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Shorts Part 3: Mini Shorts

“I’m sorry to make you cum so many times in a row.  You must be exhausted,” said Crysta as Donna lay prone on the table in the cafeteria.

“No, it was nice.  Thanks, Crysta.”  She leaned forward and kissed Crysta on the lips, and then got up off the table, and sat next to her lover.  She looked around to make sure no one had noticed her sexual escapade on the table.  Thankfully, the few people in the cafeteria were all minding their own business, and didn’t seem to be looking at her, or noticing that she was naked.   She rested her hand on Crysta’s twat, and smiled.  “I see you enjoyed making me cum almost as much as I enjoyed cumming!”

“Come here, you,” said Crysta, wrapping her arm around her naked friend, and drawing her close.  Crysta kissed her deeply.  “I’m so close,” Crysta said.  “Finish me.”

Without separating their hungry mouths, Donna reached under Crysta’s camisole, and gave her a body massage.  She traced a straight line down Crysta’s middle, but stopped before reaching her pussy.  Then she traced a line along her inner thigh, starting at her knees, but ending just inches shy of her throbbing pussy.

“Oh, please,” Crysta cried, “Stop teasing me, and just finish me.  One touch, and I’ll cum!”  She kissed Donna passionately, breathing hard through her nose.

“I’ll finish you,” Donna said, if you get up on the table and beg.

Crysta kissed Donna one more time and then stood on the table with her legs wide.  Unlike Donna, Crysta seemed not to care who noticed her.  Her hairless pussy was wide open, wet, and red; her inner lips swollen with desire.

Donna stood on the bench, and ran her hands up one of Crysta’s legs, and she ran her tongue up the other.  When her face reached Crysta’s throbbing pussy, she pushed her tongue into it, and felt it pulse — that’s all it took for Crysta to cum, she had been so close to the brink.  Crysta grabbed Donna’s head, and held it against her hot pussy for half a minute while she had a continuous orgasm, or maybe multiple orgasms.  She never really knew what that meant, anyway.

When Crysta finally let go, Donna looked around and noticed that they had attracted quite a crowd.  Suddenly, Donna felt naked, so she bent over, and retrieved her little shorts from under the table, and slipped them on.

As she helped Crysta down from the table, a thought surfaced that had been nagging Donna ever since her public inspection, earlier in the day.  Finally, Donna said what was on her mind.  “You know, Crysta, I love to wear shorts, but they seem to be a magnet that draws the Panty Police.  I don’t see you getting stopped in your minidresses, even though most of your dresses don’t cover your pussy at all — a clear violation of the Dress Code.”

“That’s true,” Crysta agreed.  It seemed to be an unwritten rule that girls wearing short dresses, or nothing on their bottoms, were left untouched by the Panty Police, while those more modestly dressed are routinely stopped and stripped.  Especially the pretty ones.

“I’m going to keep getting stopped if I don’t do something about it,” Donna said.  “But what can I do?”

“Stop wearing shorts.”

“That’s your solution to every problem,” Donna retorted.  “Just go bottomless.”  Donna slapped Crysta on her naked ass to emphasize the point.  She paused to take in her bottomless beauty, then continued.  “But that’s not me.  I like to wear shorts.”

“But the Dress Code has strict rules about shorts,” Crysta said.

“Yes, I know.  No panties under shorts.”  Donna wasn’t quite sure why the rule existed, although she had read the Dress Code again and again, trying to find a reason, or a loophole.  It was very frustrating to Donna that every rule in the Dress Code seemed to require covering the body with clothing, yet somehow the most modestly dressed girls are the ones who get stopped and stripped.  It’s just not fair, she thought.

Crysta said, “I still don’t see why you have to wear shorts all the time.  Why don’t you wear a tight miniskirt instead that looks like a pair of shorts from a distance.”

“That’s it!” Donna cried.  “We can design a new article of clothing that looks like shorts, but it’s really a kind of miniskirt!  You’re a genius!”  Donna hugged her bottomless roommate, squeezed her butt cheeks, and kissed her full on the mouth.  Crysta responded, sucking Donna’s tongue and stroking her naked breasts, but Donna was too excited about designing her new article of clothing to notice, and pulled away.

Crysta quickly regained her composure.  “This will be fun.  Let’s walk and talk.”  The girls walked back to their dorm room, Crysta bottomless and Donna topless, both so caught up in their planning that they were oblivious to the stir they created on the part of passers-by.

The girls got to work immediately.  Donna agreed to be the model for the experimental “mini-shorts”, as they decided to call them.  Crysta deftly bent a thin flexible wire, which she sewed inside a miniskirt to make it conform to Donna’s body the way shorts do, but without being closed at the bottom.  Crysta made one style after another, but nothing was working.  The ones that looked most like shorts irritated Donna, because the wire holding the fabric in place was uncomfortable around her asshole and pussy.

Finally, the girls realized that the tailbone was the key to their success.  Crysta designed a pair of shorts with a flexible wire the cupped Donna’s tailbone.  It was cut straight across the back, so when Donna kept her legs together, it looked just like a pair of daisy dukes.   In front, the cloth was hemmed in a V-shape so it covered the top of her vagina.  When she crossed her legs, the V-shape nestled exactly between them, giving the appearance of a pair of shorts.

“We’ve done it!” the girls shouted together as Donna tried on their latest prototype.  Donna stood with legs crossed, one in front of the other, as Crysta circled her.  “This is perfect!” she said.

“It’s an ingenious design,” Donna said.  “I love the way the wire encircles the entire bottom of the shorts, cupping my tailbone and stretching the fabric of the shorts smooth, like a second skin.”

“Thank you,” Crysta said.  “As long as you keep your legs crossed, and your ass cheeks together, no one will know they’re not shorts.”

“I know,” Donna said, “and the truly amazing part of it is that they hardly cover anything.  They only cover the top half of my pussy, and they don’t cover my asshole at all.  And yet, when I keep my legs crossed and my cheeks together, It looks like I’m covered.  I’m so happy with these, Crysta, I can’t tell you!”

“Are you concerned about walking?”

“What do you mean?”  Donna looked at Crysta with such a cute look of wonderment that Crysta just had to laugh.

“I mean, you can’t keep your legs crossed while you’re walking, so your pussy won’t be covered until you stop and cross your legs again.”

Donna walked from one end of the room to the other in front of Crysta.  She kept her legs together, and walked like a runway model, staying covered the whole way.

“Well, I’m impressed,” said Crysta.  “They really look like shorts.  So much so that I think the Panty Police will pull you over just as much as ever.  Have you thought about that?”

“Yes, I have,” Donna said.  “When they stop me, I’ll just take a breath and spread ’em.  I won’t like it, because my pussy and asshole will be totally on display, but at least I won’t get any more tickets.”

“I don’t know about that,” Crysta said.  “Once the Panty Patrol pulls you over, they don’t like to be embarrassed.  They usually find some violation.  Demonstrate what you plan to do when you get stopped by the Panty Patrol.”  Donna spread her legs apart, while Crysta circled her.  “Your asshole is totally visible, and very cute, by the way, but they usually let that slide.  I think they would get you on a pussy violation.  The mini-shorts only cover the top half of your pussy.”  Donna crossed her legs again as Crysta continued.  “I think your best bet is to relax a bit, and let the Panty Patrol see the mini-shorts aren’t actually shorts.  Then they won’t pull you over in the first place.”

“I see,” said Donna.  “I can keep my legs crossed most of the time, but I should relax from time to time, and let people see my pussy.  Since I never know who the inspectors are until they pull me over, I just have to make sure everyone gets a glimpse of my pussy, just in case.”  Donna frowned as she thought about having to flash to ward off the Panty Patrol.

“And your beautiful asshole, too,” Crysta added.

“I suppose I can do a little flashing, and just make it look like an accident.”

“That’s the spirit!  Do you want to take ’em for a spin?”

Donna brightened.  “Yeah, let’s go.”

She started to walk out the door, when Crysta stopped her.  “You should put on a shirt.  The idea of this outing is to appear fully dressed, even though you’re essentially bottomless.”

“Oh, OK,” Donna said as she grabbed a short shirt, which barely covered up her nipples, leaving the bottom half of each breast exposed.  “And you should put on a longer dress.”

Crysta hung up her camisole, and pulled a slightly longer dress off a hanger, and put it on.

“That’s better,” said Crysta, still practically bottomless, and apparently having a positive reaction to Donna’s outfit.  “You look terrific!”

“You don’t look so bad yourself,” Donna replied.

The girls walked to the dining hall, each with her arm around the waist of the other.  Donna walked as much like a supermodel as she dared, trying to attract as little attention as possible.  Both girls checked passers-by for signs they saw something shocking.  “I think I’m getting away with it,” Donna said..

They went in, got their food and sat down side-by-side.  Crysta enjoyed the familiar feel of her naked pussy press against the cold seat.  She relaxed her legs, letting them part slightly, and exhorted Donna to do the same, patting her on the leg.  “Relax, darling,” she said.  “Remember, if there are any Patrollers here, you want them to be able to see you’re not wearing shorts.”

“I suppose so.”  Donna didn’t say it with much conviction, but she did manage to relax her legs a bit.

“That’s better,” said Crysta.  After an awkward pause, Crysta added, “Did I tell you how terrific you look in those mini-shorts?”

Both girls laughed.

Donna just adored her mini-shorts.  For the next week, Donna wore them every day, flashing just enough to ward off the Panty Patrol, but not so much she felt too awkward.  Every now and then, she caught that look of surprise as a stranger would suddenly catch sight of her pussy, and she secretly enjoyed that.  It excited her when this happened, visibly expanding her pussy, and making it all the more a dazzling sight when the next stranger caught sight of it.

Somehow, she avoided being Inspected that week.  Maybe Crysta was right, that the flashing did the trick.  Or maybe she was just lucky.  Alas, the day of Donna’s hearing loomed large at the end of that week.


author: Richard Hertz

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