Dress Code — Inspection (archives)

Dress Code — Inspection

Every girl lives in fear of it every day. The embarrassment, the humiliation. Like a car wreck, we’re drawn to them when they happen to other people, even as we fear for ourselves. I’m talking, of course, of the dreaded Inspection. A girl wearing low-rise jeans pretty obviously has no pubic hair, but she might be wearing a tinly little pair of panties.


At least once a day, somewhere on campus, a girl is “pulled over” by an Inspector, and forced to strip in public. Often, a girl will beg for mercy. Her shrill cries and tears often bring people from all over to watch the spectacle. As the crowd gathers, the girl often moistens in anticipation of being forceably stripped. She tries to think of ways out of her predicament. For example, she might try to bargain with the inspector. She might point out girls in the crowd that are more likely than she to be in voilation of the Dress Code. Here, the girl unzips her jeans, and coyly shows the inspector that she isn’t wearing panties.


But until she begins crying and carrying on, the Inspector really hasn’t done his job. Surprisingly, Inspectors hope for girls they target for inspection to become distraught. The more crying and carrying on before the inspection gets underway, the larger the crowd that gathers. The more public the inspection, the larger the deterrent effect. This is exactly what they’re hoping for, because, quite frankly, the Inspectors don’t have time to inspect every girl.

By having one or two “screamers”, as they like to call these girls, they achieve a whole day’s worth of deterrence. So how does an inspector find a screamer? Typically, she’s a girl who is dressed a little more conservatively than the rest. Her buttocks are usually fully covered. Her breasts are not visible. Quite often, a screamer wears shorts or pants, because they hide her pussy better than a skirt or dress.

This girl is an inspector’s dream. She is wearing a long dress, which could be hiding any number of violations — pubic hair, panties, who knows? She is a ripe target for inspection, even though the Inspector is pretty sure she is in full compliance with the Dress Code. He will approach her and ask her to prove she’s isn’t wearing a bra.


Typically a girl in a long dress will offer to let the Inspector look down her top, or feel her breasts, but the Inspector will insist on visual confirmation by lifting her dress. Although he only claims to suspect a bra violation, he knows she will have to expose her pussy in order to lift her dress all the way up to her breasts. He hopes she will make a fuss, and attract a big audience, because this maximizes the deterrent effect. If she simply lifts her dress, he will step it up a notch, and make her take it off, hoping for an empassioned plea on her part to be allowed to keep her dress on.


If you are wearing a dress, and you are called upon to expose your boobies, then you should not feel shy about that, just because you will also be exposing your pussy as an unintended consequence. Sometimes a fellow student, boy or girl, may casually inquire about your breasts. “How are they?” they might ask. If you feel comfortable about revealing them, you might as well, as this answers the question better than any words could. The main thing is that you uncover your breasts, and let people look at them. They probably won’t notice your pussy, but if they do, so what? All girls have one; no one should be surprised that you have a pussy, too.


This well-known targeting of modestly attired girls for their deterrent effect is the likely reason most girls choose to wear dresses that are somewhat shorter than the Dean would expect for girls who are not wearing underwear. Apparently, girls feel comfortable wearing such short skirts for two reasons: all the other girls are doing it, so they’re not alone, and most of all, it keeps the inspectors away. Inspectors like the style as well, because in most cases, it is clear without an inspection that a girl is obeying the dress code. This girl, for example, has decided to go topless, so there will be no question that she is obeying the Code. Still, an inspector might stop her and ask to see under her skirt. It is to the girl’s advantage to cry and carry on first, before complying, because if the Inspector doesn’t get sufficient humiliation from the girl, he is liable to take her skirt into “evidence” against her.


It has been noted that throughout the year, dresses typically get shorter and shorter, to the point that, toward the end of the year, girls wear shirts in place of dresses, leaving their bottoms bare. The reason for this is twofold: first, girls get used to short dresses, and begin to feel comfortable wearing them, so it’s not much of a stretch to shorten the dress by an inch or two each month. In fact, most girls report that once they switch to shirts, it’s not much of a stretch to wear crop-tops or even sports bras. As one girl put it, “Once I’m out, I’m out. Why worry?” Also, toward late spring, the weather gets warmer, so girls are happy to shed clothes for comfort. But there may be yet another cause of this annual shift toward reduced modesty: the Inspections themselves. As each girl finds herself in the predicament of begging for her decency, and being forced to strip in public, she becomes more wary of the inspectors, and learns to dress in a more daring way, so as not to be inspected again. The Inspectors, meanwhile, have a quota — they have to inspect a few girls each day. As the number of modestly dressed girls declines throughout the year, the Inspectors have to reach for the higher fruit. One inspector remarked, “with so many bottomless girls, I have to target the ones who bothered to button their shirts!” alluding to the practice, common in April and May, of wearing shirts unbuttoned so that none of their private areas are covered.

Cheerleaders have always been a popular target of Inspectors. If they haven’t met their quota for the day, an Inspector will wait until just before the big game, and stake out a good position. Students know this, and mill around, waiting for the action to start. Cheerleaders are already subjected to humiliation, even if she isn’t Inspected, because they are held to the same Dress Code as everyone else. When they do their routines, including cartwheels, being thrown in the air, and high kicks, it is an unfortunate fact that their little skirts don’t fully cover them all the time. But a skirt is better than no skirt, and even if their skirt is taken away from them, they desperately want to hold onto their shirts, so their tits are covered. Oddly enough, if a cheerleader is given a choice of going topless or bottomless at the big game, she will usually prefer to be bottomless. This is because her pussy is fully revealed during her routine, even if she’s wearing a skirt, but her breasts are more private to her, since she is usually able to keep them fully covered. The unfortunate cheerleader who is forced to give up her shirt might as well be naked, because not only will her naked breasts be on full display throughout the game, but her pussy and ass will be seen as well, as her skirt flies up with each kick.


This cheerleader’s heart is racing as she is asked to show she isn’t wearing any panties. She begins kicking up a fuss, saying, “Do you think I would be so stupid as to wear panties to the big game, with everyone watching me?” She knows she has to show some spunk to give the Inspector what he wants: a good show. She also knows there’s a good chance she’ll lose an article of clothing. She just prays it’s her skirt, and not her little bra. “I’m late for the game,” she says. “Please let me go.” She whines and begs. The Inspector knows the score, so he offers her what she most fears: “I’ll let you go right now, if you leave your bra here.” She cries at this suggestion, and clutches her little breasts. “Nooooo!” she wails. But the Inspector insists. It’s the quickest way for you to be done here, he tells her. He makes her hold up her dress some more to give the audience, which has grown quite large by now, a nice look at her goodies. But he doesn’t let her go until she finally gives up her bra. The game, now just minutes away, looms large for her, knowing she will be fully on display — both top and bottom — to the entire audience. There’s nothing left to lose now, so she tries one more desperate idea. “What if I take off my skirt,” she offers. “Can I trade it for my top?” The Inspector appears to think it over. Hmmm, he says, wasting time. The national anthem plays. She’s late, and everyone knows it. With nothing to lose, she takes off her skirt, and lays it on the ground in front of the Inspector. Now naked, she breaks down in tears. This is what the Inspector was waiting for. He takes “pity” on her, and gives her back her precious top. She puts it on greedily, and takes her position in front of the crowd. She smiles broadly, comfortable in the knowledge that her tits are safely under wraps. She does the high kicks with the rest of the girls, her pussy really not much more on display than that of any of the other girls. It’s only between cheers, when the other girls’ skirts hang down over their privates that she has any pangs of regret over her missing skirt.

I no fear the inspectors no more. I no want to be inspected and charged with violation of Dress Code. I good girl and no wanting the trouble. I send all my clothing home to mother country. Inspectors no inspect me. This is good, no? Like girls who wear shirt with no button up. We make inspector job easier.
Comment By Zanna At 10/23/2007 7:23 PM

The rumor to inspectors having quotas has never been shown to be factual. No inspector would admit it even if true. We inspect only those suspected in violation of the Dress Code. This is the official position, and no other version is tolerated.

Furthermore, the rumor that inspectors want screamers is wholly untrue. We simply want to verify the Dress Code is not being violated. I won’t deny screamers are beneficial, but I will deny that we seek or want them to scream and beg.

As for girls wearing more revealing outfits, that is directly opposite of the intent of the Dress Code that we inspectors are to enforce. That is their free choice, and the inspectors should not be blamed for their choices.

Comment By Inspector #212 At 10/23/2007 7:48 PM

Sure us girls start wearing more revealing outfits in the Spring. It’s not like we have a choice. What do I have left after all the inspections, donation drives, spirit day strippings, clothes getting stolen at the showers and outdoor toilets, other girls borrowing your clothes and having them taken away from them? Not much of anything.

Think I can buy more clothes at the stores? All the shops around campus sell mesh, crop, see-thru, or ridiculously short clothing. And being on a student budget, I just cannot afford to buy more clothes.

So of course, we wear less as teh weather warms.

Comment By Tanya At 10/28/2007 3:18 AM

Oh, and another thing, so you are basically spending more and more days naked because you don’t want to be seen in the same two outfits you have left, and you hope those two little things are taken from you, too.

That’s where some girls will get desperate and will steal anything to have something to wear. Some use trickery to get clothes, but that’s different.

So last Spring, one the day of my last final, I have to use the public toilet before the exam. No real surprise that my crop top was gone when I left. My only skirt was my scarf, and since I was topless, I had to donate the scarf to enter he building to take the exam. You got it. Last day of class, last item of clothing gone!

Comment By Tanya At 10/28/2007 3:29 AM

Mom and Dad got the wrong idea, too, when they came to pick me up. They figured since I ‘liked’ to be naked, they didn’t buy me any clothes all summer. They left me naked at home, and at home not many were going naked either. I stuck out wherever I went. At least working as a lifeguard, my nudity was more acceptable.

I did get a great tan, but the little money I earned over the summer meant even fewer clothes to start the next semester. I don’t even know why I bothered to buy them. I’ll be naked before Christmas, and that’s with working to keep my great tan as long as I can.

Comment By Tanya At 10/28/2007 3:34 AM

Comment By tom At 3/4/2010 11:46 AM

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