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Kennedy Kanines – Step 1

“Kennedy Kanines” That’s the name of my new little business. It started out simply me out for a walk, away from campus and all the inspectors. I saw a little dog running towards me, dragging its leash. I bent over to grab the leash and pet the dog.

“Where’s your people, little doggie?” Friendly little guy. I fell in love instantly with him. Such a cutie!

Then a man came running down a drive and calling for the dog. He was so relieved to see that I had him. He told me the little guy gets away so darn fast from him, and usually keeps on running. I laughed, and told him the little furball came running right up to me. The man joked, “Smart dog. I’d come running to you, too.” I laughed.

I stood up to hand him the leash, but he asked me a favor. “Would you mind walking him around the block? I have to make a business phone call. I’ll pay you $20.” Well, $20 is $20, right? I agreed, besides, I planned on walking that way anyhow, and having the furball with me would be fun.”

I asked, “What do you call him?”

The man said, “Shithead, when the wife is not around. Stinker, when she is about.”

I had to laugh. “And what does your wife call him?”

He said, “Precious, Lovely, Baby Doll, honestly, I don’t know if he has a proper name.”

It was clear why the dog runs from him. I was delighted to walk Thor. I called him Thor to boost his confidence.  I wasn’t sure how many trees and fire hydrants we’d stop to smell and pee, but I figured I had plenty of time getting to know Thor.

Thor was ready to go, too. I turned to walk, and the man’s phone must not have been too important. He stood there watching me walk away.

I had a blast walking Thor. His neighbors all came to chat with us. Other dogs came over to greet us, too. I explained I was Thor’s new dog walker, at least for the day. Many asked if I was interested in walking their dogs, too. I had to think about it. College courses come first. But I was certain I could find open days and times to help them walk their dogs.

One thing that really caught my eye was Thor’s owner had a gorgeous swimming pool. When he offered me the dog walking job on a regular basis, I accepted immediately. I hurried back to start laying out a schedule of when I could walk dogs in that neighborhood.

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