Pandemic Opportunity

Our little college town is eerily quiet these days. Like everywhere else, there is the general “stay at home” orders. For me, that is solitary confinement. You see, my apartment roommates left for Spring Break before all this craziness really started restricting travel. I decided to stay here rather than spending most of my time stuck on a bus traveling across the country to get home for a couple of day, then having to turn around and head back to college. Had I known the travel restrictions would be for weeks, I might have gone home. Good thing I didn’t. My little sister has had health issues her whole life, so had I carried this virus home, she’d be dead.

So what is a girl to do stuck here all alone? Well, they allow exercise, and the campus is virtually empty. I started doing morning jogs, afternoon walks, and evening runs. The Rec Center is closed, so I just have to make the best of campus itself. The best thing about an empty campus is no inspectors! I could wear whatever I wanted, and no one to harass me at all.

You see, I’m rather unique on campus. I’ve never been cited for a dress code violation. Sure, I’ve been stripped searched plenty of times. I’ve even been groped more times than I care to admit to myself. But to this day, I’ve never had to attend class naked. I’ve not even had to walk across campus naked.

Most girls get their first experience of public nudity from Freshman Orientation. I missed that due to my bus ride being delayed for engine problems. I had to learn fast about the Dress Code when I arrived. Fortunately, some older girls explained it all, and helped me pick out outfits until I got the idea.

I found wearing a dress the easiest. Just a single layer. Sure, an inspector might demand I take it off to verify I wasn’t hiding something underneath, like panties or pubic hair. Actually, that was the easy part for me. I’d been going commando much of my teen life, and I shaved my pubes from the start of puberty.

So on an afternoon walk, I realized no one was around on campus. I was “flaunting” the dress code by wearing a blouse and shorts overlapping. Oh, the scandal of it all! LOL! As I walked, I realized I was alone on campus. I mean really, really alone. It was warm outside. The sun was shining. I open the top of my blouse. I sometimes did this with button dresses, too. Show a bit of cleavage, what little I have, and sometimes the inspectors leave you alone. That day, no inspectors. I could do as I pleased. That gave me the idea to just walk around with my blouse wide open!

The sun felt great on my breasts. My pace quickened, but I was in no hurry. I wanted to enjoy this freedom. Then it stuck me, why wear my blouse? No one was about to see me, and so what if they did? The social distancing rules would keep them from groping me, right?

Okay, I’m not the type to just go topless, but something inside of my mind was telling me, when else would I have this opportunity? I wanted to know the feel of topfreedom!

And wouldn’t you know it. As soon as I had my blouse off, a car passed by me!

I quickly covered back up. Why? I wasn’t sure. But a rush came through my body for exposing my breasts when not being forced to do so from an inspection. I liked it!

I ended up laughing and flashing after the car passed. That was fun! I had mixed emotions about being seen again, but I dared it.

And wouldn’t you know it. As soon as I started taking off my blouse, here comes a truck! Oh, I could have raised my blouse and covered myself. I had plenty of time. Instead, I surprised the trucker and myself. I took off my blouse completely!

The trucker actually turned around to pass by me again. What a blast and a rush. Around here, there is usually no shortage of naked girls on campus, except now. Naked girls are as difficult to find as toilet paper on the grocery shelves. Just the thought of naked girls got my hands wandering. Why not go all the way?

There, I did it. I stripped naked for my walk back home. It really wasn’t that far, but I wandered a bit on campus naked. I had never done that before. During my inspections, I stripped, sure, but I didn’t walk around. I stood in place until the inspector returned my clothes.

I enjoyed the walk. I laughed about giving myself a strip inspection, and I sentenced myself to stripping again on campus on another walk or run.

Looks like this pandemic will last a few more weeks. A notice was sent out that the college President was discussing with the Deans whether to resume Spring course when they can? Or to just cancel the semester? They were thinking of summer classes to complete the courses that could not be done over the internet. None of those options sound good to me. We will just have to wait to see what happens next…

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8 thoughts on “Pandemic Opportunity

  1. Anonymous

    It’s nice seeing modest girls stop being modest, I liked this one. Hope everyone’s holding up well… and maybe she should be wearing a mask at this point.

    1. base Post author

      She does not need a mask being all alone. It serves no purpose. A mask is useful when you are around others. Wear a mask when social distancing is impossible.

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  4. adolph

    Enjoy the pandemic stories. Can’t wait for this to be over so as to see the groping and fun stories back again.

      1. base Post author

        Being stuck at home means being stuck in the same scene. Being out and about allows the creative mind to explore and imagine “what if…”


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