Ashley’s Diary — Thursday, March 26, 2009 (archives)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

In our homeroom / health class, we’ve been so focused on the game that will be starting this coming Monday, we haven’t been able to even think about anything else.  When the bell rang we got in our seats, and half a dozen girls’ hands shot into the air.

“How many points do you need to avoid being stripped naked?”

“What is the longest dress I can wear and still earn points?”

“How, exactly, is the girl selected who will have to take off her clothes?”

“What are all the things I can do to earn points?”

When our teacher is happy with us, he walks among us, up and down the rows  of desks.  With such excitement in the air, and such interest in the teacher’s idea of stripping one of us, he was pacing all the more.  He paused and looked down at Lauren, happy to see she was already trying out the idea of not wearing panties.  She was a tall girl with a soft tan who realized that a men’s medium t-shirt serves as an excellent minidress — loose-fitting, casual, and sexy in an understated way.

“Listen, girls, you already know the basis of earning points — most important is to wear a dress shorter than the median length, and then you can earn extra points by showing some side boob like Ashley, or by wearing a half shirt like Kaitlyn over there…”

All eyes swiveled over to Kaitlyn, who was wearing a micro-mini skirt and a half-shirt, her enormous boobs bursting out below the bottom of her shirt, which just barely covered her nipples, in fact.

“So today, I’m going to go over the basics of how we’ll be picking the girl who will be stripped on Final Friday, the 24th of April.”

I get chills of excitement every time he mentions that date.

“Every day after the measurement is done, and the points are totaled, I’ll put a sorted list of the 18 girls in the class, from most points to least.  Then, the bottom three girls will be in ‘the Doghouse’.  If there’s a tie, then there might be more girls in the Doghouse.  Your goal is to earn enough points to stay out of the Doghouse on that most important day — Final Friday!”

“But even if you’re in the doghouse going into Final Friday, you don’t need to panic.  Only one of the Doghouse girls will be stripped, and so even on the last day there’s still something you can do to get yourself out of hot water.  On Final Friday, there will be one more measurement, just like all the other days, but this time, only the two girls with the longest skirt or dress will remain standing, and all the other girls can sit down and enjoy the show.”

“Then, the boys — just the boys — will cast votes, in the form of colored marbles, for the girl they would most like to see naked.  Then a marble will be chosen, and the girl with that color will need to take off her clothes…  But there’s still something that can save her.  If she’s wearing more than one item of clothing, she can call a ‘do-over’, and let the other girl pick an item of clothing for her to take off.  This way, instead of definitely getting naked, she just has to take off one item of clothing.  Then another marble is picked, and then maybe that girl will call a do-over, until finally one of the girls decides to take her punishment like a — well, like a girl, and let the other girl strip her naked.”

A few hands went up in the air, but the teacher was on a roll, waving them off.  “So what did we learn about this?  Each of you has lots of chances to avoid being stripped on Final Friday.  First, you have 19 days to earn points that keep you out of the Doghouse.  Second, even if you find yourself in the Doghouse, you have one more chance to wear a really really short dress, and jump out of the Doghouse.  Third, even if you’re one of the last two girls, and you’re picked to strip, you can call Do-over, and lose only a single item of clothing instead of all your clothes.”

He took a breath, and then continued…  “So each one of you has three good chances to avoid being stripped.  Each one of you has the power within herself to stay out of the Doghouse.  Each one of you has the opportunity to enjoy a fun show, in which one of your classmates — but not you — will be stripped naked, and have to face an entire day at school wearing nothing but her birthday suit!”

I’m psyched to read the complete rules — our teacher will be handing them out tomorrow, including the exact way points will be calculated.

I can’t wait!

Here is today’s Pretty Girl of the Day.  With very little body hair to keep her warm, this brown-eyed beauty relies on her gloves and scarf for warmth!


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