Depending on the teacher, or on the severity of the infraction, girls are sometimes forced to remain in their underwear for the remainder of the school day, and in some cases they even have to go home that way, where they’ll have to answer to their parents. If a girl happens not to be wearing a bra, this isn’t a problem. She just strips down to her panties, or her thong. If the girl isn’t wearing any underwear at all, she might have to get completely naked, but this is very rare.

By the time they get to College, most girls are used to taking off their tops, and baring their breasts, so you would think they would take an Inspection in stride. But there’s one key difference between high school and College, which seems minor, but many girls see it as an obstacle: Not wearing panties. So, what seems like no big deal — taking off their top — becomes a major embarrassment to some girls.

For example, this girl, wearing a nice dress, gets all shy when asked to remove her top, so we can see her pretty breasts. Eventually, she takes off her top, and we can see she is obeying the Dress Code, but whereas in high school she thought it was no big deal to bare her breasts, now that she’s in College all of a sudden she’s very shy about it. The only difference? No panties.

This girl, too (pictured below), is very shy about taking off her top, even though she admits to being a very bad girl in high school. One day, after coming home wearing only her panties,ย her mom got so mad at her that she didn’t allow her to put on any clothes that day. The thing is, she had a date with her new boyfriend, so she begged her mom to let her wear a top, but her mom said no. Not even a bra. Not willing to cancel her date, she got ready anyway, fixing her hair and makeup, and looking downright gorgeous when he rang the doorbell. She took a deep breath, and opened the door, apologizing profusely for wearing nothing but her panties, and begging him to still take her out on a date.

“But what if they don’t let you in the restaurant wearing panties?” he asked.

“Then I’ll take them off,” she said, innocently.


“Please, honey,” she said, “I’ll do anything you say. Just promise you’ll go out with me tonight.”

Reluctantly, the boy agreed, and sure enough, the restaurant sent them away.

“You said you would take off your panties, then,” said the boy.

“I was joking!”

“I’m not,” he said. “take them off.”

She did make the promise, and what the heck, she was almost naked anyway, so she took them off. They had drive-through dinner, and a drive-in movie, and it was her best date ever!

But now she’s in College, and somehow taking off her top is harder now that she’s not wearing any underwear.

But like she did on her high school date, she took a deep breath, and got naked.

I really feel for you girls. In a way, it’s not fair to make you strip in public just to prove you’re properly dressed. If we had any other safe and reliable way of ensuring you’re not wearing any underwear, we would surely implement that method.

The best advice I can give you girls, especially those of you who are particularly shy, is to wear as short a top as you possibly can, and no bottom.

If your top is very thin, too, then there should be no need for an Inspection.

Here’s one more girl, dressed for Inspection avoidance.

When she faces you, it’s clear she’s a very good girl.


18 thoughts on “Perfect Length for Dresses

  1. John

    maybe its those glasses that make her look a bit more adult, but i thought the last girl was a young teacher enjoying the freedom the dress code gives. and that would also be nice for the girl students to see the teachers enjoying the dresscode aswell

  2. Tom

    While reading this informative article I felt uncomfortable.

    However after freeing my cock from my pants I felt more at ease. It is important to provide moral support to all the good girls of the college.

        1. Anonymous

          Real? What do you mean real?

          Real colleges have students and professors, and have a location, right? This is a real college with students, professors, and even a Uniform Resource Location. What more real is that?

          1. Pubilius

            Why? As you’ve read here, a female’s shaved pubic area is nothing more than skin. Exposed skin a couple of centimeters in any direction is considered legal everywhere. All that would otherwise be hidden is similar skin. Perfectly legal, and absolutely nothing to be ashamed of showing.

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