Donna runs her first half marathon (archives)

I don’t have the time to tell a good tale, but as luck would have it, Donna sent me an email about her experience running in a half marathon.  Here’s her story.

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Dear Dick,

it’s been a while, and I just want to let you know what I’ve been up to lately.  On Sunday, I entered a half marathon, that’s 13.1 miles!  I’ve never raced that far before, so it was an exciting experience for me.  I stayed overnight in a hotel close to the starting line, but that was about the only thing I did right, I was so discombobulated!  I am so used to being bottomless at the College, I forgot to bring shorts.  Luckily I had a tube top that works as a skirt, so I was OK there.  And it matched my pink sports bra, so when I looked at myself in the mirror, I was pleased.  Even though I had folded my “skirt” in half, I felt pretty well covered.  Besides, I think it makes me look cuter when my butt cheeks are peeking out of the bottom of my skirt.

I look at my watch and think holy shit!  It’s 5:50, and the race starts in 10 minutes, so I high tail it to the starting line, about half a mile jog from the hotel.  But with every step, my skirt slips down my body, until it was completely bunched up around the tops of my legs.  I realize the problem: I need to first fold it in half, then tuck the top in so it doesn’t unwind.  Unfortunately, this amounts to folding it in thirds, if you’re following along, Dick, but if not don’t worry your little head over it.  The net result is that my skirt was fine, if perhaps a little shorter than I had intended.  I pulled it down a bit so it covered my pussy, and although I didn’t have the benefit of a mirror en route to the race (which was about to start any minute), I think most of my butt was covered as well.

I made it to the starting line, and there were like thousands of people there, so I guess I needn’t have hurried.  I must have looked as nervous as I felt, because there was another girl there who said, “relax, honey,” so I did start to relax.  Being called “honey” by a girl my own age has an odd effect on me.  I was drawn to her, and it looked like she was attracted to me, too.  She was wearing a dress, which was odd, because most of the other runners were wearing separate tops and bottoms.  Because of the noise, she talked into my ear, which kind of excited me.  I put my arms around her out of impulse.  She felt warm through her thin dress, her breasts were so soft.  She asked me if I would lubricate her before the race.  She had some cream called “Udder Cream” that runners use to avoid chaffing.  I said sure, where would you like it?  “Wherever you think is best,” she said cryptically.  There were lots of people around, and some of them seemed interested us — a pair of pretty girls hugging before the race.  I put some cream in my hand, and bend down to rub it on the backs of her legs, just below the bottom of her dress.  “Mmmm,” she said.  Her hair was soft and long, and draped on my bare shoulders as I attended to her skin care needs.  I wasn’t sure if I should reach under her dress, but we were both girls, so I figured what the heck, and applied the cream higher her legs, until I reached her bare butt.  She must be wearing a thong, I figured as I smoothed the cream on her cheeks.  “Can you get between my cheeks?” she asked sweetly.  She smelled so good, Dick, I can’t discribe it.  Without responding to her, I slid my fingers between her firm round cheeks, and was astonished she wasn’t wearing any panties.  I don’t know why I was so surprised, most girls I know don’t wear panties, so I massaged her tight little bung hole, and worked my way between her legs to her front.  I mixed the cream with her natural lubrication, and gave her a pretty good lube job, front and back.

“Now, would you like me to do you?” she asked sweetly.  The early morning darkness had lifted, and the other runners were starting to walk around us toward the starting line.  “OK, I said, but quickly, because it looks like the race has already started.”  She nodded, and pressed gently on my inner thighs.  Dutifully, I spread my legs, then I almost melted at her soft touch as she massaged the cream into me.  I closed my eyes, and luxuriated in the feeling as she did her magic.  She was so sweet, Dick, she asked me if I would raise my arms, so I did, and then I almost opened my eyes when she pulled off my little pink bra, but I’m glad I didn’t.  She worked that magic cream into my breasts so smoothly and sweetly I came, right there in the middle of everyone and everything.  I hugged her with the warm hug of close friendship, although I had just met the adorable girl.  When I opened my eyes and looked around, I saw we were the only two runners who hadn’t already started.  She handed me my bra, and as I donned it, she adjusted my skirt so it exactly covered me.  We crossed the start line hand-in-hand and giggling, we were both so happy.

At first, the race was exhilarating, as we ran past a whole bunch of slower runners.  We felt like supergirls as we snaked through the crowd of slowpokes.  At first, she led the way, and I could see her dress billowing in the wind, but magically always seemed to keep her cute butt covered.  Her lack of panties was our little secret.  Then after a while, she let me lead.  I was a bit worried my asshole wasn’t covered, but I didn’t know if I should ask her, so I kept quiet.  As if she could read my mind, she patted my butt and said I look great.  I could tell by her hand on my bare skin I was showing some cheek, but I trusted the way she adjusted my skirt to make me as decent as possible.

We passed not only crowds of cheering spectators, but performers as well, including high school bands and cheerleaders.  As we ran toward one group of cheerleeders, I saw two of the girls pull off their panties, and twirl them on their fingers!  A gust of wind took both pairs of panties, and they landed in the runners ahead of us.  The girls were shocked at first, and then they laughed.  Not knowing what else to do, they shrugged their shoulders and joined their fellow cheerleaders in the jumping and high kicks of their routine.  As we passed them, we saw they were both blushing beet red.  I felt like telling them it was no big deal, but I knew they would figure that out for themselves soon enough.

Ahead we saw a pretty girl — at least she was pretty from behind.  She had short dark hair and a slender body.  She was wearing a polkadot miniskirt.  As we got closer, we saw she was dressed as Minnie Mouse — really cute.  The only problem was that her skirt was a little loose.  It must have been made of silk, because it was really slinky, and kept slipping down her behind giving her a slight case of plumber-butt.  After a bit, she stopped running, so we stopped, too, and asked her what was the matter.  She said she was embarrassed because she forgot to wear panties.  My friend told her she wasn’t alone, and as a joke, she lifted her dress right up to her neck to show she was not only commando but braless as well!  This made the Minnie feel better, so she continued running, flashing her plumber butt as she went.  Minnie’s skirt got lower and lower, until it had slipped completely down to her thighs, and she kept running, each step preventing the skirt from slipping any farther.  I asked her if it was comfortable running that way, and she said not really, but what else could she do?  I knew dropping out of the race wasn’t an option, so I offered to carry her skirt for her.  “You mean run bottomless?!” she asked, incredulous.  I said “well, your pussy is in full view as it is” (and I was thinking how nicely shaven she was, and how I envied her all-over tan).  The poor girl stopped abruptly, and let her skirt tumble to the ground.  There she was, Dick, wearing only a polka-dot bra.  I’m ashamed to have noticed this at her time of greatest angst, but her hips were exquisitely feminine, and her butt was soft and perfectly shaped, like a baby’s.  “OK,” she said at last, and stepped out of the skirt.  I picked it up, and carried it all the way to the finish line, but I never saw her again.

Finally, my friend and I finished the race, holding hands as we did at the start, in just over two hours — not bad for a first half-marathon.  Before I finish this letter, Dick, there’s just one funny thing I should tell you.  You know there are photographers all along the race, and they want to sell you the photos over the Internet.  Most of the runners have ten or twelve photos, but I had over a hundred!  It seems that all the photographers not only clicked their cameras as fast as they would go when they saw me, but turned around and clicked a few more of my back!  And as you know, these guys all crouch down, and so they’re shooting up at you.  Would you believe it?  Every picture showed my pussy or my asshole!  Some of them showed both!

Well, that’s all for now, Dick.  Please write soon, I’d love to hear from you!


Donna, remember the greek runners of old? the tradition of running nude started because one runner’s outfit fell and tripped him. No one else want to be tripped, so no one wore an outfit in the races.

Perhaps a sports bra makes some sense, but it can be a liability as well.

Comment By base At 9/2/2008 8:15 PM

Yes, I love the Greeks. Why didn’t the Greek boy leave home? Because he couldn’t bear to leave his brothers’ behind. But he eventually left. It must have been the way his father reared him.

Seriously, folks…

You might think I would feel freeest (freeest? whatever) running naked, but a nice snug sports bra actually makes me feel freeer (OMG) because it keeps my tits, such as they are, from feeling as if they want to detach from my body and roll on the ground next to me. What a concept!

By the way, in case anyone reading that letter wonders: I didn’t write it. Dick made up the whole thing. Nice work, Dick!


Comment By Donna At 9/4/2008 4:16 PM

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