Pandemic Fun

a continuation of Pandemic Opportunity (part one)

Might sound strange to some, but I’m having fun during this pandemic. I’m here on campus all by myself. I live off campus in an apartment, and my roommates went home for Spring Break, and with the stay at home orders, well, I have the place to myself. In fact, most of the apartment complex is student housing, so I have both here and on campus all to myself for fun.

The stay at home orders do allow for personal exercise, and I’ve been making the most of that. Jogs, walks, and runs. It was only recently, I stripped returning home from a walk, and I loved it!

I put on my sports bra and jogging shorts for a run. Felt strange.

You see, after my naked walk, I remained naked at the apartment. I was by myself, and well, putting on clothes meant more laundry, right? However, my routine for jogs was this cute sports bra. The shorts? Well, I grabbed a matching color that was clean. Looked cuter in the store. Anyhow, after a slow jog, I was ready to stretch. My high school track coach swore by the method of running a little before stretching. I always had fun with an unconventional stretch program.

It was during my stretch I was thinking about how the baggy shorts looked on me. I’ve always like the shape of my butt, but these shorts do not flatter my figure at all.

I went ahead and removed the shorts. I was alone on campus, right? I continued stretching each muscle group. I loved the breeze being bottomless, too. I did consider just getting naked, but jogging without a bra? Even for someone with smaller breasts, that could be no fun.

Really important to get all your muscles warmed up and stretched.

I was just about to start having stretched every which way I could. but across the street, the grass looked like a deserted playground to me.

I did some tumble runs. Even managed a back flip spinning out of this cartwheel. I did a little gymnastics and cheer in high school. Never was serious.

Serious? Not me. High kicks were less cheer and more kung fu movies. Okay, Kung Fu Panda or Teenage Mutant Turtles, or a mix of them.

Okay, I was going to do a bottomless jog around campus. I was warmed up, all stretched out, and set to go…

Well, I thought I was ready. If I was going to go bottomless, I’d regret not going naked. who knew what tomorrow might bring. Rain? New orders to stay inside? Crowds of people? No way was I going to pass up this opportunity to jog naked. Okay, I needed to gain some confidence by stretching a bit more.

Being naked, I really did want all of me exposed. I wasn’t sure how to do that while jogging, but here, stretching, okay, where are the cars or truckers?

No one in sight. A bit disappointing, but I thought about remaining like this until someone did drive by…

Finally! A car came zipping around the bend, and I was giving him a full, spread moon. He honked, but didn’t slow down. I was so excited!

I started my jog. This was going to be great. I just needed to find the pace that wouldn’t cause my breasts to bounce out of control.

When I reached the other side of campus, I realized just how naked I was. No clothes for a good mile! I loved the feeling of that rush.

On the way back to my clothes, I wondered if I would be excited or disappointed if my clothes were not there. the shorts, well, I could live without those. The sports bra I liked, well, did like. My fears of damaging my breast tissue from bouncing unrestrained were unwarranted. I was fine. Actually felt great. Oh dear, I knew these naked walks and jogs were going to be a thing every day.

the continuation, part three, Pandemic Freedom

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