Topless or Bottomless, What a Choice!

Yesterday, as you might remember, the girls in our Sex Education class were given some homework. As homework goes, it wasn’t very hard. It was just to make a decision, and then follow through. Each girl needed to decide on her own whether to come to school today topless or bottomless.

I guess most of the boys were mildly curious to see which mode of half-nudity the girls would choose, but for me, it was more personal. You see, my girlfriend, Michelle, is one of the girls in my Sex Ed class.

And the decision was eating her up.

This morning, I went over to Michelle’s house before school to help her decide what to wear. She busted out laughing as soon as she saw me. “Baggy shirt and sweat pants?”

Michelle knows I’m shy, and on days when I know in advance there will be some half-naked girls, I like to — shall we say — dress comfortably.¬†But today, there was another far more important reason to dress comfortably, which I kept secret from Michelle. I nodded and laughed it off, and then changed the subject.

“Let’s talk strategy,” I said.

You see, it’s not just a matter of the girls coming to school topless or bottomless. There’s a really big complication to consider. One of the girls, judged by the boys as the “most dressed”, will be given the choice of stripping naked or–I hate to say it, but I’ll just put it out there–being raped. Neither one is much fun for the girl. If she opts to get naked, she’ll have to spend the whole rest of the day naked, and then go home naked. She’ll have to explain her lack of clothes to her parents, which won’t be much fun, because if they’re anything like Michelle’s parents, they know girls don’t just get stripped for no reason. She’ll have to admit to them that she fucked up her homework, and over-dressed for school in violation of the spirit of her homework. Since her parents are serious about Sex Education, they will most likely require her to not only remain naked, but also take part in any previously planned evening activities, and then return to school the next day completely naked.

The girl’s other choice isn’t much better. She can keep her clothes by agreeing to be raped in school, perhaps more than once, without knowing in advance who her rapist will be, or when it will happen. To keep her agreement, she must provide full access to her body throughout the day. If a boy wants to lift her skirt, she has to let him do it. If he asks her to raise her arms, spread her legs, or bend over, she has to do it. He can strip her naked, if he wants to. She can’t object or impede. And, of course, if the boy tries to stick his dick in her pussy or asshole, she can’t stop him from doing so, no matter where on school grounds the rape takes place.

Needless to say, then, Michelle has an important task this morning, which is to be half-naked as decently as possible without being the most decently dressed girl in the Sex Ed class.

“What about wearing your red sweater?” I suggested. “You know the one that shows off your belly?”

Michelle laughed. “And no bottom? Are you kidding? I might as well be completely naked!”

“But you know what your teacher said, remember? Either your boobs have to be completely uncovered, or else your bottom needs to be completely uncovered.”

“My butt, not my bottom. There’s a difference.”

“You think you can cover your pussy without covering your butt?”

“Well, no, not completely. But that sweater doesn’t even cover my belly button! Anyway, why go bottomless? I should go topless instead. Isn’t that easier?”

“Maybe, but you don’t want to get voted most dressed, do you?”

“I’ll just wear a little skirt then. No panties.” She rummaged through her drawers and found a delightful piece of lingerie: A sheer skirt that started its life as the ruffle for a pair of panties that are now long gone. She put it on, and boy did she ever look good in it!

But I kept my cool. “I’m not sure,” I said, hiding my excitement. “It’s clear you’re not wearing panties, but it almost completely covers your pussy. What if none of the other girls cover their pussies at all? I would hate for you to be the most dressed, even if all you’re wearing is that little micro miniskirt.”

“I’ll risk it,” she said. I watched her bend over to pick up her stuff for school, and noticed that her skirt looked extra cute on her, covering just the top of her butt crack, and leaving visible her adorable little asshole, and her pussy beneath it. I gave her a playful pat on the bottom, letting my fingers slip gently between her cheeks.

When we got to school, Michelle felt a little embarrassed to be wearing nothing but a tiny skirt, as most of the girls were wearing their normal school clothes. Even though tops aren’t required at our school, most of the topless girls generally wear full bottoms, such as jeans or a decent skirt. I kissed Michelle and watched her go to her homeroom before heading off to my own homeroom, where I said hi to two of the girls from my Sex Ed class. They were both bottomless, and their tops were short enough to avoid covering any of their pretty little butts, which unfortunately left their pussies more or less out in the open, too. To their credit, the girls tried to act casually, but kept their hands over their pussies most of the time, out of modesty, or perhaps embarrassment.

Throughout the morning, it made me happy to see more girls than usual whose pussies weren’t completely covered by their short tops or short skirts. But at the same time, I was getting more and more worried that my beautiful girlfriend, Michelle, would find herself the “most dressed” in our Sex Ed class.

So when I finally got to Sex Ed, I was relieved to see a variety of outfits. Some of the less inhibited girls wore sexy tops that showed off their belly buttons. One wore a little sheer baby doll nightie with a slit up the back, completely exposing her pretty butt. One wore a loin cloth, which looked really good on her, and although it covered her pussy, it left both her tits and butt completely naked, which should earn her some sexy points.

At the other extreme, there were some girls who were clearly more covered, which greatly eased my worries about Michelle’s little skirt. One girl wore a t-shirt long enough to almost completely cover her pussy. A few girls wore panties or thongs, and even though some of the panties were sheer or split-crotch, they provided some pussy coverage, which eased my mind about Michelle’s little skirt.

Soon, the time came for the girls to line up, and for the boys to vote. I noticed Michelle hiked up her skirt a bit so that her pussy was no longer covered at all, which I thought was a smart move. Our teacher thanked the girls for playing this game, and acknowledged how hard it must be for some of the girls. In particular, he thanked the half dozen or so who came to school without a stitch of clothing below their belly buttons. This took great courage, he said, and as a reward, he would let these girls sit down, so they can watch the rest of the festivities from their seats. (Or, in some cases, from their boyfriends’ laps.)

After the first round of voting, a few more girls were allowed to sit down. Soon, it was down to just four girls. Two of them — Michelle and one other girl — were topless, and two girls were bottomless, both wearing just t-shirts. After another round of voting, it was a run-off between the two most dressed girls in the whole class: Michelle, the only topless girl whose pussy was partly covered, and one of the girls¬†wearing just a thin t-shirt, looking like she was a little cold, or maybe she was just excited. Of all the bottomless girls, this one was judged by the boys as “most dressed” although I really don’t know why. The t-shirt barely covered the girl’s hips, and left an ample view of her lovely smooth-shaven pussy.

For the last round of voting, Michelle was really worried, so she asked if it would be okay to wear her skirt as a necklace for the rest of the day, win or lose. The teacher thought about it, and finally said he was very sorry, but it wouldn’t be fair to the other girls. Besides, he said, if you lose, you’ll have to either get naked or be raped, so it wouldn’t be up to him to let her wear her skirt as a necklace in that case. “But if I win, then I’ll still wear it as a necklace,” Michelle suggested. With that, Michelle took off her skirt, and put it over her head, and, sure enough, she looked really sexy that way. And the voting confirmed it; Michelle was finally allowed to sit down. She didn’t manage to avoid being stripped naked, as she had hoped, but on the plus side, she would be allowed to wear her skirt home, and then put on a full set of clothes the next day.

The other girl wasn’t so lucky. She faced a hard choice: get naked or be raped. If she chose to get naked, she would have to go home naked, and explain to her parents that she failed to properly do her Sex Ed homework, and that her punishment included showing up to school the next day in the nude as well.

Standing there in her tiny little t-shirt, which barely covered her belly button, she weighed her options. “Well, I’m almost naked already, so maybe I should just take off my shirt…”

She started to take it off when the teacher stopped her. “Hang on a second, honey. Have you thought carefully about both your options?” The teacher unfurled a foam mattress. “Why don’t you lie down here,” he suggested, “and relax. Touch the bottoms of your feet together, and let your knees rest… That’s right.” She closed her eyes, and stroked her inner thighs. Her pussy was glistening in the florescent lights of the classroom.

My sweat pants were already off by the time the teacher nodded to me. I went over to the girl on the bed, and, as gently as I could, I got on top of her, and began kissing her. She was ready, and so was I, but before I went in, I got on my knees, and lifted her up so she was almost sitting. Even though she was a virgin, she understood my plan, and lifted herself off the bed, and as I held her, she guided me in like a pro. I stretched out my legs, and held her close to me. We kissed as I gently scratched her back through her shirt, allowing my fingers to go lower, lower, … until I was kneading her pretty butt. The beauty of this position is that both my hands are free, as is her entire hind quarters, which I massaged, sending the poor girl into a frenzy. It wasn’t long before we both came. At first, we didn’t notice the cheering and applause of our classmates, but they kept cheering, and soon, we both smiled.

“Okay,” she said. “I think I’ll keep my shirt on for a while.”


8 thoughts on “Topless or Bottomless, What a Choice!

  1. Lucifer

    Do you have any image resembling Michelle wearing skirt around the neck? I am quite interested. So it would be really nice of you.

  2. Clara

    I have a few concerns for this story. The voting part. Even if all the girls showed up nude, there will be one with the most clothing, maybe a bracelet or ring. The teacher could just look around for someone who has not adhered and give them the punishment. Also, being naked is okay but the second day as well? I see no logic, one day is enough. Next, getting r-ed just seems like a cruel option. This activity shouldn’t have been conducted in the first place. I generally support nudity, but here, it just doesn’t seem appropriate, even if it is for sex-ed.

    1. Anonymous

      Yes but they need to prepare for the College. Sex ed is important since people will have sex, including consensual rape, and that is something to get used to. If a girl violates rules it is common for her to be raped, is it not?

        1. Anonymous

          If you ran the sex-ed class what punishments would you use? Required nudity is important but maybe not rape at high school yet.


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