Crysta’s Plane Trip (archives)

Crysta’s Plane Trip
As she was climbing the stairs of her dorm for the first time, a boy opened the door and fell into step behind her. She instinctively tugged on her minidress in an effort to cover herself. In the back of her mind, she knew she wasn’t wearing any panties, but she was convinced her dress was sufficiently long to cover her. The stairs were about the only place where she felt vulnerable, but, oh well, if that boy wants to look up at me, let him. There’s nothing I can do about it now. Still, she moistened at the thought of being so exposed, and she thought back to her plane ride, and all that happened on her trip…

She was so excited to be leaving home for the first time, and going away to college. Even though it was late August, the weather had already turned very cold where she lived. She was looking forward to the warm weather at college. She packed all her clothes, her computer, and a few pictures and trinkets to decorate her dorm room into just two suitcases and a carry-on bag. (It helped that her clothes were all very skimpy, and she didn’t pack any underwear!) She saved her best micro-minidress to wear on the plane — her first really short dress, coming down exactly to crotch level, that she bought when she was fourteen. Now here she was, nearly nineteen, and the dress still fit her, and although it didn’t quite reach her crotch any more, it still covered her hips nicely, and most of her ass. Crysta still believed that only a little bit of each cheek was visible below the dress. But her dad took one look at her as she was getting ready to leave, and made her put on a pair of panties. She complained that she didn’t have any panties that go with the dress, and that panties would actually make the dress look shorter, because they would always be on display. But her dad wasn’t buying any of it. She sighed and put on a pair of silky white bikini panties to shut him up, but they stuck out like a sore thumb. They felt uncomfortable, and she knew they looked silly. Everyone would be staring at her panties, and she just hated that.

She got to the airport, and checked in her suitcases. Then she went to the gate and waited for her plane, and shivered in the cold waiting room. There was another girl, about her age, waiting for the same flight. Crysta envied her warm winter jacket. It was white, with fluffy white fringe, caressing her face and hips. Her thoughts were interrupted by the boarding call. The girl in the jacket stood up, and got in line. As she fell in line behind her, Crysta noticed the girl’s ass was fully visible below the bottom of the jacket, and figured she must be wearing a minidress that got bunched up inside her jacket. “Let me help you,” Crysta said to the girl. She reached inside her jacket, feeling for her dress, so she could smooth it out, and cover her pretty ass. Soon it became apparent to Crysta that the girl had nothing on under her jacket! When she got to the front of the line with her boarding pass, the attendant told her she was limited to one carry-on item. She held up her one bag, and said “I know. I just have the one bag.” The attendant said jackets count as carry-on items, because most people take off their jackets and stow them. There just isn’t enough room on the plane, the attendant said, for all the jackets as well as all the other carry-on items. “But I promise to keep it on,” she said. The attendant shook her head. The line came to a complete stop as the girl was unwilling to part with either her bag or her jacket. Crysta whispered to the girl, “Is there enough room in your bag to put your jacket?” The girl was stunned by the question, but smiled when she caught on: if she took off her jacket and stuffed it in the bag, then she would have only one carry-on. Her smile turned to a frown, though, when she realized she would have to get naked to use this trick. People in line started calling out with complaints, which put a lot of pressure on the girl. Finally, she decided she would have to do what Crysta suggested. She took off her jacket, and bent over to stuff it in the bag. Crysta felt bad for the girl, because her pussy was fully on display as she bent over, so she helped. Together, the girls finally managed to get the bag closed, and the attendant let the girl go. Crysta watched with admiration as the naked girl walked down the jetway. The attendant grabbed Crysta’s boarding pass, scanned it, and let her go, too. Crysta stepped onto the plane. “Seat 7A,” she read to herself as she scanned the overhead row numbers. She passed the leather seats in rows 1, 2, and 3, and then came the cloth seats. When she came to row 7, she was amazed to see the naked girl in seat 7B. As Crysta put her bag in the overhead bin, the girl started to get up. “That’s OK,” Crysta said. “I’ll just climb over you.” The girl sat down, and Crysta made her way to her seat, and sat down.

“I’m having a bad day,” the girl said to Crysta. “I didn’t expect to be naked on the plane.”

“Why don’t you put on your jacket, now that you made it past the gate Nazi?” Crysta asked.

“Because the flight attendant took my bag when I got on. She said it was too big to fit overhead, and she would keep it up front with her.”

“Can’t you ask her to get your jacket out?”

“I did, but she told me to be patient, and she would help me as soon as everyone is on board.”

The girls fell silent for a minute. As the last passenger filed past the naked girl, she relaxed a bit. The flight attendant closed the door and started her announcements. Maybe there’s a blanket in the bin that I can use to cover myself, thought the girl. She stood up, and got into the aisle, upstaging the flight attendant who was in the midst of demonstrating the proper fastening of the seat belt. A collective gasp was heard as the passengers caught sight of the naked girl. The flight attendant interrupted her spiel, and made a bee line for the girl. “You must sit down and fasten your seat belt,” she said.

“But I was just looking for…”

“Right away!” the flight attendant said.

The girl plopped her naked butt back into the seat. “I need a hug,” she said. Crysta obliged, hugging, and then gently kissing the girl’s soft, naked body. She seemed to enjoy the hugging and kissing, relaxing visibly as Crysta carressed her body. The girl didn’t flinch as Crysta gently pinched the girl’s nipples, making them into little hard-ons, a sure sign of a free spirit. She spread her legs apart, which might be a signal that no parts of the girl’s body were off limits, Crysta thought. To find out, she gently stroked the girl’s inner thighs, working her way closer to her shaved pussy. The girl leaned back and spread her legs wider — a definite signal. Crysta obliged, teasing the girl relentlessly before finally stroking her glistening pussy.

“Would you like a blanket?” asked the flight attendant.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” said the girl as she came, oblivious to the flight attendant. Nonetheless, she took it as an answer to her question, and dropped a blanket on the girl’s lap. With the excitement of being naked on the plane, and then being brought to orgasm by her seat-mate, the girl snuggled up inside the blanket, and fell asleep, leaving Crysta to her own devices. She picked up the in-flight magazine, and pretended to read it, but when she looked down at her lap, all she could see were her stupid panties. She hated them! She put the magazine back in the pocket, and tried to pull her dress down over her panties. She stared out the window to pass the time until the captain turned off the “seatbelt” sign. Feeling antsy, she got up to stretch her legs. Where can you walk on a plane? Only one place — the john. She didn’t have to go, but she headed back there, anyway. She felt so silly wearing her panties, knowing every single passenger could see them as she passed. She went into the john and closed the door, thinking how much she wished her panties would just disappear! That can be arranged, she thought, as she took them off. On a whim, she put them in the toilet and flushed. She watched as the blue liquid soaked into her panties and pushed them down the hatch. Like that, they were gone. Then came the realization that the minidress that fit her so perfectly when she was fourteen was at least three or four inches too short today. Oh my God, what did I do? she asked herself. I’m friggin’ bottomless! She looked into the toilet, as if some magic would bring her panties back. Then she looked into the tiny mirror in the john to see if by some miracle, her dress would suddenly cover her. She felt the back of her dress, and realized for the first time that it didn’t cover any of her ass. Not any of it. She felt the top of her butt crack, and the bottom of her dress — that’s how far it reached. She looked down at her lap. There was a good inch or two of skin above her pussy that was completely exposed beneath the dress. Oh, fuck, she thought. I might as well be naked, like the poor girl in seat 7B. Gradually, the realization set in that she would have to get out of the john, and make her way back to her seat, with everyone looking at her. She thought about it carefully. When she passed each person, they would realize she was bottomless, and look at her butt. But they wouldn’t see anything, because she would keep her legs together. Only the people in front of her would have a chance to see her pussy, but they wouldn’t look at her until she passed them. So she was safe! Now was the time to act. She opened the door to the john, and started walking up to her seat. But she didn’t plan on the cart, that was blocking the aisle! The flight attendant told her to step into seat 23D, which she did, her naked ass in a guy’s face, while she moved the cart past that row. She made it back to her seat without any further incident, and let out a sigh of relief as she sat down.

The naked girl stirred in her sleep, and snuggled up to Crysta, resting her hand between Crysta’s legs. Crysta returned the favor, lifting the blanket to gently stroke her belly as she drifted off to sleep, too. The girls were awakened by the pilot’s voice over the speakers, saying they would land in fifteen minutes. The flight attendant asked the naked girl for her blanket, so she could verify her seat belt was properly fastened. Still sleepy, she gave it up without a fight. Maybe she forgot she was naked, Crysta thought. Or maybe she’s just used to being naked by now.

After the plane landed, Crysta confided in the naked girl, “I feel so stupid. I flushed my panties down the toilet, and now I’m bottomless. I feel so embarrassed now, I wish I had my panties back.”

The girl looked at Crysta’s lap, and said “Don’t be silly. Your dress is long enough you don’t really need panties.” Was it wrong to lie in order to save someone’s feelings? She didn’t think so.

Crysta was relieved. “Really?” she said.

“Of course,” the girl said earnestly. “Here, let me help you.” She reached over to straighten the hem of Crysta’s dress. “Lean forward.” Crysta obliged. The naked girl pulled the hem gently forward and gave it a little tug so it rested ever so gently on Crysta’s thighs. “There,” she said, with a look of satisfaction. “You’re fully covered.”

“What about when I stand up?” Crysta asked.

“You’ll be fine, trust me.” said the girl. And Crysta did. The naked girl’s steadfast assurances did their job. In spite of Crysta’s manifest lack of panties, she had been convinced that her privates were fully covered, so great was the power of positive thinking. It was as if the girl had hypnotized Crysta into believing her dress was several inches longer than it really was.

The captain turned off the seatbelt sign. The naked girl stepped first into the aisle so Crysta could get out. Crysta got up, and reached into the overhead bin to retrieve her bag, oblivious to the fact that raising both arms caused her little dress to hike up far above her lovely ass, and as her legs were slightly parted for better stability, her fellow passengers were treated to an extraordinary glimpse of Crysta’s pinkness. Apart from a tiny twinge of doubt, Crysta was convinced her dress covered her, and so she acted in a completely natural and nonchalant way, taking her time to rummage through the bin until she found her bag. She whispered to the naked girl, “I don’t feel my dress agasint my butt.” She whispered back, “You’re covered down to here,” and ran her finger across Crysta’s cheeks, just below her asshole. This was a complete lie, of course, but Crysta believed the girl. Then she stepped into the aisle behind the naked girl, and waited her turn to get off the plane.

Crysta walked through the airport with the naked girl. “Are you going to be OK?”

“Oh sure,” she said casually. She noticed how Crysta was looking her up and down. “Oh, you mean am I OK, being NAKED.”

Crysta winced when she said NAKED so loud. “Yes!” Crysta whispered.

The girl laughed. “I suppose I’m numb to it by now. But you’re right. I should put something on.”

“It’s a little too hot for your jacket,” Crysta said, recalling how she stuffed her jacket into her bag to get on the plane.

Just then, the girls passed a gift store. She tried on a girl’s fitted t-shirt that looked really nice on her, but it only covered her top. And there didn’t seem to be any pants or skirts in the store. Then she saw the same shirt in a men’s “large”, and tried it on. It was really baggy, but it covered her almost down to her knees. It was a tough choice. A pretty shirt that leaves her bottomless, or a not-so-pretty shirt that covers her cute butt. Ultimately, pretty won. She paid for her shirt, and put it on. It was snug and sexy on her, and she felt good in it, even though it covered no further than her belly button. “At least now I can sit in a restaurant, and I’ll look fully dressed to most of the people who see me.”

“That’s true,” Crysta agreed. Then she got the hint. “Did you want to get a bite to eat?” The girl nodded. With that, the two girls walked with their arms around each other’s waists. Crysta let her hand “accidentally” slip to the girl’s naked buttocks, which she didn’t seem to mind.

“There it is,” said the girl. It was a bar that had a little Pizza Hut inside it. They found a booth by the window. The girl sat first, and then Crysta sat next to her. Crysta tried to sit on the back of her dress to hold it in place, but it just wasn’t long enough, so she let it slide up her back, and enjoyed the feeling of her naked ass against the seat. The girls snuggled up to each other, and let their naked legs touch, each resting a hand in the other’s crotch while they waited for the waitress to take their order.

“It feels so good to have clothes on again,” the girl said. And having you next to me is so nice. Not only do you shield me from prying eyes, but you’re soft and snuggly, which I’m really starting to like.

“Thank you,” said Crysta. “And you do look good in clothes,” and then she added hastily, “not that you looked bad naked!” The girls laughed. They agreed that it had been a truly wonderful plane trip. Crysta had started feeling so awkward about her panties, and then horror at having flushed them down the toilet. Then this girl eased her mind, giving Crysta a special power of self-delusion she never knew she had. This power of self-delusion is one that Crysta would carry with her for the rest of her college career, enabling her to parade around campus essentially bottomless, while all the time believing she was fully covered.

Self-delusion? Life is an illusion.

If Crysta looks down and does not see her pussy, to her, her pussy is completely covered. This is how it is. Who is to say what I see as red or green is the same hues you see as red and green. Vision is individual. What we see is up to us.

Mirrors do not tell us what other see. They only tell us what we think others see. No reflection is perfect. It is better to trust your own eyes. If you cannot see you pussy or butt from under a short dress, the hem is long enough to cover you. Plain and simple.

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  1. John

    In my opinion, although Crysta’s butt and pussy might be fully exposed, if she acts naturally, people won’t notice that. It’s a fact that a thief who would steal in a stealthy way won’t be noticed at all, even if doing it in front of million people. So, the same principle applies to Crysta’s bottomless lifestyle. She acts so much natural that they just couldn’t notice she is bottomless. That’s how it really goes. The narrator’s point of view is wrong right there. The girl just helped calming down Crysta’s, but she won’t really be noticed in any case. Even the nude girl, if properly hiding her nipples, wouldn’t have been caught to be naked if she would have kept sitting on the plane during the flight.

      1. John

        Thank you so very much, Picklepuss! I’m so happy to find I’m not the only one thinking it out this way. ^_^


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