Dress Code — Shorts (archives)

Dress Code — Shorts
Shorts are defined as any article of clothing that covers either the butt crack or some part of the thighs, and has a strap that goes between the legs.

Shorts may not be worn with panties, because in some cases, the panties might show. Here is an example of a pair of shorts:


In the close-up view, below, you can see that the girl’s entire butt crack is covered (albeit barely) and there is a strap that goes between her legs.


Shorts are a problem for us inspectors. We either have to ask the co-ed to strip in order to be sure she is wearing panties or hiding an untrimmed bush, or we have to give the matter a close visual investigation, not an inspection.

Since I am allowed a fix quota of inspections a day, I perform a close investigation. If the girl is in a hurry, she may elect to remove her shorts to speed along the investigation. Those that do not, I begin to suspect are trying to hide something. I will use one of my valuable inspection from the quota in those cases.

Comment By Inspector #212 At 10/15/2007 6:00 AM

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