Excitement (archives)


“Crysta, I’m worried about today.”

Crysta curled her finger around Donna’s beautiful hair, and gently kissed her ear. “Why?”

“Because today is bottomless day, and so my pussy will be fully on display.”

“Yes?” Crysta didn’t understand Donna’s problem, because she rarely covered her bottom.

“Well, you know the Code of Conduct forbids girls from being excited in public, right?”

“I know that,” Crysta said. Then she thought about it some more, and asked “Are you afraid of getting excited?” Donna nodded and nuzzled Crysta’s neck. “Just think about something else, and it’ll pass.”

“How can I?” Donna asked. “With only a tiny top on, covering my titties, and everything else fully on display all I can think about is my throbbing pussy, and how pink and juicy it is.”


“First of all, I think you need more practice being bottomless in public, and then you won’t be so preoccupied.”

“But I can’t stop thinking about the punishment for a girl who gets excited.” The punishment is essentially rape, although the Code of Conduct doesn’t call it that. A girl whose pussy is wet and pink is obviously ready for sex, and so she is considered “asking for it”. Any boy who sees this is not only permitted but actually REQUIRED to give the girl what she seems to be asking for. The ostensible reason for this rule is to discourage girls from becoming sexually excited in public. But in Donna’s case, it has the opposite effect. Knowing that she will be raped in punishment for being excited is enough to make her very excited.

It’s actually a whole lot worse. Boys are allowed to touch any exposed skin on a girl’s torso or legs, and girls are forbidden to resist. This rule, too, is designed to encourage girls to be more modest — the thinking was that a girl who knows her bare skin is available for touching will cover up better. But today is bottomless day, so Donna will have no choice but to leave her buttocks and pussy bare, and so they will be available for touching. A boy might stroke her naked ass, and Donna is afraid this might excite her. In fact, the boy might do this expressly to excite her, knowing he can rape her once she gets excited.

Crysta said, “Donna, lie down. I’ll help you get used to being fondled. Try to avoid getting excited while I lick your asshole.”

Donna lied down as Crysta asked, and then got up on her knees with her ass in the air. She tried to think of anything non-sexual as Crysta licked her puckered asshole, and stroked her labia. But it was no use. She first became excited, and then she came in wave after wave of luxurious delicious shivering orgasms.

“Was that fun?” Crysta asked when she was sure Donna was done.

Still delerious from her excitement, Donna managed to say, “Uh huh.” Then, after her brain cleared a bit, she said, “but I failed.”

Crysta said, “Not really. No girl can resist that treatment. But now that you came, you’ll be a little tougher if a boy should try something similar.”

“Oh, thank you, Crysta,” Donna said, and hugged her sexy roommate passionately. Then the two bottomless girls made their way to their first class of the day.



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