Panties and T-Shirt Lament (archives)


Donna threw down the memo in disgust. “Another ‘Spirit Day’,” she said. “Why can’t I just wear panties and a t-shirt?”

Crysta had to admit to herself that Donna looked pretty hot wearing just panties and a t-shirt. She liked to wear t-shirts that just barely covered her, leaving open the question: was she wearing panties, or not? After a hard day of classes, the girls would often come back to their room, and that’s when Crysta couldn’t stand it any longer, and wrestled the panties off her. She giggled and squirmed, but in the end, she was always willing to lose her panties.


She woke up out of her daydream about Donna’s naked bottom, and mentally replayed Donna’s words. Why can’t I just wear panties and a t-shirt? Why not indeed. On the verge of another daydream, Crysta caught herself. “It’s just not fair,” she said. Then, suddenly curious, she asked, “what’s the theme of this spirit day?”

“One Item”, Donna said simply. She went on to explain that all the girls were expected to wear just one item of clothing. She was planning to wear just a pair of panties, but she was afraid that would cover too much of her skin. You see, the girls get together for a “Morning Meeting” on spirit day, and pick out the girl who is showing the least “spirit”, which is the same thing as showing the least skin. They strip her naked, and send her out the door that way. This sets her up for another awful tradition of the college — consensual rape. That’s the name the College Code of Conduct gives it when a girl “asks” to be raped, and some boy takes her up on it.

It’s a bit complicated, but here it is as simply as I can explain it. To encourage girls to wear modest clothing, a rule was enacted that allows any boy (or girl, for that matter) to touch the exposed skin of any girl. The hope was that this would encourage girls to cover up, and not offer any skin to be touched in this way. There’s another rule that says that any girl who displays sexual excitement is, in effect, asking for sex. If a girl asks for sex, and some boy gives it to her, this is simply a response to what she asked for, so it is consensual. Hence the name, “consensual rape”. Again, the thinking is that this rule will encourage girls to refrain from displays of sexual excitement. The way these rules work together is insidious: a girl who is showing skin can be freely fondled by any boy, and she’s not allowed to object. In fact, she’s not allowed to make any move to prevent the boy from touching her. This touching might cause the girl to become sexually excited. She is required to refrain from becoming excited, but most girls are unable to avoid it. The boy is then allowed to rape the girl, and, again, she has no recourse, because the rape is consensual. On spirit day, then, you can see why girls really try to avoid being stripped and thrown out the door naked. This dooms them to a day of being fondled and fucked — usually quite a few times — before the sun sets, and they’re allowed back into their rooms to put on some clothes.

“Well, you can wear a thong, I suppose,” Crysta suggested.

“I’m still afraid,” Donna said. “If I’m the only one with my pussy covered, then I’ll be stripped and gang-banged.

“Why don’t you just wear a t-shirt, and leave off your panties for one day.” Crysta suggested.

“The problem with that is that my pussy would be out in the open. I would be too embarrassed.”

“Wear a long t-shirt, just long enough to cover your pussy.”

“But then, if my pussy is covered, I’ll be the one they strip. I just don’t know what to do!”

Crysta gave it some more thought. “I’ve got it! Wear a loin-cloth.”

Donna thought about it, and then smiled. “A loincloth. That’s perfect. It will cover my pussy from the front, still leaving it visible from behind whenever I spread my legs apart or bend over.”

Crysta joined in the thought process. “That’s right, so it won’t be completely covered. If anyone is wearing panties, or even a minidress, they’ll be stripped instead of you.”

Sure enough, on Spirit Day, when the time came for the Morning Meeting, there was one poor girl who was wearing a minidress. Crysta and Donna joined in the fun — she put up a strong fight, but eventually she was overpowered, stripped, and pushed out the door, where there were already quite a few boys waiting. As it turned out, the girl was already turned on when she hit the sidewalk — her pussy was dripping wet in anticipation of being gang-banged. Too bad, thought Donna. Some girls are able to stay dry longer, and, according to the rules, she can’t be raped if she doesn’t show signs of sexual excitement.

As she watched the boys take turns with her, Donna absently stroked her pussy, and thought to herself, “I’ll try to stay dry longer.” A boy noticed Donna’s excitement, and without even asking, stuck his dick in her pussy, and fucked her. She was embarrassed that she was caught off-guard this way, but had to admit she had asked for it.

After the boy was done, she found Crysta, and hugged her. Crysta consoled Donna, stroking her firm nipples and flat belly. “That’s OK, Donna,” she said. Just try not to let yourself get excited today.

Donna thanked Crysta for the advice, and kissed her full on the mouth. The girls’ tongues probed each others’ mouths. They pressed their hot bodies together, and even Crysta was unable to stay dry. Donna smiled as another boy tapped the girls on the shoulder, and offered to do Crysta. “It’s harder than it looks to stay dry, isn’t it.”

Crysta had to admit between humps that Donna was right.
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