My Favorite Shirt (archives)

My Favorite Shirt

Hi, this is my favorite shirt. I just love it. Here’s why.


As you can see, it fits me perfectly. I don’t need to button it, because it’s plenty big enough to just drape over my boobs if they ever poke out. Most of the time, I don’t bother to cover my boobs, though, because it’s just not that important. Just knowing I can cover them whenever I want is all I ever ask of my shirt, anyway.


The nice thing about wearing just a shirt is that there’s no need for panties. The shirt covers my pussy whenever I want it to, so I can let my girlhood experience the fresh air. When I’m alone, or when I think no one is watching me, I sometimes gently stroke my quim. It’s nice to get my juices flowing.


If someone looks at me, though, I always stop, for two reasons. First, I’m a little embarrassed to be masturbating in public. I know everyone does it, but I just prefer not to be caught at it. Second, and this is embarrassing to even write down in this website, but it gives me a bit of a thrill when I think someone is watching me jerk off. And so I might cum while they’re watching, and that would embarrass me much more. So when I get close to orgasm, I sometimes just relax and lick my fingers, rather than complete the job.


I love it when I can teeter on the edge of cumming, and still not cum. I can feel my whole underside — from my asshole to my twat — twitch with anticipation of cumming, and still not cum.

We inspectors appreciate this type of fashion for quick painless inspections. The girls do not even have to slow down to be inspected. As they walk, the shirt tails billow out. It is clear no panties or bra are concealed. Since they are moving, others only get a glimpse, so the girl is not embarrassed. When the girl does stop moving, she can pull the shirt tails around to cover herself.

We would ask this lovely young lady to refrain from public masturbation. she only needs to rest a moment on a bench to allow a boy to touch her exposed flesh. There are no rules against her sucking the boys finger or whatever he may use to once she is visibly excited in public.

Comment By Inspector #212 At 10/15/2007 4:39 AM

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