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Shorts Part 4: Donna Goes Naked

“I’m going to wear something really cute this morning,” Donna announced on Tuesday morning to her sleepy roommate, “because after lunch I’ve gotta come back here and get naked.  And I’m not looking forward to that.”  She flipped through her various outfits, and stopped when she came to her black backless minidress.  It was a nice choice.  It covered her very modestly in front, covering all the way down to the tops of her thighs.  The back of the dress was just an “X” of thin straps over her back, leaving her tight ass completely bare.  She had never worn it, because, although she’d had the courage to buy it, she had never mustered the courage to wear it in public.  But today, she resolved to wear it.  She put it on to show Crysta.

“That is cute,” Crysta agreed, admiring Donna’s cute ass.  Such beautifully rounded cheeks, she thought.  “But it’ll be that much harder for you to take it off after lunch.  Maybe you should just bite the bullet now, and just spend the day naked.”

“The whole day?” Donna was aghast.  “I have a hard enough time wearing this old thing.”  She lifted the front of her dress for emphasis, not even realizing that she flashed her pussy.

“Well, yeah,” Crysta said, as she admired Donna’s smooth pussy.  She had shaved completely in preparation for this evening’s court appearance.  “You’ve gotta do it sometime, and it might as well be now.”  She saw the fear in Donna’s eyes.  “It’s like pulling off a band-aid,” she said.  “It’s easier to do it all at once.”  But Donna wasn’t buying it.

“Can you be naked with me?” Donna asked.

Shocked at the request, Crysta didn’t know how to respond.  The fact is, she was shy about showing her large breasts in public, but she didn’t want Donna to know that.  “Um, no, I’m sorry, Donna.”  She had to think of a reason, and quick!  “It’s the dress code, you see.  You’re allowed to be naked on your court day, but I have to follow the dress code.”

Donna frowned, and then brightened again.  “I know,” she said.  “You could wear your glove dress”.

Crysta hadn’t thought about her glove dress in quite a while.  It was a clever get-up.  It was about the least a girl could wear, and still not violate the dress code.  It consisted of a pair of red gloves, the kind that go all the way up the arms, with about a foot of fabric between them.  To “wear” the glove dress, a girl puts on the gloves, and holds her hands down by her sides.  The fabric stretches over the girl’s front, covering from her breasts to her pussy, but leaving her backside fully exposed.  As long as the girl doesn’t use her hands, she can remain covered up, but in practice, she just can’t stay covered up for long.  Crysta actually liked the glove dress, because when she was obliged to use her hands, it was never “her fault” exactly, that she was flashing, so there was always an implied apology for having to flash.  And, for another thing, she wasn’t very shy about showing her pussy, even when she was obviously excited.  But she hated to show her breasts in public.  The glove dress allowed her to do just about everything with her elbows at her sides, allowing her to keep her breasts fully covered, at least most of the time.  “OK,” she said at last.  “I’ll wear my glove dress”

Donna jumped up and down with delight, and then stopped jumping when she realized she had just agreed to go naked the whole day.  Oh well, she thought, Crysta’s right.  I might as well get it over with.  The image of peeling off a band-aid occurred to her as she stepped out of her backless dress.  She felt more naked than ever, now that her pussy was shaved.

Crysta stood in front of the mirror to put on her gloves, and Donna stood behind her, massaging Crysta’s pussy, which got slippery in no time.  Crysta’s reaction spawned a certain arousal between Donna’s legs as well.  That arousal turned into a full on pussy explosion when Crysta turned around and started making little circles around Donna’s nipples with her gloved hands.  Donna almost came when Crysta pulled her close, and placed her glove dress over Donna’s head, hugged her close, their four breasts pressed together while Crysta gently rubbed Donna’s naked ass.  Crysta sensed that Donna was about to cum, but she didn’t want that to happen.  Instead, Crysta wanted to leave Donna on the edge of cumming for as long as possible.  It was fun to tease her.

“Why did you do this to me?” Donna said, pouting as if her feelings were hurt.  She was referring to her pussy, which was fully engorged, open, and wet.

“Why did I do it to you?” Crysta mocked, incredulous.  She lifted her glove dress to show Donna she was just as excited.

Oh, that’s just fine for you, Donna thought to herself.  But you can cover your big red pussy while I have to leave mine out in the open for everyone to see.  But she didn’t let Crysta see how she felt.  After all, it’s not Crysta’s fault Donna was naked, and Crysta was doing her best to be nearly as naked as Donna.  Donna was thankful for the moral support.

The girls went down the stairs, and Crysta raised her hands to open the door.  On the other side was a cute boy who lived on the second floor, so Crysta quickly put her hands down to cover herself.  The boy smiled at the naked girls, and started up the stairs.  As he approached the first landing, he looked back at the girls, catching their gorgeous round asses as they disappeared through the door.

Their first stop was the dining hall.  No good day, not even a naked day, could start without a good breakfast.  Crysta took a tray end held it with her gloved hands without giving a second thought to her naked pussy, but Donna was still very self-conscious about hers, swollen as it was.  Every time someone noticed how naked she was, she got a little more excited.  She felt like she was going to cum, which would be horribly embarrassing, so she tried to think non-sexy thoughts.  Somehow, Donna managed to get her breakfast and sit down.  She almost heard the hiss as she rested her sizzling pussy on the cold bench seat.  She brought her legs together as much as she could, but somehow, as much as she craved modesty, she couldn’t bring herself to close her legs completely.  Crysta sat next to her, and started eating her breakfast.  Donna was happy to see Crysta was just about naked when she reached forward to begin eating, and she thanked her for it by gently rubbing Crysta’s belly.  She enjoyed the Mmmm noises Crysta was giving off as she enjoyed her belly-rub.  After a minute, Donna realized she was getting close to cumming herself, so she stopped for fear someone would see her cum.  She focussed on her own breakfast, while Crysta returned the favor, rubbing Donna’s inner thighs.  Donna told Crysta to stop, that she would cum, but Crysta didn’t think Donna was that close to cumming.  Rather than risk cumming in public, Donna stood up, and tried to run away, but Crysta was too fast for her.  She held one of Donna’s legs, and continued rubbing her inner thighs, cooing softly to Donna as she did so.  The commotion attracted unwanted attention, as far as Donna was concerned.  All eyes turned in the girls’ direction as Donna stood with her legs apart, one in Crysta’s grasp, and Crysta continued to rub Donna’s inner thighs.  Donna realized it was pointless to resist, so she stood still and waited for her orgasm to begin — she was that close to the brink.  Just as she was about to have a very public orgasm, Crysta looked at her watch, and said “Oh, look at the time.  We don’t want to be late for class.”  She patted Donna on one ass cheek, allowing her fingertips to touch Donna’s cute little asshole, and walked toward the door.

Donna said “Wait!” and ran after her.  Crysta waved at the crowd of people who had stopped what they were doing to watch the girls — without turning around to face them, she raised her hands, wiggled her naked hips, and did a little undulating dance, waving her hands high over her head.  To a person, the crowd wished they could see her naked breasts, but that honor went to a cute girl who turned beet red as she happened to enter the dining hall just as Crysta was waving goodbye.


author: Richard Hertz

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