Sara’s Day Out (archives)

Sara’s Day Out

I visit Donna and Crysta, finding them naked, as usual. The girls in the dorm are all such good friends that they’ve found it easier to just not bother with clothes. They view clothes as something to wear if they’re going outside the dorm.

Donna greets me with a big kiss. I know she doesn’t mean it in a sexual way, but I can’t help getting excited when a naked girl kisses me on the lips. I didn’t know what to do with my hands while she kisses me, but eventually I rest them on the small of her back, rubbing her gently as she continues to kiss me. Crysta says hi, and I wave at her, unable to stop myself from staring at her huge breasts. Seeing these two girls, so beautiful and so naked, I didn’t immediately notice their friend Sara, clicking on her laptop at Donna’s desk in the corner.


When I finally do see her, I notice Sara is wearing clothes, so I ask if she’s visiting from another dorm. No, the girls tell me, Sara lives a few doors down. Donna cups her hands over my ear, tickling it with her whisper, “but she’s shy, so she dresses even among us girls.” As I stroke Donna’s bottom absently, I wonder if Sara is bottomless, but it would be unseemly for me to crane my neck to see for sure.

Sara evidently heard Donna’s whisper, because she protests this isn’t true — that the only reason she’s wearing a top is because she’s planning to go out soon, she says.

The girls counter that Sara couldn’t be dressed to go out because she never goes out without wearing panties. That lets the “cat” out of the bag, and I’m more curious than ever. My reward comes right away: Sara stands up to protest being characterized as a prude. I’m glad for my first glimpse of Sara’s pussy. Seeing my reaction, she pulls her top down, just barely covering her pussy, but leaving her cute round butt cheeks visible.

Donna asks Sara, “You’re going out like that? Without panties? I don’t believe it. I’ve never seen you go outside the dorm without some clothes on your cute little bottom.”

Sara flushes red because we all knew Donna was right. But she holds her ground, pulling her little top as tight as it would go, covering as much of her crotch as possible. The girls and I agree Sara is fully covered because her pussy is covered from the front, and only the bottom half of her butt cheeks are visible from the back. Having second thoughts about going out in public wearing only this top, Sara raises one objection after another. What if my dress rides up? When I sit down, can’t people see between my legs? If I bend over, how can I avoid letting my cheeks part slightly? Each time the girls suggest, “don’t do that, then.” or “just don’t worry about it, and no one will notice.” or “lot’s of girls wear short dresses, you’ll blend in.”

It starts to look like Sara is going to lose the courage to go outside bottomless. I, for one, am getting disappointed by this, because I was looking forward to seeing Sara obviously uncomfortable by being bottomless in public. Something about seeing a girl squirm with fear at the prospect of having people see her privates turns me on.

The girls challenge Sara: “prove that you’re willing to go out without panties by going out just like that.”

“Like this??” Sara is panicking now.

The girls don’t trust Sara so they appoint me her guardian to make sure she doesn’t put on any panties. I agree immediately. I couldn’t have planned it better. By being her guardian, I’ll have every chance to watch her squirm. I stroke Sara’s naked bottom as I appear to think it over. “OK,” I say finally, feigning disinterest.


Sara smiles at me so sweetly, it melts my heart. “Thank you.” She takes me by the hand, and we leave Donna and Crysta’s room.

As soon as we’re out of earshot of the girls, Sara fixes me with her beautiful eyes, and says, “I’ll do anything if you let me stop in my room and get a pair of panties.”

I’m shocked by this. I really thought Sara was going to prove she can go outside bottomless. But then the word, ANYTHING, resonates in my brain, and I start to get ideas. “OK,” I say, “I’ll let you wear panties, as long as you do ANYTHING I ask of you. You will be my slave for the afternoon.”

She gulped. “Anything except taking off my panties,” she offered.

I paused, considering the condition. “OK,” I agree. “The only thing I won’t make you do is take off your panties.”

She puts on some mismatched white panties — a string bikini, not a thong, but very sexy nonetheless.

We agree to go to the movies, which is within walking distance of the campus. When we get there, I recognize my friend, Barry, in the ticket booth outside the theater. Barry recognizes me and starts to greet me when I interrupt him. “Do you still have the ONE ITEM FRIDAY promotion?”

Barry is quick on the uptake, so he pretends he doesn’t know me, and although he has no idea what I’m talking about, he says “Why yes, sir, we do.”

Then I explain to Sara (but also for Barry’s benefit), “If one of us is wearing just one item of clothing, then we both get in for free.”

Sara stares at me blankly, and I at her. Then she gets it. I was asking her to take off an article of clothing. “Which one should I take off?” she asks.

Barry sprouts a tent pole at the prospect of watching Sara take off one of her two articles of clothing.

“I recommend taking off your panties.”

“But you said you wouldn’t ask me to take them off.”

“I said I wouldn’t make you take them off. But you can still choose to take them off if you want to. The thing is, if you take off your dress, then you’ll be almost naked. But if you take off your panties, you will still be fully covered by your dress.” (Her top, which she was wearing as a dress, really didn’t cover her much at all, but the girls and I have her convinced it does, and so I keep up the charade so I can get her to go bottomless in public.)

“Will I get my panties back after the movie is over?”

“Sure,” I say with confidence.

Sara agreed with the logic, but she said it was just too hard for her to take off her panties herself.

Barry offered to help, and I agreed. To distract Sara from the pain of having her panties slowly lowered in public, I pulled her close to me and kissed her, right in front of the ticket booth. I raised up her dress, and held her in a liplock while Barry slowly lowered her panties. He slid the back of them over her nicely rounded cheeks, and then lowered the front, noticing that she was fully shaved. Sara and I continued to kiss while Barry did his job. After a minute, her panties were about her ankles, and she stepped out of them while we continued to kiss. Barry took them into the booth with him.

“You understand I can’t return these to you,” Barry said.

“What??” Sara turns to me with fire in her eyes, “You said I would get them back later.”

Barry continues, undaunted. “…for sanitary reasons,” an excuse he makes up on the spot. “But if you were to give up your dress instead, then that can be returned.”

For a few long seconds, Sara doesn’t know what to do, but then she makes up her mind. “OK, give me back my panties, and I’ll give you my dress.”

Barry counters: “Dress first. Then panties.”

I break the impasse by ordering Sara to remove her dress. “But then I’ll be naked,” she says “I won’t do it.”

“I’ll just have to tell Donna and Crysta about your panties, then.”


“OK, OK, I’ll do it,” Sara says as she rips off her dress and throws it at me. I hand it to Barry, who was smiling broadly at seeing Sara naked.

Sara doesn’t look very comfortable. She hugs herself, mostly covering her breasts with her arms, and she stands with her legs tight together. She leans into the ticket window and asks for her panties. She is surprised that the boy inside the window isn’t Barry but some other boy, who is delighted to see a naked girl asking for her panties.

“Can you describe your panties?” he asks.

Sara is exasperated. I try to soothe her by genlty stroking her round cheeks, taking only occasional liberties between them. “They’re white,” she says.

“When did you last see them?” he asks

“Just give them to me!” Sara demands.

He hands over the panties, laughing. Sara puts them on quickly. “I feel warm and snuggly now,” she says, and holds my arm with two hands, resting her head on my shoulder as we walk into the theater. Sara is relieved to see the theater isn’t very crowded. We pick out two seats in the center, and Sara snuggles against me, settling into her seat. We kiss. I stroke her nearly naked body, gently caressing its soft curves. She smells terrific as we continue to kiss. She slides down even farther in her seat, with her butt practically hanging off the front of the seat. My fingers play across her hard flat belly, but stop when they reach her panties. I smooth my palms along her inner thighs, and stick my fingertips under her panties, but stop at the edge of her lips. I can see I’m driving her nuts this way, teasing her by stopping just shy of her pussy. She lowers her panties, just a bit, to show me with her body language that it’s OK to reach under them. But still, I stop right at the edge of her panties. She lowers them some more, so they are now completely off her ass, and the strap of cloth that normally covers her pussy is loose between her legs. I stroke her thighs, and she spreads her legs apart to give me full access. Still, I stop when I reach her lips. Her legs are fully spread, just begging me to touch the soft damp skin between her lips, but I pretend not to notice. She moans, and grabs me, kissing me furiously, in a vain effort to get me to touch her there.

Finally, she takes off her panties, and leaves them on the sticky floor. “Finish me off,” she begs.

“Kneel on the seat, facing the back of the theater,” I order. She’s in such a sexual frenzy by this point, she’ll agree to anything. She complies immediately, letting her tits hang over the top of the seat. I get in front of her and stroke her pussy with a wide flat stroke of my tongue. She shudders with delight. I stroke her cheeks with my hands as I lick her from pussy to asshole, and all in between. I rub her thighs and her belly as I continue licking, and drinking her juices. She is oblivious to her surroundings as she shrieks and gasps with delight. The moviegoers have forgotten about the movie, and are watching Sara’s show instead. After a few minutes of this, she cums — no ordinary orgasm, but a multiple long sustained orgasm so good she cries afterwards.

Still glowing from the sex, she settles into her seat, and I continue rubbing her gorgeous body for a minute or two. I keep waiting for her to look for her panties, but she seems to have forgotten all about them. What she doesn’t know yet is that I threw them into the darkness some time before bringing her to climax — they’re completely gone.

“Will you go and get me some Twizzlers?” I ask, handing her some money.

Now she looks around, “Where are my panties?”

I make a show of looking around our seats. “They’re here somewhere, don’t worry.”

She keeps looking for them, bending over to look under the seats. I palm her bottom as she bends over, and notice her pussy is still quite wet.

“When the lights come on we’ll see them,” I offer. “For now, please get me the Twizzlers.”

“But I’m naked,” she says, standing with her hands on her hips, and her legs slightly separated, her pussy still slightly swollen from the sex.

“I’m ordering you to do this.”

Remembering that she is my slave, she knows she has no choice. I’ll just make it quick, she thinks to herself. She excuses herself as she steps past a couple in our row. The boy reaches out to steady Sara, but then retracts his hands quickly when he sees his date’s icy stare.

A few minutes later, she comes back, empty handed.

“Where are the twizzlers?” I ask.

“You’ll just have to find them,” she purrs, and snuggles up to me, putting one of her legs over mine.

I noticed her thigh was sticky, so I bent down to taste it. Cherry. Then I felt her pussy. She had stuffed the twizzlers into her vagina, and now they were melting! I tried to pull one out, but just managed to break off a piece of one. They were fused together now, and melting into a syrupy mixture of cherry girl juice. Sara pushed a little of the gloppy mess out of her pussy, and I ate it. I knelt in front of her, and let her feed me a little at a time until they were gone. She didn’t push any out until I licked her clitoris, and brought her to the brink of cumming again. Each time she almost came (or maybe she did cum once or twice) she would push a little more manna out of her pussy for me to eat. It was the most delightful way to eat candy!

As the credits rolled, she asks again for her panties. The lights came on, and we looked all over, but they were nowhere to be found. I suggest we give up, and just get her dress back. She says she’s not leaving the theater without her panties, so I shrug my shoulders and walk out without her. A minute later she sees people coming in for the next show, and doesn’t want to be naked and alone, so she runs after me.

We find Barry, and he eventually gives us back her top. She pulls it down snugly over her pussy, and most of the way over her ass. She’s all lovey dovey now that she’s covered, and admits being naked was a real rush, but she’s glad she’s covered. I don’t have the heart to tell her that her top doesn’t quite cover her pussy, and doesn’t cover her ass at all, that she’s really bottomless. It’s better to let her have the illusion of being dressed. I rub her rumps, and she snuggles even more. I feel her pussy, which is sopping wet.

Not wanting to end our date so soon, we stopped at a local bar for dinner. I reminded her that she was still my slave for the rest of the day, and she responded by asking me to take it easy on her.

“I’m the one who will make the orders today,” I say. “You can’t tell me to take it easy on you.”

“Sorry,” she says.

“‘Sorry’ isn’t good enough. You will need to be punished. Do you understand?”

Sara nods, tears welling up in her eyes. In a strange way, she was looking forward to the punishment, the more humiliating the better. Her pussy wells up with moisture at the thought of being publicly humiliated.

But this is a story for another time.

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