Girls have fun 1 (archives)

Girls have fun 1

“I don’t know Nancy,” said April. “Maybe we could all wear little tops, so we’re not completely naked.”

“Please?” begged April. She turned to Stephanie for support. “I don’t want to be the only naked girl there.”

“Then put on a top. I’m with April. We should wear tops.”

Nancy tried again. “But we all have such cute little tits. Why should we cover them up?” She stroked April’s breasts while she gently rubbed Stephanie’s cute, round bottom.

All six of their nipples hardened as they thought it over. April was the first to give in. “Oh, OK,” she said. Let’s go.

“Wait, wait!” Stephanie wasn’t convinced until Nancy and April ganged up on her. Both girls snuggled up to Stephanie, kissing her all over, and gently rubbing her tight, naked body. She didn’t know if she would be convinced by this sudden outpouring of affection, but she was willing to give it a try! She separated her legs, giving the girls full access to her girlhood — access they took full advantage of.


“OK, I’ll go naked with you, if you stop teasing me — I don’t want to get any wetter than I already am, if I’m going to go out in public without any armor!”

The girls grabbed Stephanie’s cute butt, and kept teasing her as they walked, letting their fingers slide freely from her butt hole to her pussy, greasing her underside with her own slippery juices. She pretended not to notice, which only made the girls try harder to get her goat.

“It’s fun being a girl,” they all agreed, laughing in naked joy.

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