Dress Code Guide — Perfect Length Dress 1 (archives)

Dress Code Guide — Perfect Length Dress, Part 1

This page is part of the Dress Code Guide, which will help you dress appropriately for all campus activities.  We’re talking to you, the typical College girl, who wants to remain decent and modest while following the Dress Code.

In this section, we offer examples of the “perfect length dress”.  As you know if you’ve spent any time on campus, if you wear a dress that’s a little longer than necessary, you run a high risk of being inspected, which will require you to strip naked in front of all your classmates.  And no matter how many times we tell you girls not to feel humiliated by this, we know you do, and so you naturally want to avoid such embarrassment.

On the other hand, if your dress is shorter than necessary to avoid inspection, you may not feel adequately covered by it, which could also lead to embarrassment.  So the solution is to wear a Perfect Length Dress (or skirt).

Here are a couple pictures of a pretty girl wearing a skirt that may be a little long for her.  As you can see, we had to wait until she was on the stairs and look up at her cute little butt to be sure she wasn’t wearing panties.  Even then, the way she keeps her cheeks pressed together might make an inspector falsely assume she was hiding a thong strap between them.




We understand that you may be new to the idea of wearing short skirts, but please resist the temptation to tug at your skirt.  If the even half of your cute little butt is covered, then you’re fine — in fact, if much more than half of your butt is covered, then you run the risk that you might be inspected.  You really should show enough skin to convince a casual observer that you’re not wearing panties, and then the inspectors will leave you alone.  And isn’t it better to be left alone?  Let them inspect some other girl, and then you can watch her squirm as she’s forced to strip in front of all her classmates!


We sincerely hope this guide has helped you feel a little more comfortable in selecting and wearing clothes that are both decent and practical, and which will result in the least embarrassment and humiliation for you, which is our main goal.

Did you find this guide helpful?  If not, perhaps the reason is that you would like to see some shorter skirts.  In that case, please refer to part 2 of Dress Code Guidebook: Perfect Length Dress.

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