High School Gym Class, part 5 (archives)

Part 5, story narrated by Gwen

The next day, I thought about Susan, the poor girl we punished the day before, and I wondered how she fared.  I didn’t have the chance to see her later that day, because we didn’t have any classes together.  It wasn’t until I got to the locker room, and started to get undressed that a horrible realization hit me: I remembered I left my uniform crumpled up on the floor the day before.  I was in such a panic, I ran into the gym wearing only my panties, and looked frantically for my uniform.  Thank God there was no one in the gym, for I would have been really embarrassed to be seen topless.

Still topless, I went to see the gym teacher, who was in his office. “I left my uniform on the floor yesterday,” I said. He looked up and flashed that creepy smile of his when he saw my breasts. I blushed and covered them.  “Check the lost and found,” he said, gesturing to the box on the floor in the corner of his office.  I prayed it was there as I began rummaging.  My heart sank as I reached the bottom of the box. It contained an odd assortment of objects, including a basketball and an algebra book, and small items of clothing, such as a thong and some socks, but nothing like a full gym uniform.

I left, dejected, and went back to my locker, not really knowing what to do next.  The fact is, I really did know what I had to do, but I didn’t want to do it.  I had spent the better part of yesterday’s gym class naked, and it wasn’t much fun.  But I couldn’t think what else to do.  I knew I would be punished if I tried to wear anything else besides my uniform, and lacking a uniform, well, I suppose you can guess what I had to do.  After another minute of indecision, I took off my panties, and made my way, naked, into the gym.

I saw Susan was naked, too, and I realized she must have lost her uniform the same way.  “How are you feeling?” I asked as I admired her stunning beauty. “Better,” she said.  I could see she had been crying, so I reached out to her, smoothing her hair, and she hugged me, rubbing the small of my back.  Before long, we were kissing; she tasted so sweet!  I wished we had some more time together, but we were interrupted by the teacher’s whistle.  We lined up on the green line, still holding hands.

“Yesterday we picked one of you girls, and punished her for having an inappropriate uniform.” A small cheer erupted. “The job took up the whole class period, and so I would understand if you would rather not do that again today.”  A disappointed “ohhh…” erupted, followed by laughter.  The girls had gotten over their sore butts, and were clearly in the mood for a fresh victim, which really surprised me.  “In a show of hands, who wants to punish another girl today?”  Just about everyone raised their hands, even Susan.  The teacher was delighted.  “OK, then.  Let’s get started.  We’ll let Susan choose the first loser, then”

Susan set the tone of today’s game by pulling both girl’s uniforms over their heads, and fondling one of them until her pussy was wet before slapping her hard.

When it was my turn, I felt confident the other girl would be slapped because being naked, my “uniform” was certainly not too long.  I bent over and waited.  I was surprised when my judge began stroking my inner thighs.  She told me to spread wider, so I did. I figured she was just teasing me, and still expected the other girl to get slapped. So you can imagine how surprised I was to feel that hard slap on my butt!  I looked at the teacher, hoping he would overrule the girl, but he let her choice stand.  Being naked made it all the harder for me to hide my sexual excitement.  Not only was my pussy red and juicy, but my nipples were big and hard as well. To make matters worse, my classmates seemed to think it was funny every time I was picked over a girl who was wearing a uniform.

After the second time being fondled and then slapped, I complained that it wasn’t fair to pick me as having an “inappropriate uniform” when I wasn’t wearing a uniform at all!

“Don’t you think being naked is inappropriate?” countered the teacher.

“So that means I’ll lose every time?” I asked, standing defiantly with my hands on my hips?

“That’s for your classmates to decide, isn’t it?”

And decide, they did.  One by one they fondled me mercilessly, and then slapped my butt.  One girl, I think her name was Nancy, whispered in my ear that she wasn’t going to slap me until I came, but cumming in front of my whole class would have been the most humiliating thing of all, so I was determined not to let that happen.  Nancy was a little cutie who had fashioned her uniform into a half-shirt, hemming it just under her breasts in order to avoid losing these competitions.

Her touch was light as a feather, rippling over my body, giving me chills; oh she was so good!  When she brushed against my tits, I felt as if my nipples would explode.  Her warm breath and soft hair on my back as she even gave me a rim job made me cum but I tried to keep it to myself rather than give her the satisfaction.  She knew I came, though. “I’ll just make you cum again and again until you cry out in orgasmic delight in front of the whole class,” she threatened.  We’ll see who wins this game, I thought to myself.  Alas, she was just too good.  She seemed to have four hands and two tongues, rippling over my whole body at once.  I tried so hard not to cum, but I couldn’t stand it any longer.  I came not just in my pussy, but in every part of my body all at once — in my lips, and in my tits.  I came in my asshole and my thighs.  I shivered and convulsed, and I guess I cried out in exquisite pain as she slapped my quivering ass not once but twice, three, I lost count as I came again and again!

Finally, she let me stumble back into the line, and wait my turn to be slapped again. Seeing how much fun it was, every girl who slapped me raped me first. They made me spread my legs wider than I thought possible, and they brought me to the brink of cumming again and again, in front of the whole class until they released me.  It was the most horrible thing you can imagine!  I begged every girl to slap me, but none of them would do it until I came out loud.

By the time it was over, I was so out of it, I didn’t know whether I was cumming or going.  The teacher had to hold me up to keep me from collapsing as my classmates fetched my dress and panties from the locker room.  I watched as the teacher set fire to my clothes, so weak from being raped by at least ten of my classmates, and being forced to cum in front of my whole class not once or twice but dozens of times, that I was unable to object as my clothes went up in flames.

Somehow, I managed to stumble out of the gym, and some classmates helped get me to my next class. It wasn’t until lunch time that my mind cleared enough to be even embarrassed by my nudity. There, all the classes eat together in the same place, so plenty of people stopped by to see the naked girl.  I realized how horrible it must have been for Susan the day before.  Being in the city made it especially embarrassing to be forced to go home naked, because we have to either ride the city bus or walk home, and either way plenty of people see the poor naked “victim of the day”.

After seeing Susan get stripped naked and forced to endure this indignity, I had wondered how I would handle it if it ever happened to me.  I had imagined curling up in a fetal position on the bus, or begging clothing from my friends.  Then what would I do when I finally made it home?  I imagined what how I would sneak around to the back of the house, and get past my mom and up to my room to put on some clothes before she caught me.  But when it actually happened to me I was too exhausted to do any of those things. I felt numb, I guess. What was the use in trying to hide my nudity?  I just sat on the bus, legs spread wide, and let things happen around me. When I made it home, I walked right in the front door, and ignored my mom’s gaping mouth. I collapsed on the living room couch, and then my mom helped me into bed.

The next day, I got dressed as usual, and waited for my mom to feed me breakfast.  “You’re wearing that to school?” she asked.

“What are you so angry at?” I asked, purposely ending my question with a preposition to get under her skin.

“You’re seriously going to wear a t-shirt and panties to school?” she repeated.

“It’s not a t-shirt,” I explained.  “It’s a minidress.  And the panties match.  They’re part of the outfit.”  Moms can be so dense!

“Well I’m putting my foot down,” she said.  “I’m not going to allow it.”

* * *

Next, part 6.

… and now, another picture completely unrelated to the story.  Our beautiful stripper has managed to take off her top, and she hopes that’s enough to satisfy us.  But it’s not, and in the back of her mind she knows she’ll have to give us a little more.  She lowers her panties just enough for us to see she’s fully shaven in the vain hope we’ll be satisfied with this.


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