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Pandemic Freedom

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Now, that I’ve experienced the freedom of walking a jogging naked, I’m not sure I will ever return to wearing exercise outfits. I do enjoy having an empty campus for these naked runs, but I also enjoy the occasional car or truck passing by seeing me. I do see others out exercising as well, and while we keep our social distancing, I’ve noticed some slow down to have a nice, longer look as I pass by.

I tend to walk slowly across campus. Just enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. I’m really started to get those nudist/naturist types talking about being sunclad. It really is a grand experience.

Once I’ve warmed up a bit from the walk, it is time to stretch out my muscles. Oh, you noticed the clothes? Not mine. Not sure if another girl is also running about naked, or did some inspector drop them before the pandemic started? I don’t think it would have been the latter. The guys that do maintenance around here have a repetition to snatch all clothing discard or laying down. Some girlfriends complained that they were right there in an inspection when the maintenance picked up her clothes and tossed them in with the rubbish. Who would want those clothes back covered in rotted fruit or condiments from whatever nasty food someone dumped?

As you can see, the roads are deserted. I do try to find some activity happening. What started as a free expression of enjoying the seclusion and privacy, it has become a desire to being seen.

Great news laid ahead. I spotted a guy walking his dog. I was totally disappointed. He said his dog bites. I so much wanted to pet the doggie. Pit bulls have a bad reputation, but most are simply lacking a bit of love and care. So while I loved the doggy, it didn’t look like the doggy was loving me, and I blame the owner on that one!

Only one thing to do. I turned and jogged away. At least this guy got a good look of me. Made my day. With so many people hiding in their homes, I long for the day people are roaming the streets again. Funny thing is I am really looking forward to being seen running around naked by hundreds or thousands of people.

So, my naked exercise has become my way of life. Why bother with clothes at all? I am wondering how my roommates might feel having a nudist living with them. Our Skype and Facetime sessions are more fun. My friends’ brothers all photobomb the sessions to say hello to me. One friend’s parents have even sent me private messages telling me I’m looking great, and checking up on my welfare. I didn’t know what to do, so I sent them back pics like this one to show I’m fine and eating well.

Fortunately, my own parents are complete technophobes. Mom has a smartphone, but only this week figured out how to use the map to get directions. Of course, she can’t go anywhere, and I’m constantly telling them, “Stay home! Wash your hands! Don’t touch your face!” It is like I’ve grounded them in return for all those groundings they gave me as a teen for staying out too late or wearing a hem too short. If they only knew what their daughter has been doing. LMAO!