Dress Code Guidebook — Socks and Stockings (archives)

Sit back and relax as you read an article to help you, the College co-ed, make informed wardrobe decisions regarding socks and stockings.


Who would have thought the subject was so complicated?  But it is, mostly because of that contraption called a “garter”.  It goes around your waist just like a skirt, and so if you wear it under a skirt, you’re in essence wearing two skirts, in violation of the Dress Code.  (The idea is that if you feel you need to wear two items of clothing to feel like your body is properly covered, then at least one of them is too revealing to be decent, and so the  wearing multiple clothes to cover one part of your body is forbidden by the “double-coverage” rule of the Dress Code.)  In this case, the result is this: the College has ruled that a garter is a bottom, just like a pair of panties or that micro-miniskirt you so love.  If you really want to wear stockings with a garter, then go ahead and do so, but be sure not to wear a dress over them.

This rule requires girls who wear garters to leave their pussies uncovered.  Although a few girls just shrug their shoulders and bare their pussies, many girls find this to be too much of an imposition, and so they choose not to wear a garter.  They think they can just omit the garter and wear the same stockings.  Wrong.  If a stocking covers some of your thigh, and the lower part of your dress or skirt also covers part of your thigh, then your thigh is covered by two garments in violation of the double-coverage rule.  (There was bitter debate within the Dress Code committee of the College, liberals saying a girl’s thigh is a nice big place where one end can be covered by the top of her stocking, and the other end by the bottom of her dress, and conservatives saying girls will take advantage of any weakening of the double-coverage rule to dress provocatively.)  In the end, the conservatives held sway, and any sock, stocking, or legging that cover any part of a girl’s thigh is considered a “bottom”, and may not be worn with any other bottoms or body covers.

I’ll say it again, in case you missed it: socks, stockings, and leggings that cover any part of your thigh are considered “bottoms”, and may not be worn with any other bottoms or body covers.

Stockings with a Micro-Minidress

What can you do if you want to go for that “knee socks and minidress” look that is so cute?  There is hope for you yet!  If you have the courage to wear a top as if it were a minidress, then you can still wear your thigh-high socks or stockings.  You just have to make sure your minidress (or top, whatever you want to call it) is short enough so that it doesn’t cover any part of your butt crack or pubic mound.

Here’s an example that will help you.  As you can see, this pretty blonde co-ed is wearing a top as a very short minidress.  This is perfectly legal under the Dress Code, and it’s a great loophole that allows girls to wear stockings and a dress at the same time.  Some might say the dress is really too short to qualify as a dress, but we would disagree.  Of course, everything is relative, and there are long dresses and short ones, no question.  But who’s to say if a dress is too short if it’s an inch shorter than some other dress?  And then what about a third dress just an inch shorter than that one?  Clearly they are all dresses, and they differ only in their length.  Well, after a few more inches, you’re left with the dress this smiling blonde is wearing.  Does she seem the slightest bit shy or unhappy?  Of course not.  She’s found a way to wear her favorite outfit, so she is overjoyed.  You should be, too, we think.


Some girls are a bit shy about showing so much of their tender inner thigh, and we completely understand your modesty.  The following girl chose a pair of stockings long enough to afford her that additional modesty, leaving only the smallest region of skin showing.  This more conservative style of dress is appropriate for girls who are on the shy side, on a first date, or who might be traveling off campus, where the general public is less cognizant of the Dress Code.


Boy, is this complicated!  We understand, and we’re here to help you plan your wardrobe and adjust your style to meet the stringent Dress Code.  And while we’re on the subject, why is the Dress Code so stringent?  To help you girls, of course!  We want you to feel comfortable and decent as you make your way through the campus.  That’s why we insist on identifying every garment as a “top”, “bottom”, “body cover”, or “accessory”.  You can wear any number of accessories, and at most one “top” or “body cover”, and at most one “bottom” or “body cover”.  Knowing the important role of clothing to keep your body properly covered and decent, we trust that you will choose clothing that affords you the maximum protection and comfort.

Stockings are a bottom.  Period.  We don’t know how better to say this, because it’s important for all the girls and boys on Campus to understand this fact.  If you’re wearing stockings, you are doing it because you’ve made a choice to wear this as your bottom.  Sure, it’s a sexy choice, and sexy is pretty.  You look pretty wearing these clothes, and that’s what counts.  Feel comfortable in your sexy beauty.  Feel confident in your choice of clothing.

We know you struggle with this, and we want to help you girls, so here is one more picture of a girl wearing stockings and a top, who is almost completely covered by clothing.  If you think about it, this girl is wearing more total square feet of fabric on her body than you do most days in your minidress.


To wear a top, or not to wear a top.  What a question!  Surprisingly, many girls who wear stockings choose not to wear a top.  Why wouldn’t you want to wear a top?  There are many reasons.  Here are just a few…

Your beauty is not concentrated in just one place!  You wear stockings to accentuate your pretty legs, right?  But where is the eye (especially the eye of your horny male classmates) drawn?  Directly to your crotch!  This wasn’t your goal at all.  If you leave off your top, then there will be a vast expanse of beautiful skin for the boys to look at.  Who knows, they may even look into your eyes!

A top is distracting.  If you wear stockings, especially with a garter, you have a beautiful thing going for you.  The stockings accentuate the lines and length of your legs.  The garter leaves a little “window” in front for your pussy, and in back for your pretty little butt.  Many girls like to let those lines and that beauty continue right up their bodies, especially if they have small to medium sized tits.

Try this experiment: wearing only stockings and a garter, stand in front of a full length mirror, raise your arms up over your head, and stand on your tippy toes.  Are you a beautiful goddess?  Yes, you are.  Turn around, and look over your shoulder at the mirror.  If your pussy doesn’t moisten at the joy of admiring your own naked body, then relax, and look again.  You are beautiful, and you know it.



We’ve established that stockings and knee socks count as “bottoms” even though they don’t cover your pussy.  But some girls are still a bit shy about wearing stockings as “bottoms” in public.  Look at the bright side!  They cover most of your sexy legs, which will allow you to feel all snuggly and warm in them.  On the first morning you decide to wear stockings as a bottom, your heart will be beating a bit faster as you head out the door, but after a few minutes in public, your wardrobe choice will seem as natural and comfortable as any other.  You’ll be fine, we promise.

Are you like the girl pictured below, who might feel a bit shy about showing your pussy in public?  We understand.  This girl is covering her pussy with her hands, which is natural when you’re a bit shy.  But don’t you think it draws attention to the very thing you wish you could take in stride?


After a few minutes, she relaxes a bit, as well she should.  She has plenty of beauty to spare, don’t you think?



If you prefer to leave your thighs bare, then socks are for you.  If you wear socks below the knee, then you will have more fashion choices, as such socks count as “accessories”.  If you like, you can wear a dress or skirt with socks, although many girls prefer the simpler style of wearing matching accessories.  For example, this girl looks great wearing a necklace that matches her socks.


“Toe socks” are like gloves for the feet.  This girl feels nice and snuggly in her stripey toe socks.


We know you girls like to feel sexy, and that’s fine, as long as you feel modest and comfortable at the same time.  This girl feels comfortable in a necklace and matching belt, but she’s also a little chilly, so a pair of nice warm socks helps her feel more comfortable.


Socks come in all colors and styles.  These College coeds show off just a few choices.



Like stockings, leggings count as bottoms, since they cover a girl’s thigh.


Okay I see the thigh highs could be considered a bottom, and yes, an inspector pointed that out to be last week – where was this guide then? Well, some of us girls have to learn the hard way.

So, yesterday, I wore a pair of knee socks with my cute little miniskirt. the skirt didn’t cover my ass, and the socks didn’t touch my thighs. My thighs were bare. Yet the same inspector stopped me.

The fact that my socks ‘could’ reach my thighs and my skirt ‘could’ be wore lower was all teh inspector needed to strip me again.

So let me ask now – can I wear thigh highs with a bushy pussy? Or is that also forbidden?

Comment By Millie At 9/7/2008 12:09 AM

Dear Millie,

Thank you for asking this insightful question. Indeed, when a girl decides to grow your bush, she limits her fashion choices. My advice to you is to think of your bush as a kind of bikini bottom. Would you wear stockings with a bikini bottom? Of course not. On the other hand, your bush will help you feel decently attired at all times, giving you the luxury of never feeling completely naked — even when you are!


Comment By Richard Hertz At 9/7/2008 8:27 PM

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