Dress Code — Check the length (archives)

Dress Code — Check the length

It’s a basic wardrobe choice: a top and a bottom. A girl has lots of choices for her top — bra, tube top, crop top, or a basic shirt. And, for her bottom, she has plenty of choices as well — pants, shorts, a skirt, or a choice that has become very popular of late, panties. Since panties are not distinguished from shorts by the Dress Code, there is no harm substituting one for the other. Many girls prefer panties to shorts because they’re lighter and, well, sexier. What girl doesn’t want to be sexy?

This has led to the most popular ensemble on campus today: shirt and panties. The idea of wearing panties as outerwear opens up all sorts of possibilities, since there are so many wonderful styles of panties. Some girls wear cotton bikinis. Others revel in the luxury of silk. Some prefer the basic simple microminimus with its sheer front and bold colored straps. Other girls like the backless look of the ten-pound-test thong — this is a thong that uses invisible fishing line for straps.

But watch out, girls! Picture the girl who plans her ensemble carefully, puts it on, and looks dazzling in it. She steps out of her apartment, strutting her long legs in high-heel shoes, her silk panties clinging to her shapely bottom beneath her sexy shirt, when out of nowhere springs a Dress Code Inspector! “What’s the matter, officer?” she inquires. A crowd gathers as the Inspector explains: panties may not be worn under a dress. A lump forms in the girl’s throat. Did she check the length of her shirt? She franticly tries to remember the details of the Dress Code as she complies with the Inspector’s order to remove her panties. She feels humiliated as the crowd watches her strip. In the end, the Inspector allows her to keep only her shoes, and makes her go to her first class in the nude.

Could this happen to you?

Absolutely, if you don’t check the length of your shirt before stepping out in public.


Here’s what you should do to be safe, girls. Put on your shirt first. Then before you put on your panties, check the length of your shirt. If your shirt touches your pubic bone or your tailbone, then the shirt qualifies as a dress. In that case, you can save yourself a whole lot of trouble by leaving your panties at home. The illustration, above, shows a girl who has discovered in time that her shirt is really a dress, as far as the Dress Code is concerned. And she knows better than to wear panties under a dress, so she leaves them off. She remembers that panties aren’t necessary under a dress, because a dress is a “body cover”, and so it covers her completely. Although this dress is shorter than she would like, she feels comfortable wearing it, knowing she is complying with the dress code. She waves a friendly hello to the Inspector as she passes by.

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