Nude Beach (archives)

Nude Beach

At the beach, girls wear next to nothing, so they’re practically naked as it is. I mean, truthfully what does a thong hide? The string that goes between her cheeks doesn’t even cover her asshole. For that, she needs to remember to keep her cheeks together. And the little tops the girls wear? They just cover her nipples, and if she’s the least bit cold, her nipples will stand out against the thin fabric, revealing their shape anyway. And the camel-toe in front might as well come out of hiding.

If anything, the bathing suits girls wear just draw attention to their naked bodies underneath.

Here’s a girl who is, in my opinion, a tad bit more decent than one wearing a microminimus bikini from Wicked Weasel. When she’s lying down on her front, she keeps her legs together, more or less (the requirements of tanning preclude bringing them right together) which completely hides her asshole from public view, every bit as well (and then some) as a thong bikini, as you can see:


When she gets up, she keeps her legs together, as you can see, which completely hides her privates from view. Her breasts hang down, lying in shadow, so they can’t be seen either:


Now, preparing to lie on her back, she faces the fact that her breasts will be on public view, but having shaved her pussy, there is nothing there to see, her pussy fully covered by its lips. So she takes comfort in knowing that only her top is available for viewing, with the rest of her nicely covered. So she’s not really naked, is she? Not at all; she’s just topless.


Now, lying back, comfortable in the knowledge that her shaved pussy is snugly covered by her lips, she allows her legs to separate.


In this position, she dreams of her friend getting up from his position next to her, and resting his hand between her supple thighs, and gently stroking her fully covered vagina. Once moist, she separates her legs just slightly more, allowing her lips to retract, and her moist inner skin to shine through. The dream is enough to let her fall into a deeply pleasant sleep, with her moistness the only outward sign of her pleasure.

The nude beach is about the only place I feel comfortable being nude in public. It’s funny, because some of my friends are the opposite. On campus, they feel no shame if they are stripped nude and attend classes. It is not their fault they are nude, but on the beach it is their choice for being nude, so they feel ashamed.

I’m the opposite. I like that I’m in control of what I show. On the nude beach, I just show it all, because others are doing the same. No shame.

One of my friends turned that against me when an inspector claimed her shirt was a dress and took her shirt and panties as evidence. She said, ‘Since I’m nude, you won’t mind being nude, too.’ I went ahead and stripped myself. It’s better than having someone strip you.

Comment By Nancy Newdsome At 10/13/2007 7:54 AM

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  1. Johann

    I think all beaches, outdoor and indoor swimming pools should be clothes optional for the mentioned reason: what does a bathingsuit really hide? Nothing! It puts the shape of the body on full display. And than it adds tanlines which can later be confused with wearing underwear under your regular clothes.
    Also bathingsuits don’t help you swim, so what purpose do they really have?


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