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Sometimes, you can’t help being naked. It’s part of college life. For example, if you’re wrongly accused of indecency, you still have to go to the hearing, and you must appear before the judge naked, so that your body will be available for the prosecutor to demonstrate the indency using the clothes that were confiscated from you at the time of your alleged offense.


Another situation in which you might need to be nude occurs on Spirit Days. One girl from every dorm is forceably stripped by her girlfriends, and must remain nude all day. Spirit Day nudity is especially embarrassing, because of the “Open Season” for the touching of naked girls on these days. If you are naked on Spirit Day, it can safely be assumed that you are being punished for showing too little spirit, and so the rules allow all the other students to fondle you, and you must not only stand still for it, but even open up for it. Sometimes it’s subtle, like having your buttocks gently rubbed by the person standing behind you in the lunch line. Other times, it’s more overt, such as having your pussy massaged while you’re sitting in class. In any case, you are required to refrain from becoming sexually excited, which is difficult while you’re being fondled, but it is necessary, because public displays of sexual excitement are strictly forbidden. If you are caught by any boy with a wet pussy, or even hard nipples, your excitement is deemed “asking for it” and it is perfectly OK for the boy to give you what you’re asking for — to be raped. This kind of rape is called “consensual rape” because by allowing yourself to become excited, you are consenting to his advances.

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