Kennedy Kanines – Step 2

Having made a quick $20 walking Thor, I completed my calendar. I went to my classes, but rather than return to the dorm, I headed back to see if Thor needed another walk.

The guy was grateful I returned. Thor apparently had been barking wanting to go for another walk the entire time he tried to hold his business call.

I took Thor on another walk, planning on stopping to talk to the others about dog walking for them, too.

Well, one dog was barking, sort of nervous about coming to greet us. I wanted to show the frighten dog I had nothing hidden. Yes, I flashed him a downblouse. LOL! The dog stopped barking! The owner was impressed. We discussed a walking schedule and price. Everything was set!

Not far down the street, I encountered yet another dog wandering loose. What was it with people on this block? This dog was not so sure about approaching us.

Why did I do it? I don’t know, but it worked. I raised my hem, and the dog came running over to me.

The owner came out just as the dog greeted us. He came running over to get his dog. He joked about having amazing powers to attract man or beast. I mentioned I was starting a dog walking service in the neighborhood, and asked if he would like me to walk his ‘beast’, too.

He wasn’t sure. His dog was pulling and barking. He wasn’t certain a small gal like me could handle his large dog. I decided standing there hold up me hem was silly. I blamed the hot weather, and removed my dress.

His dog laid down. No more barking. The man was stunned. He signed up for me walking his dog, too. Three clients all signed up. I was going to make good money going for walks and being able to play with their dogs.

Okay, that last dog might be the challenge, but I at least knew walking him naked would make him calmer and easier to walk.

I hadn’t bothered to dress by the time I returned Thor. I did mention to him that I landed two other dog walking gigs. I’d be in his area much more time. I hinted at letting me use his swimming pool between my dog walking gigs. He was all for it, especially if it would keep Thor quiet during his business calls.

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