Is Spanking Unfair to Girls?

Until recently, I didn’t pay much attention to the fairness or unfairness of spanking in class. I just thought of it as one of the ways teachers keep order in their classrooms. If a student is caught talking to one of her classmates, for example, the teacher will often ask her to come up to the front of the room, and bend over. Either the teacher or the student herself will pull down her panties and lift her skirt to expose her bare butt, and the teacher will give the girl a light spanking.

No big deal. Or, so I thought. But, being a boy, I guess I never put myself in the place of a girl who was put in the position of having to undress, albeit only partially, in front of the class, and then face what to her felt like a double humiliation. First, exposing her bottom and receiving a spanking felt awkward, which was expected. It wouldn’t be much of a punishment if it weren’t at least somewhat uncomfortable for the girl. But then, while the poor girl was being spanked, she often exhibited signs of sexual excitement, stemming either from baring her bottom, or from the spanking itself. Some teachers exacerbated this problem, either by prolonging the spanking or by stroking the girl’s pussy during spanking, causing it to become visibly engorged and wet.

Some girls found it so humiliating to be spanked that they would offer to forfeit some items of clothing to avoid the punishment. It was heart-rending to see a girl strip off her blue jeans and panties, and tearfully offer them to the teacher if he would please not spank her. And teachers, to their credit, were often willing to accommodate deals such as this, as long as what little remained of the girl’s clothing didn’t leave her completely indecent.

Like I said, I remained pretty much oblivious to the suffering that girls endured at the hands of teachers over the whole spanking policy. Seeing a girl’s butt once in a while during class, or watching as a girl stripped half naked to get out of being spanked was no big deal to me. But then, something happened that changed my view on spanking completely.

It was during Sex Education class. The teacher had just announced the homework, which was for each of the girls to come in to school the next day wearing just a top or just a bottom, with the understanding that either her butt or her boobs would be completely exposed. Furthermore, during class tomorrow, the boys will select one girl who they judge to be the least exposed, and then she will have to decide between having sex in class with one of the boys or being stripped naked and having to spend the rest of the school day in the nude.

Naturally, the girls weren’t very happy about this homework, but by and large they understood that Sex Education was important, and most of them knew before signing up for this class that a small amount of nudity would be required, and some classroom sex, as well. But then, my adorable girlfriend, Michelle, asked a question which, looking back on it, must have been on the minds of many of the girls in the class. “Why is it that just the girls get this kind of homework? Why don’t any boys have to take off their clothes?”

Quiet fell over the classroom. Then, the teacher asked Michelle to stand up, and prepare to be spanked. At first, I wasn’t too concerned for her, because Michelle was a confident girl, and she had been spanked in school before. But today was different, because she was wearing a really cute romper, and since it was open on top, she couldn’t wear a bra. Still, she slipped out of the romper’s top, and unbuttoned the waistband. “Please,” she begged, looking all the more pitiful with her small, tan breasts out for everyone to see. Her nipples were fully erect.

But the teacher wasn’t in a mood to show any mercy. “Take it off, honey, leave it on your desk, and come up for your spanking.”

Slowly, Michelle lowered her bottom, and then I understood her hesitation. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. She put her romper on her desk, and stood up straight. She’s a beautiful girl, and her pussy is smooth-shaven, of course, as required for the Sex Ed class. She covered her pussy with her hands as she strode to the front of the classroom. The teacher gruffly spread her legs and made her bend over, allowing me to see, along with the whole class, that she was already sexually excited. With one hand, the teacher stroked Michelle’s little nipples, and with the other, he gently probed between her sexy cheeks, touching just her little asshole so that the class would have an unobstructed view of her vagina, which popped open as we watched. Michelle closed her eyes, and arched her back, hoping to spare herself the embarrassment of cumming in front of the class. “Please just spank me,” she begged, but he kept massaging her most intimate areas. Unprompted, Michelle spread her legs further, seemingly oblivious to our excellent view of her engorged, wet pussy. Finally, she took in a sharp breath, and held it as her vagina gulped like a fish. She relaxed, and waited. Then she shivered as he touched the rim of her vagina, and then as we watched, she came again.

As if sleepwalking, Michelle stumbled back to her desk, where I met her, and gave her a big hug. “I’m so proud of you,” I whispered in her ear. Then, before she collapsed, I sat in her chair, and let her sit on my lap, draping her limp body over mine, her head resting on my shoulder. As we kissed, she fell asleep, so peaceful and so naked. I let her sleep until the bell rang, then kissed her awake. As she regained her bearings, I asked her if she would like to put her romper back on, but she didn’t respond. Should I remind her that she’s naked?

With the romper in one hand, and Michelle’s hand in my other hand, she pulled me out of the room and toward the cafeteria. “After lunch,” she said. “I think I’ll be ready to put my clothes on again after lunch.” That’s something I love about Michelle: She likes to stay naked for a while after sex, even at school.

We stopped at her locker, and put the romper in before heading over to the cafeteria. At first, she seemed comfortable being naked. There were always a few topless girls at lunch, and quite a few of the girls wore tops barely long enough to conceal their underwear — or lack of it. But girls weren’t supposed to be completely naked; technically, some kind of clothing is required at all times on school grounds. As time passed — and the afterglow of her “spanking” subsided — Michelle became more and more self-conscious until finally, she was ready to go back to her locker and put her romper back on. Although she looks fine naked, she also looked good in that sexy romper, her small tits gently nestled in the loose-fitting top, and the seam of the bottoms snuggled between her adorable cheeks.

“It’s not fair that only girls are spanked,” she said at last. I nodded. She’s right. It’s not fair, but as a boy, I secretly like it that way. I know there’s nothing sexual about making girls bare their bottoms. It’s just something the teachers need to do in order to give the girls a better spanking. And sometimes, depending on what the girl is wearing, she would have to bare more than just her bottom, and that’s okay, because getting naked is just something she has to do in order to present her bare bottom for spanking.


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