Sleeping Girl (archives)

“Boy, I’m tired,” Crysta said as the girls were getting ready for bed. She was already naked, and ready for sleep.

Donna wasn’t so quick to strip. “Do you notice anything missing?” she asked.

“Yes,” Crysta said. I notice your nudity is missing.

“There’s a good reason for that,” Donna said. “The DOOR TO OUR ROOM is missing!”

“Oh, that,” Crysta said. “The boys took it. I told you we shouldn’t close it when we’re in the room. Now they’re punishing us .”

“Well then, we can’t sleep naked without even a door to keep the prying eyes off us!”

Crysta fell to her bed, naked, and snuggled with her pillow. Almost asleep herself, she said, “Just take off your clothes and go to sleep, Donna.”

“Well, can I turn off the light, at least?”

“No, we should sleep naked with the lights on, so the boys will see we’re not hiding. Then they’ll give us our door back.”

Reluctently, Donna took off her clothes and eased into bed, pulling the covers over her.

“Are you cold, Donna?”

“No, why?”

“Then take off your covers. Come on, Donna, play along.” This is no worse than a nude beach, Crysta thought, and the girls have sunbathed in the nude many times. She didn’t see what Donna’s problem was.

The girls’ beds faced away from the door, so anyone passing by could look between them. So Donna tried to keep her legs together. But while she slept, who knows what sorts of positions she assumed?



The perfect means to end an dispute about whether to show or not show – ‘This is no worse than a nude beach…’

If you can get someone to a nude beach, there is no logical reason for them not to go nude elsewhere.

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