Ashley’s Diary — Wednesday, March 25, 2009 (archives)

After beating around the bush, so to speak, since last Friday, our teacher finally explained his crazy idea, and you know what?  Maybe it’s not so crazy.

We all agree it will be fun to see a girl stripped once a month, and forced to go about her ordinary school day, naked.  But none of us wants that girl to be herself, of course.  So each of us has the opportunity to earn points that will protect us from that fate.  All any one of us needs to do is earn enough points, and then she won’t be stripped.  I shuddered when I recalled the creepy way he made me stand and twirl, and how he called me “charming”.  I got the hint, though. The way to earn points is just by wearing the kind of pretty clothes I like to wear anyway.

I had the idea that earning points wouldn’t be so hard, but I was hungry for details.  The teacher said the details would be explained on Thursday and Friday, but he gave us a few more hints to go on.  It’s all based on the hem length of our dresses or skirts.  There are 18 girls in our homeroom / health class, and so the nine of us wearing the shortest dresses will be called to the front of the room, and each of us will earn a point.  Then, we get extra points for simple things lots of girls do anyway, “like for example,” he said “just not wearing panties.”  He said it with a shrug that made it seem like he thought it was no big deal.

But the devil is in the details.  How would I have to prove I’m not wearing panties?  Whatever he has in his creepy little mind might not be so nice.  Maybe he saw our worried looks.  “It’s all on the honor system.  You just need to be honest and say you’re not wearing panties, to get an extra point.”  Then he went on to re-emphasize something we have been learning in our statistics class: “In order to be selected to stand in front of the class, your dress needs to be shorter than the median length.”

Median length.  What was that again?  I was suddenly motivated to learn the meaning of this word!  I wasn’t alone, either.  The idea of earning points just by wearing sexy clothes seemed to catch on with all us girls.  Amid the excited chatter in the classroom, I started thinking about my wardrobe strategy.  Short skirts and dresses — just short enough to beat the median — and then, if I feel up to it, just go commando to earn an extra point.  It sounded pretty easy, and there was nothing really scary involved in the game.

Chelsea raised her hand.  “So to earn two points, I need to wear a shorter dress than the median, and just not wear panties?”

“That’s about it, Chelsea.  Yes.”  He looked around the room.  “Are there any more questions?”

“So then, the most points you can get is 2?”  It was Chelsea again.  Chelsea is a cute blonde, very bubbly and vivacious. She has a tight, round butt, slender hips, and cute little tits.

“No, you can earn more than two points.  For example, if you wear a top that shows a lot of skin, like Ashley did yesterday, then you get another point.”

Oh, crap!  Am I forever going to be known as the “side-boob girl”?  I suddenly flashed to yesterday when he threatened to spank me if I crack wise again.  Would he really do that?  Would he take me over his knee and whack my butt?!  I shuddered, and then tried to catch up with Chelsea’s line of questions.

“So 3 points, then?”

The teacher laughed.  “Are you gonna go for the record, Chelsea?”  The class was energized.

“No, no,” she joined in the laughter, “I just want to know the rules is all.  I want to know how many points I can get, which I’ll need to keep from being stripped, but I don’t want to have to get naked just to get the points, because that would kinda defeat the purpose if you know what I mean.”

“To get more than 3 points, you’ll need to take some chances, I’m afraid, Chelsea.  Can you be satisfied with 3 points?  One for a short skirt, one for some side-boob, and one for not wearing panties.”

“I suppose so,” she said petulantly.

“Don’t worry, girls, we have two more days to get used to the idea before the game even starts.  I’ll explain more rules tomorrow, and then on Friday, I’ll hand out the complete rules for you to study over the weekend.”

And now, for the Pretty Girl of the Day…

And now, for the Pretty Girl of the Day…  That’s right, two for the price of one!  These naked girls decided to huddle together for warmth!


‘I just want to know the rules is all. I want to know how many points I can get, which I’ll need to keep from being stripped, but I don’t want to have to get naked just to get the points, because that would kinda defeat the purpose if you know what I mean.’

Isn’t that the purpose, if you know what I mean?


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