Campus Shaving Service

Hello! This is a message from the Campus Office of Decency, the body in charge of decency regulation and maintenance here at the College. We’re here today to bring you the news of an exciting new service being provided by the college. But first, a little context.

As you all know, our College is proud to hold the title of Most Decent* in the nation! This is a title we have earned through our innovative system of prohibiting “layering” (the practice of wearing clothes over other clothes – such as wearing a skirt over panties) in our female population. Where other colleges might attempt to ensure decency through restrictive and inflexible dress codes, we ensure decency by encouraging our girls to arrive at their own comfort level of decency. The logic is simple: if a girl cannot wear panties under her skirt, she is likely to choose a more decent skirt than she might otherwise in order to feel comfortable. Of course, in order to see that this prohibition is followed (and so avoid a slip back into indecency as the college’s rules are flaunted) inspections are necessary. In these, girls are singled out on the basis of who appears to be the most likely to be in violation of the Code. Under the logic outlined before, it might seem that the most apparently indecent girls would be singled out. Wrong! The college’s logic is well-known on campus, so girls seeking to violate the code would most likely dress “against type”, choosing more apparently decent clothing to mask their actual commission of indecency by breaking the Code. As such, our inspectors carefully single out only those girls dressed the most modestly. Those girls are then required to remove all their clothing publicly so that the inspector can examine it for Code violations. Why publicly? So that any violations will be as visible as possible to the student body. What about girls not in violation? Doesn’t this pose a risk of embarrassing them? Not at all! Girls not in violation are in fact having their decency publicly proven! How could any girl be embarrassed by being decent? The very idea is ridiculous.

*Title awarded by the College’s Office of Decency. We are the experts, after all.

However, soon after the inspections were initially implemented, an issue was discovered. What was it? Well, look above. It says right there: girls are required to remove all their clothing publicly. So what’s the issue? We already proved that there’s no reason to be concerned about embarrassment. Well, what about the bottoms that girls can’t just take off? That’s right – we’re talking about girls’ pubic hair. After all, a full-grown bush provides easily as much coverage as most swimsuit bottoms. In the interest of decency and fairness to the girls who choose to shave their pussies (thereby forgoing the possible coverage), the College had no choice but to categorize pubic hair as a bottom. Now, some girls simply chose to wear their pubic hair as a bottom. An example of such a girl is shown below:

hairy and decent!

Here you can see that this girl is so confident in her decency in her chosen attire (pubic hair), that she is not only comfortable assuming what some people might perceive as a very exposed position, she also feels no need for any other clothing at all! Truly a great success for our College’s Code – and for decency itself.

However, most other girls continue to prefer more conventional bottoms, meaning that for the sake of decency the College must mandate that they keep their young pussies completely shaved. Now, for a long time this meant that hosts of girls across the campus were thrown back onto their own resources, left to shave their own pussies by themselves, or at most with the help of one of their girlfriends. Needless to say, this resulted in a plethora of varying standards being applied – each girl having her own idea of what constituted a decently shaved pussy. This in turn inevitably led to many unnecessary citations by inspectors finding that a girl had not properly shaved her pussy due to incorrect understanding of the correct standard or simple oversight.

But now, we have a solution! Introducing – the Campus Shaving Service! Our team of highly skilled professionals at the Campus Shaving Center (an annex to the Campus Health Services building) will shave your pussy for you. Now, we could tell you a lot more about this service – but we’d rather show you. To demonstrate how the Campus Shaving Center works, we photographed an example girl from our student population. To respect her expressed desire for anonymity, we will only refer to her using part of her name. Unfortunately, she did not specify which partial form of her name she preferred, so we decided that the middle path was best and we would split the difference by alternating between calling her Aiko H., or A. Haruna. This way she can keep her privacy. If you would like to know which version of her name she feels is best suited to protect her privacy, just contact her at her dorm room, 469 Kunn I. Lynguss Hall. We’re sure she’ll be happy to hear from you!

Before any Shaving Service session begins, the “shavee” is required to remove all of their clothes and leave them in a locker, to ensure that the campus is not held liable for any damage stray water or shaving cream might do to clothes. Then, hot water is poured across the girl’s pussy to prepare it for shaving, like so:

Then, warm, barber-quality shaving cream is spread carefully across Aiko H.’s pussy:

As you can see from the expression on Miss A. Haruna’s face, it is completely normal to feel some sensations of sexual pleasure during this careful, thorough application. Just be sure you keep it within the bounds of decency! If you feel any excessive sense of sexual arousal, even if it is not yet externally visible, please do the decent thing and report yourself to the nearest available boy to have your moist young pussy pounded in a consensual rape. Decency must be maintained.

Now, it is time for the shaving to begin:

A few finishing touches…

And Miss Aiko H. is ready for the rinse!

But such is the high standard of care at the Campus Shaving Center that we’re still not done! As everyone knows, shaving can leave your skin dangerously irritated or dehydrated. That’s why at the Campus Shaving Center, we will apply moisturizing cream to your pussy for you.

The final result: one beautifully clean pussy.

And thanks to our moisturizing cream, your pussy – like A. Haruna’s here – truly will be “touchably soft”.

In fact, if you’re like Miss Aiko H. and her shaver, you may want to take a moment when you’re all done just to admire the work.

And that’s our demonstration!

However, there are a couple more matters we must address before letting you go. First, owing to budget constraints, we were forced to halt construction on the Campus Shaving Center with only the three walls visible in the photo shoot built, leaving the shaving room completely open to the world on the fourth side facing the quad. Naturally, this means that many, many students can look in at the naked girls having their pussies shaved in the new Campus Shaving Center. Some boys have even taken to bringing in folding chairs and photographing or videotaping the Shaving Center – no doubt architecture students wishing to study the new construction. However, none of this is a reason for girls to feel embarrassed! Just like Miss Aiko H. (or A. Haruna) in our photoshoot, girls are simply demonstrating their commitment to decency – and just as we explained above, how could anyone possibly be embarrassed by their own decency, even if they happen to be completely naked and having cream rubbed on their pussy by a stranger at the moment? It simply doesn’t compute. So, the campus has decided to “make lemonade from lemons” and shelve plans to build a fourth wall indefinitely. This way the campus can save money and female students will be given another opportunity to make a proud display of their decency before the entire student body. Truly a win-win.

Finally, we must address a minor controversy that has arisen over the center. In order to justify the expense of building and staffing the center, the College has elected to mandate that all female students make use of it at least 3 times a week while school is in session. This will also have the benefit of ensuring that conflicting ideas about what constitutes a decently shaved pussy will be erased. Nevertheless, this policy has drawn some heat, so in the interests of accountability the campus has decided to put this policy to a vote by the student population. When this was announced, some students expressed concern that the vote was open to the whole population, instead of just the students affected by it. Rest assured: the campus has heard your concerns. As such, voting will now be limited to male students only, since as the only people on campus required to help pay for the Center without benefiting from its services, they are clearly the persons most affected by it. So cast your vote below – but remember, males only!

[images courtesy of the excellent Hegre-Art]

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12 thoughts on “Campus Shaving Service

  1. base

    I know a student named Aiko Haruna who lives in Kunn I. Lynguss Hall. She looks a lot like the girl in your photos. So I stopped her today after class and asked if that was her.

    She replied, “Oh no!” Then ran off to her next class or somewhere.

    That was good enough for me to decide it wasn’t her. She never would have so adamantly denied it otherwise. They do say everyone has a twin, but I’d think if your “twin” was in the same dorm, someone would notice. Maybe they don’t recognize that they are seeing two different people. I’m just glad the girl in your photos retains her anonymity.

    1. Anon Y. Mous Post author

      We should all be glad Miss Aiko H. can keep her anonymity. After all, it’s a sad truth that girls in this day and age can sometimes attract unwanted attention, especially young, pretty ones with soft, smooth, freshly shaved pussies like Miss A. Haruna. That’s why you shouldn’t give up so easily on determining if her anonymity is intact! Sure, you may have good reason to believe that the girl you saw is not the same as the girl in the pictures – but others might make the same error you initially did. That’s why it’s important for you to clear this matter up by establishing definitively whether the girl you saw actually is the one in the photos.

      Since you already have her input, I recommend collecting data from other sources. Since this question of anonymity is so important, don’t hold back – be extremely thorough! Take the pictures with you, and show them to all her classmates, friends, and dorm-mates – then ask them if they think it’s the same girl as the Aiko Haruna you saw. In this Internet Age, posting them on people’s Facebook walls can be a good way to help with this. Make sure you get the input of her professors too. Putting up posters of the photos around where she lives with a contact number where people can say if they think it’s the same girl as the Aiko you know might even be a good idea too. In fact, if you can get the address information, mailing copies to her family for their input might be great – who can tell better than family, right? Including hometown friends and old teachers in this approach might be useful, too.

      Just remember – it’s essential to show these naked pictures to as many people who might know Miss Aiko H as possible. It’s the only way we can know if her anonymity is protected in these pictures. And without her anonymity, how will she be protected from unwanted attention?

  2. Keith

    Love the story. Just the right amount of funny and seriously sexy. Looking forward to anything else you write.

  3. Slick P. Wraith

    Long live the CSS! I wonder if they’re accepting volunteers for campus shavers…?

    Great story Anon Y. Mous.

    1. Anon Y. Mous Post author

      Yes, I (extremely belatedly) did, and sent off a reply that should be arriving shortly.

  4. evaluator

    I beg to disagree with Richard — this entry was clever, and the photo spread had a lot to offer. We can all tolerate a few puns?


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