Waiting for the Midnight Snack (archives)

DecentGirl12.jpgIt was late at night, and Marsha couldn’t sleep. She decided to make herself a midnight snack in the kitchen, which was shared by all the residents of the co-ed dorm. Like most of the girls, Marsha normally slept in the nude, but she felt a bit funny going into the public area of the dorm totally naked, so she slipped on a pair of panties.

While she was waiting for her popcorn to pop, some other girls came into the room and saw her. Unlike Marsha, they seemed comfortable in the nude. They pointed at her polka-dot panties and laughed. “I bet you’re hiding a huge furball under those panties!” one of the girls said.

“I am not!” was all Marsha could think to say.

“Well if you have nothing to hide, then why are you hiding?”

Marsha couldn’t think of a good reply, and actually started to wonder herself. Before the last kernal popped, she realized there was nothing to hide — no bush, just skin, and the skin was no different, really, than the skin on her breasts or her back for that matter. Skin is skin. So she took off her panties, and continued to wait.


After she took off her panties, she felt better — she was comfortable in the nude, and she realized that her pussy lips closed nicely over her vagina, covering her as well as needed. She started to wonder why she ever wore clothes.

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