I hate my cheerleading coach (archives)

I hate my cheerleading coach. She’s real mean. For example, if you miss a cheerleading practice, then she doesn’t let you wear panties during the game. Do you know what it’s like to try to do a cheerleading routine in front of all the students in the school without any panties on? It’s really hard to avoid showing my all, and it’s embarrassing, too, because when they see my pussy, all my classmates will know I’m being punished.


By the time I get out onto the field, though, the worst part of the punishment is over. The worst part is the inspection. The coach makes me hold my dress up like this, and she brings the football team in to verify that my panties are really off. She tells the football players that if I’m not holding my skirt high enough, they can take it off me, and make me go out wearing only my little bra. She lets them demand that I bend over, which is really embarrassing, because then they can see everything. I know I have to comply, too, because if I don’t bend over quickly enough, they can rape me. And the coach doesn’t do anything about it. If I complain, then she threatens to strip me naked, so I have to just stand there and pray they don’t rape me.

The waiting is the worst part. Waiting with my ass out, knowing I can be raped any second. My pussy gets wetter and wetter as I stand there. The boys stroke it and comment on how wet it is. They make me spread my legs apart so they can get a good feel of my pussy, and I do it, too, because I’m hoping they won’t rape me.


One time, one of the football players made me a deal. I could give him my top, and he wouldn’t rape me. I thought about it, and agreed that parading topless in front of all the students wouldn’t be as bad as being raped, so I did it. But then he said I would have to give him my skirt, too, and go out naked. I didn’t want to be naked in front of the whole school body, but the difference between topless and naked isn’t that much, so I gave him my skirt, too. I figured, after all, the students would see my pussy anyway because I wasn’t wearing any panties. So I stripped naked, and started to go out to join my squad. But then he raped me anyway. But he was nice. After he finished with me, he let me put on my skirt and bra again. But now I’m smarter. I don’t make any deals like that. I just let the boys fuck me, and then I do my cheerleading. Apart from the mean coach, it’s really a lot of fun, and I enjoy being a cheerleader.


Cheerleaders are off limits to most of us inspectors. Only the Doctoral Inspector Club Keepers are authorized to challenge the cheerleaders. Everyone knows the cheerleaders wear panties under their little skirts, well, except those being punished on game day.

The unofficial guidance to us is that cheerleaders have worn short skirts for years, and their panties aren’t really panties. They are not showing under their skirts for sexual reasons.

We all cheer when a cheerleader is punished on game. Some for seeing her stripped, but some of us for seeing fair justice.

Comment By Inspector #212 At 10/10/2007 7:28 PM

I’m really surprised your school uses those uniforms. Florida University Cheerleader Kits (F.U.C.K.) consist of body paint. We find it better in the heat, and the fans really get into our cheers.

Of course, road games present a problem, so we also have skirt for the away games. but each time our team scores, one cheerleader will remove her skirt. The paint still keeps her decent, and any objections by the hosting team are answered by the scoreboard. As long as we are winning, they can’t stop us from getting our fans pumped.

Comment By Bambi At 10/15/2007 5:55 AM

I’ve worked with rape victims a lot to help them deal with the terrible effects but you’re just being silly. If you don’t bend over quickly enough then you deserve to be raped. You also deserve to be raped for doing something so stupid as to make a deal like that with a guy, it’s your own fault you stupid bitch.
Comment By Rape Counsellor At 2/2/2008 11:48 PM

Cause of the bad performance in practice, our coach made a special arrangement with the coach of the football team. Whenever a cheerleader makes a big mistake, she distributes a demerit. When she had issued 14 overall, the next girl will be punished. The punishment is to be inspected by that boy, who was elected as the most valuable player in the last game. As I was selected the first time, I had to remain after practice, until the boy came. First he said, that he wanted to check, if was wearing any kind of underwear and for that reason, he striped me naked. Than I had to bend over and spread my legs. After that he wanted to test, if I was clean shaven. Off course he did it by rubbing my clit for a long while, until he found, that I became wet. This gave he a reason to rape me consensual in accordance with the CCC. I know, that this happened to all my team-mates who were selected to be punished.
Comment By Karina At 12/22/2008 10:10 AM

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