Kennedy Kanines – Step 3

I loved using his swimming pool. Perfect rest and relaxation between dog walks and classes.

As you can see, Thor is a good little doggie when I come over. I love being able to get a full tan, too.

Thor is afraid of the water, but he always comes running up to the edge to make sure I’m safe.

I really do love this “job” I have. I can spend time suntanning or walking for exercise. They even invite me to stay for dinner rather than run back and forth. The other dogs seem to prefer me walking them nude, so I do that. Thor gets several walks a day, as he comes with me all the time.

I really do love working and spending time here. The couple seem to enjoy having me here, too. They offered to have me move into their guest room. I’ve tried to talk them into taking rent. They don’t even want free dog walks. They say having me around is wonderful for them and Thor.

I gotta admit, I’m happy with the arrangement. The funny part is as weird as it is on campus being stripped and forced to walk naked, I actually love that off campus I get the freedom to be naked all the time. Now, I dress only to go to classes. The dogs all bark when I have on clothes. Honestly, they are worse than all the inspectors wanting to strip me naked.

The inspectors never understand why I bark at them.

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