Holly and Peg… the training begins. (archives)

Holly came running into her dorm room crying, again.

Peg sighed, “What happened this time, as if I didn’t already know?”

Holly landed face down on her bed sobbing.

Peg put down her laptop and went to comfort her room mate. She stopped to smile seeing Holly delicious ass sticking up in the air and bouncing from the sobs, but she knew she had to be a good room mate before a naughty one. Peg slipped beside her room mate, combing the crying girl’s hair with her fingers. “There, there. Tell me what happened, and maybe we can figure out how to avoid it next time.”

Between the sobs, Peg thought she understood the often replayed scenario: Holly gets stop for an inspection. She protests trying to just flash the inspector, but she doesn’t satisfy him. Refusing to disrobe completely, the inspector recruits able-bodied guys to strip her. Torn clothes and a struggle lead to sexual excitement, and the guys are more than willing to discipline the lovely Holly, one by one.

While Peg felt sorry for her room mate, she also realized Holly brought this all on herself, too. No one else in the dorm gets stopped for inspection as much as Holly, and the few that might come close know when to stop the complaints and strip. Holly just never seems to come out ahead in these encounters.

Peg decided this needed to be the last time. When a stern voice, she said, “Holly, you need some training. You give the inspectors too many reasons to stop you. I don’t think we can train your instinct to refuse to strip on command, but we can train you to have those inspections less frequent. You willing to train, and train hard?”

Holly was caught off guard by the change in attitude. She listened to her room mate. Although she felt like crying all night, she knew she needed to learn. After all, isn’t that why she came to college? “I’m willing, but I don’t see how I can train. How is it going to work?”

Peg stood up, “Stand up, and let’s see you.”

Holly wiped her tears and stood facing her nude room mate.

Peg ordered, “Get rid of that torn tee shirt. No reminders of the past.”

Holly didn’t like the idea of being nude, but she agreed to try. She discarded the torn tee to the trash can.

Peg then said, “Good girl. Let’s walk across campus to see that art show you’ve been talking about all week.”

Holly threw her hands across her naked body, “Naked? No way!”

Peg laughed. She hadn’t thought about going nude, but if she even thought there was a chance of getting Holly outside and nude, she’d do it. No chance, not yet anyhow. “No, not nude. You pick out a tee shirt to wear, and I’ll do the same.”

Holly’s eyes widened. “Just a tee shirt?”

Peg said, “Just a tee shirt. You pick one for yourself.”

Holly dug out a tee shirt that doubled for a dress – a real dress, not the minimal body covered described in the Dress Code publications. This tee shirt hem hit mid thigh on the girl. She had worn shorter skirts, and of course with the Dress Code, never with panties.

Peg found the shortest tee shirt that still covered her butt and pussy, but only when standing straight up with her arms to her sides.

Peg said, “Okay, let’s go!”

Holly didn’t see how this was going to help her any, but she enjoyed the company of Peg and she really wanted to go to the art show, too. Although she feared another inspection, she hoped being with Peg would save her from any penalties.

Along the way to the art show, Peg explained this training exercise, “You picked out a long tee shirt. You know the inspectors are more likely to inspect someone with a long hem than a short one. A long hem might mean you are trying to hide panties underneath. A short hem tells the inspectors not to bother you because if you were wearing panties, the world would know.”

Holly tugged at her shirt to make it even longer, “I know, but I’m too embarrassed wearing a short hemline.”

Peg said, “Nonsense. You have nothing to be embarrassed about showing. You’re a beautiful woman. Act like you know it, and the world will know it, too. Aren’t we going to an art show that features beautiful naked women?”

Holly stopped tugging, “Yes, the art world is full of naked human forms. Maybe you are right.”

As they approached the art show, Peg said, “Maybe? I am. So here’s the plan. We are going to swap tee shirts at the art show. You will wear my tee inside, and I’ll wear yours. When you want to switch back, we will leave the art show. The longer you are willing to wear a shorter hem, the longer we can stay. Deal?”

Holly was shocked by the notion of wearing such a revealing tee shirt, but as Peg pointed out, the art show poster was of a naked woman. Art is not afraid to show the womanly figure. Holly secretly hoped no one would be at the show since it was in its final days.  Holly whispered, “Where do we change? Around the corner? Or inside the restroom?”

Peg teased, “Why not right here?”

Holly’s mouth dropped open.

Peg laughed, “Okay, inside, but not in the restroom. You pick a gallery room, and we swap right away – people or not.”

Holly seemed more nervous than usual. As they entered the building, people were milling about. Not many, but one was too many for Holly. Peg urged her to pick a room straight away.

Peg pointed to one that a girl and boy exited. Seeing that the boy was carrying the girl’s blouse, Holly reasoned that no one was likely left in the room. To Peg’s disappoint, Holly was right.

Holly seeing no one was in the room was fast to disrobe and grew frustrated as Peg slowly slipped out of her tee, too. Holly knew at any second someone could wandered into the gallery. Peg dropped her tee in the middle of the room and walked over to Holly. She gave her naked room mate a hug, and took ahold of the long tee shirt. Holly reluctantly released the only garment to cover herself as she hurried across the room to pick up the shorter tee from the middle of the floor in plain view of the main hall!

Holly had her tee shirt on in one quick move. Peg wandered the gallery admiring the artworks still holding the tee shirt. Holly was always impressed how Peg seemed so relaxed in states of undress. She knew she had a good trainer even if she never wanted to dare as far as Peg.

Peg did eventually slip on the long tee shirt. The tee shirt hem was almost to Peg’s knees. Holly suddenly realized the short tee shirt was even shorter on her. She pulled and pulled the garment wishing it to grow longer, but it was no use.

Peg said, “It is all in your head. Don’t you see? When I was naked, you didn’t seem to notice how short the hemline was on you. You only realized it was short when you saw how long your shirt was on me.”

Holly still tugged, but she did realize there was some truth in the matter.

Peg asked, “Do you want to switch back, or do you want to see the art show?”

Holly sighed, she wanted to do both, but that was not an option for this training exercise and she knew it. “Let’s stay and see the show. Maybe I’ll get lucky and no one will see me.”

Peg said, “Maybe someone else will get lucky and see you.”

The girls wandered the galleries. Holly grew less concern about her hem in the rooms featuring full nude paintings or sculptures. She even was so engrossed in a painting that she didn’t notice another couple walking through the room.

Peg pointed them out to Holly, “See? They saw you and you didn’t notice. I don’t know how you didn’t notice. That girl’s boobs were bouncing all over the place.” The girls laughed and continued to enjoy the art work.

Peg announced, “I need to run to the restroom. I’ll be back in a minute.”

Holly said, “Okay. I’ll be here. We can go back to the dorm after we switch shirts again, right?”

Peg smiled, “Of course. Just give me a minute.”

When Peg returned, Holly’s jaw hit the floor. Peg had cropped the tee to above her navel. Peg was completely bottomless.

Peg laughed at the shocked look on her room mate’s face. “So are you ready to switch shirts again?”

Holly clung to the shirt she was wearing, “No way! I’m not wearing that shirt now. I’m keeping this one!”

Peg shrugged, “Well, okay. You keep my shirt, and I’ll keep yours. Let’s go.”

What would have been impossible to get Holly to wear earlier, Holly was more than willing to wear now. She even felt more dressed wearing the short tee that didn’t quite cover her butt or pussy, but it was MUCH longer than the modified shirt Peg was wearing.

Peg pressed her luck, “How about I buy you a smoothie at the Union on the way back home?”

Holly asked, “Are you sure you want to go through the Union wearing just that?”

Peg acted as if she forgotten, “Oh, that’s right! Well, I did offer the smoothie and I won’t go back on the offer if you want one.” Peg knew how much Holly loved a strawberry smoothie, and it worked.

Holly said, “Okay. Let’s go. Do you want to walk in front or me or behind me to keep people from seeing you bottomless?”

Peg smiled. Holly had completely forgotten she might as well have been bottomless, too. They walked arm-in-arm, side-by-side.

As the girls sipped their smoothies on the walk back to the dorm, Peg was bouncing and happy in her steps. Holly asked, “Why are you so happy? You are bottomless, and I almost never see you run around bottomless.”

As they approached a bus stop glass hut, Peg stopped her friend so she could see their reflection in the glass. As Holly held the smoothie cup up her already short hem rose higher. Holly was bottomless as well. The difference between the two girls’ hemline was a few inches of tummy.

Holly tugged her hem back down but she realized it was too short to cover her properly. Peg gave her a hug and congratulated her, “I’m so proud of you. Imagine you, Miss Holly, showing the world your bare butt and pussy, and not a care. Stand tall, girl!”

Holly straighten up. She had conquered her fear, but it was just a trick. She was now embarrassed for showing too much.

Peg said, “Sure I tricked you, but think about everyone who saw your butt and pussy. Hundreds of people in the art galleries and the Union. You didn’t care. Why? Because there was always someone more exposed than you. In the galleries, it was all the models in the art works. In the Union, it was me. As long as someone else is showing more, they draw the attention away from you. You relax.”

Holly seemed to understand that. It was true! If she concentrated on another girl showing more, she forgot about how much she might showing. Holly asked, “Can it really be that easy? I mean, I see lots of girls barely wearing anything. I could wear less and avoid all the inspectors.”

Peg said, “Slow down. No one avoids the inspectors completely. But if you reveal more, you’ll be inspected less. But can you really do it?”

Holly was gaining self confidence, “Absolutely!”

Peg pulled off her newly tiny crop top leaving herself completely bare. “Holly, I want to switch shirts with you.”

Holly stared in fear, “But that’s not going to cover me!”

Peg said, “Neither does my shirt cover you completely.”

Holly countered, “But then I’ll still be the most exposed one here.”

Peg offered, “Not if you donate my tee shirt to the box. Then you can wear your crop tee home, and I’ll be nude for the rest of the walk. Sound good to you?”

Holly eyed the small garment in Peg’s hand. She looked over to the donation box. Before she could talk herself out of it, she rushed over to donate the tee shirt she was wearing and ran back to Peg naked just as a bus pulled up and a dozen students jumped out. Holly hurriedly slipped on the tee shirt, and it felt great to have her boobs covered again. She felt sorry that Peg ended up naked because she needed to have someone more exposed to relax, but it was working. She felt much better not even half dressed compared to her naked room mate.

Peg didn’t seem to mind too much. If this was going to help Holly stop crying all the time, it was worth it. In fact, Peg started to realize how much fun she could have exposing Holly. All it would take was exposing herself a little more than Holly. Not a problem!

Holly came to college to learn, indeed. What a refreshingly positive attitude. It was a nice story.

I was surprised after Peg returned from the john having remodeled her dress that she so quickly dropped her demand that the girls switch back. Little did I realize that Peg was just pushing Holly’s buttons — the art show, her love of smoothies, pitted against her shyness — very nicely done!

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