Archived: Shorts, part 5: The Girls Make a Deal (exhib, FF)

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Shorts Part 5: The Girls Make a Deal

As Donna caught up to Crysta, she put her hands down, and swatted Donna’s naked bottom.  “Hurry up, or we’ll be late!”, she said.

Donna did a little jig, and then started walking side-by-side with her roommate.  “Promise me you won’t make me cum in public,” Donna pleaded.  “It’s worse than being naked — much worse.  I hate it when people can look at me and see I’m excited, and the worst thing is that it makes me more excited when that happens.  I was really afraid I would cum.”

Crysta thought it over, and said, “I’ll make a deal with you.  I promise I won’t make you cum in public, as long as you promise not to resist me any more when I try to touch you.”

Donna said, “That’s not fair.  You’ll make me excited, and my pussy will swell up and people will see how wet it is.  I can’t tell you how embarrassed I get when people see my wet pussy.”

Crysta said, “Let’s sit down, and you think it over, Donna.”  The girls climbed the steps of the auditorium, and sat next to each other.  Crysta began massaging Donna’s naked breasts, worked her hands down Donna’s flat belly, and started massaging her pubic mound.

“Stop, please, stop,” whispered Donna.  “I’m going to cum!” she said.  Donna couldn’t stand it any more, and stood up to try to run away from Crysta, but just then the professor came into the room.

“Ahh,” said the professor, seeing Donna in full excitement.  “It’s nice to have a nudist in class.  Thank you for showing us your true self!”  Donna murmured something, and then sat down, whereupon Crysta renewed her ministrations.

“OK, you win,” Donna whispered at last.  “I won’t resist, but please, please, don’t make me cum in public.”

“That wasn’t so hard, was it,” Crysta said, as she gently pried Donna’s legs apart.  “Remember, you said you wouldn’t resist,” Crysta reminded her.  Donna allowed her legs to be moved apart, and closed her eyes as Crysta gave her naked friend an all-over body rub, right in the middle of an auditorium full of students.  Crysta positioned Donna so the soles of her feet touching, and her knees completely bent flat on the seat.  In this position, Donna’s pussy was in full bloom, which embarrassed Donna to no end — but at least she trusted Crysta not to make her cum.  Needless to say, more students were watching the girls than the professor.

Crysta stayed true to her word.  Donna came extremely close to cumming more than once, but the class came to an end before Donna came.  When the class ended, Donna opened her eyes, and looked at Crysta’s pussy to see it just as engorged and wet as her own.  And Crysta’s legs were completely open, lying flat on the chair, with her pussy as fully open as her own.

“Aren’t you embarrassed to show your pussy like that, so excited, in public?” Donna asked her roommate.

“Not really,” Crysta lied.  She was really totally mortified to show her pussy that way, and that’s why she did it.  Feeling that public shame excited her, and letting people see her pussy so excited made her more ashamed.  It was a lovely cycle, but to admit it, even to her best friend, would somehow put the kibosh on her fun.  “I’ll just cover up if I need to.”  With that, Crysta put her glove dress down, and walked her bare ass out of the classroom, while Donna, alas, had no way to cover her swollen pussy.

As the girls walked to their lunch table on the patio outside the dining hall, Crysta admired Donna’s posture.  Even though she was naked, she stood erect, with her shoulders back, and her beautiful brown hair flowing down her back.  Her medium sized breasts were very firm, and her hard nipples pouted defiantly.  The girls came to a table with no chairs around it.  Apparently, there was a chair shortage, and other diners had taken them.  “Have a seat, Donna”, Crysta said.  Donna looked around for a chair.  “You agreed not to resist,” Crysta reminded her.  It dawned on Donna that Crysta wanted her to sit on the table, so she did, covering her lap with her lunch tray for modesty, and maintaining that excellent posture that Crysta so admired.  “Now, spread your legs apart like a good girl.”  Donna looked around, anxious that something sexual would be starting soon that would attract a crowd.  “NOW!” Crysta commanded.  Donna instantly parted her legs, hoping to avoid an escalating scene.  “Now, lie back on the table, and close your eyes.”  Donna did so, thankful that her lunch tray was covering her fairly well.  That thanks was short lived.  Crysta removed Donna’s lunch tray, and put it under the table.  “Keep your eyes closed,” she said as she climbed on the table, positioning her own pussy right over Donna’s mouth.  “Now open your eyes, and start licking!”

Donna opened her eyes to see Crysta’s pussy hovering inches above her mouth.  She grabbed Crysta by the hips, and pulled her head up to feast on Crysta’s underside.  She flattened her tongue to lavish great wide strokes of love to Crysta’s pussy, and to her asshole.  Then she curled up her tongue into a merciless probe, which she plunged alternately into both entrances.  Donna was so good at this, she had Crysta in a state of multiple orgasm within two minutes.  Apparently, Crysta doesn’t mind cumming in public, Donna thought, as she began noticing a tongue on her own pussy.  Mmmm, that feels good, Donna thought, and then she realized it felt a little too good.  “Stop it, you promised!  Oh, oh, oh”  Words were failing her.  She was about to cum.

Just as Donna was on the brink, again, of orgasm, Crysta stopped, and said “I’ll stop now if you agree to kneel on the table on all fours and let me feed your lunch to you.”

“Anything, Crysta, just don’t make me cum in public.”

“OK, let’s see what you have for lunch,” Crysta said as she pulled Donna’s tray up from under the table.  Donna, meanwhile, was assuming the  position on the table.  She knew Crysta well enough to spread her legs apart without being asked.  “Some milk?” she asked, and then positioned the milk under Donna’s mouth to let her drink.  As Donna drank the milk, Crysta massaged her hanging breasts, and then rubbed her inner thighs while she licked her asshole.  Then Crysta looked to see what else Donna had for lunch.  “A banana,” she said brightly.  She carefully peeled it, then pushed the soft yellow fruit into Donna’s pussy.  “Relax,” she said.  “I’ll let you eat this later, but you’ll need to hold it here for a minute while I find something else for you to eat.  Oh, here it is.  A carrot.”  Donna guessed where it was going.  Sure enough, she guessed correctly.  “Which one would you like to eat first?” Crysta asked.

“You can choose,” Donna said.

“Hmm, it’s so hard,” Crysta said, as she pulled the carrot in and out of Donna’s asshole.  Then she pulled and pushed the banana with one hand while rubbing her clit with the other.  Crysta could see Donna was about to cum, so she stopped rubbing her clit.  She took the banana out of Donna’s pussy, and put it in her own.  Then she stood next to Donna and said, “You can eat the banana now.”  Donna had to bend down to reach the banana, which raised her ass high into the air.  People laughed at Donna when they saw the carrot stuck in her ass.  As Crysta squeezed the banana out of her pussy, Donna ate it, and then she licked her plate clean.

“Can I eat my carrot, now?” Donna pleaded.

“Not yet, Donna” Crysta replied.  “Why don’t you save it for after your next class?”  Crysta looked at her watch.  The girls were already late.

“But I can’t sit down with this carrot stuck up my ass!”, Donna complained as the girls hurried to their class.

“Then stand.  I’m sure the professor will understand.”  The girls reached their seats, and Crysta sat down, but Donna remained standing, with the end of the carrot poking out of her butt hole.  Donna stroked her inner thigh, and prompted her to spread her legs apart as the professor entered the class.

“I love what you’re wearing, Donna,” said the professor as he walked into the room.  “You can take your seat now.”

“I would prefer to stand, if it’s all the same to you,” Donna said.  The class snickered, and Donna blushed.

Before the professor could think of a snappy reply, Crysta took pity on her little slave, and pulled the carrot out, and handed it to her.  “You can sit down, now.”

Donna was so thankful, she hugged her friend, and then sat on her lap for warmth and companionship.  Crysta sat with her legs together, and Donna sat on her lap, her legs straddling those of her roommate.  Crysta’s hands were pinned by her glove dress, so she took off one glove to massage Donna’s breasts and belly.  Then, she inserted one finger, then another between Donna’s slippery lips.  Donna relaxed, and leaned her head back, resting it on Crysta’s shoulder.  Crysta pulled off the other glove, and left the glove dress on the floor.  By this time, Donna had been so close to orgasm so many times, she just wanted it to be over with.  She was prepared to have a public orgasm.  She got up, and turned around to face her roommate, and was pleasantly surprised to see she was just as naked as herself.  She wrapped her arms around Crysta, and kissed her passionately, pressing her heaving chest into her friend’s.  Crysta, meanwhile, was rubbing Donna from her clit all the way to her asshole, and back again.   The girls’ lovemaking started to get out of control, interrupting the class.  Just as Crysta came for the second (or was it third?) time that day, the professor asked the girls if they would please try to be a little quieter.

Donna went back to her own seat, and waited patiently for the class to be over.  She sat with her legs spread wide apart, in an effort to cool off.  One more class, and then the trial, she thought, with a mixture of anticipation and dread.  Finally, the class was over.

As the girls walked to their last class, they were approached by a Panty Policeman.  “Hi, girls,” he said.

“Uh oh,” Donna said, under her breath.

“Don’t worry, we’re fine,” Crysta said.

The cop said, “I wonder if you girls wouldn’t mind assuming the position for me, while I listen to your explanation for being naked in public.”  He looked at Donna.

Donna reluctantly spread her legs apart, showing her swollen pussy, which was still very wet from almost cumming several times.  She waited for the cop’s eyes to rise to meet her own.  “I’m going to a Panty Trial this evening,” she explained.  She handed her summons to the cop.

After examining it closely, he returned it to Donna, and said, “This all seems to be in order.  Thank you.”  Then, as Donna continued to stand with her legs apart, the cop turned his attention to Crysta.  “That’s a lovely dress you’re almost wearing,” he said.

“Listen,” she said, “we’ll be late for class if you don’t let us go.”  She tried to stay as modest as possible, hiding her pussy and her breasts behind the tiny cloth stretched between her red gloves.

The cop walked behind her, and admired her ass, and then continued circling her.  He bent down to look under Crysta’s glove cloth, and shook his head.  “Will you please raise your arms up, and keep your legs apart?”  Crysta looked at Donna.  This is starting to look bad.  She slowly raised her arms, feeling very vulnerable when her breasts were uncovered.

The cop shook his head.  “It doesn’t meet Code,” he said.  “But you are beautiful,” he allowed. “I’ll tell you what:  I’ll let you keep your dress if you let me fuck you right here, right now.”

Donna gasped, but Crysta remained composed.  “And no summons?”

“Of course, no summons.”  He was already pitching a tent in his pants as Crysta thought it over.

“Crysta, no!” Donna said.  But it was too late.  The cop had already dropped his pants, and approached Crysta.  Crysta’s arms were still in the air, and her pussy was wet.  According to the College Code of Conduct, the “CCC”, as it was called, sexual excitement implies consent, so technically, she could not refuse him even if she wanted to.  The cop entered her in no time, and lifted her up in his arms.  He pushed his dick into her half a dozen times, each stroke harder than the last.  After the last stroke, he squeezed Crysta so tight that Donna thought she would break!  Finally, he exhaled, and eased Crysta back to earth.  The fucking had happened in such a short time, Crysta’s arms were still in the air.

“You can put your arms down, now,” the cop said as he pulled up his pants.  “Thanks, honey,” he said as he walked away.

“Thank you,” Crysta said.  ‘Thank you’ wasn’t quite right, but she didn’t know what else to say.

The girls stopped in the ladies’ room so Crysta could wipe the cum off her legs before going into the classroom.  Once they sat down, Donna noticed Crysta was crying.  “You’ll be OK,” she said.  “It just comes with the territory, sweetie.  Sometimes you have to use your feminine wiles to wiggle out of things.”  She wiped a tear from Crysta’s cheek, and then kissed it.  Crysta kissed her back, and soon the girls were kissing passionately.

“Hmm-hmm!” It was the professor, clearing his throat.

“Sorry,” said Donna.   She had become quite used to being naked, so she didn’t even notice that her legs were spread apart.  But the professor noticed.  Apparently, kissing Crysta had brought some moisture to her lips — the ones between her legs, that is.  Crysta felt bad that Donna’s pussy was so exposed, so she covered it with her hand, and noticed the moisture, too.  She glided her hand back and forth over Donna’s slippery skin, as the professor returned to his topic, and resumed droning on about it.

Once again, just as Donna was about to cum, Crysta stopped rubbing, and left her — legs spread wide apart, and leaning back in her chair — unfulfilled.  And her timing was perfect.  The class ended just then, and everyone filed out past the girls, stopping to admire Donna’s swollen pussy as they walked by.


author: Richard Hertz

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