Archived: Shorts, part 2: Crysta Plans the Defense (exhib, FF)

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Shorts Part 2: Crysta Plans the Defense (exhib, FF)

“Come on, Crysta,” Donna said, tugging on her roommate by the arm.  “Don’t fall asleep.  The dining hall is going to close soon, and I’m hungry.”  She pulled Crysta up, and then the two girls walked into the hallway, closing their door behind them.  The boys were still in the hallway, trying to look as if they hadn’t just been watching the girls fucking, but they didn’t fool anyone.  “Hi boys,” Donna said, acting not the least bit shy about being topless.  “Hi girls,” said the boys, looking Crysta up and down.  That’s when Donna noticed that Crysta was naked.  “Don’t you want your shirt?”

She looked down at herself, and noticed her naked breasts. In surprise, she said “Ooh”, and covered her breasts with her hands.  Donna opened the door so she could run in and get her camisole, while the boys watched in amusement.

When Crysta emerged from the room clutching her tiny camisole, Donna said, “I challenge you to walk as far as you can naked before you put on your shirt.”

Crysta accepted the challenge, and the two girls walked together, their naked breasts jiggling with each step, to the dining hall.  Donna carried Crysta’s shirt, and watched her squirm, because she knew how hard it was for Crysta to show her breasts in public.  It was funny, how different the girls were, and yet the same in a way.  It was hard for Crysta to go topless, and just as hard for Donna to go bottomless, yet when it was reversed, both girls were much more comfortable.

Crysta was becoming more and more uncomfortable as the girls walked to the dining hall.  She couldn’t shake the feeling that everyone was staring at her breasts, even though Donna’s breasts were just as naked as her own.  She so desperately wanted to cover them with her hands, but valiantly resisted that temptation.  Finally, as the girls reached the dining hall, Crysta couldn’t take it any more.  “Please give me my shirt,” she said.

Donna teased her just a bit by holding her camisole out, and making Crysta grab for it, then she let her have it.  Crysta put it on, and was visibly soothed by it, feeling its silky softness cover her erect nipples, hiding them from view.  The bottom of the camisole was about even with her belly button, leaving Crysta as bottomless as Donna was topless, but Crysta was more comfortable this way, even though her pussy was visibly open and wet from the excitement of going topless to the dining hall.

The girls showed their id cards at the door, and started walking to the food line.  “Hurry up, Crysta, I’m hungry.”  Donna gave her roommate a little pat on the butt, letting her fingers slip between Crysta’s cheeks.  Crysta relaxed her cheeks, and let Donna get a good feel, which made both girls juicy all over again.  While they were waiting on line, Crysta opened her mouth as if she were about to say something, but then changed her mind.

As the girls took their seats side-by-side on a bench seat, Crysta finally said what had been on her mind, “I’ve been thinking of your defense against these indecency charges, and, well…”  She trailed off.

“Well, what?” Donna prompted, playfully rubbing Crysta’s bare belly.

Crysta was thrilled by Donna’s touch, and hoped she would feel between her legs and notice how aroused she was, but Donna was taking her time.  “I hate to tell you this, Donna, but you would have been better off if you had let the inspector keep your shorts,” Crysta said as she put her arm around her best friend.

“But then I would have been completely naked.  At least now I have the shorts, and I don’t really mind going topless,” Donna replied.  She rested her hand on Crysta’s leg.

“But what are you going to do at your trial?” Crysta asked, pointing at the summons, which Donna was still carrying with her.  Crysta turned slightly toward Donna, and spread her legs apart, hoping Donna would take the hint and feel her pussy.

“The trial,” Donna repeated, drumming her fingertips on Crysta’s inner thigh..  “I haven’t thought that far ahead,” she admitted.

Crysta turned her whole body to face Donna, deftly lifting one leg over the bench.  She put both arms around her, looked at the summons and said, “Your trial is next Tuesday afternoon at 6 PM.”  With one hand she massaged Donna’s back, and with the other, she massaged her front.  “On Tuesdays we have two classes on that side of campus right before your trial.”

Donna didn’t see the problem.  “Yeah, that’s right.  So what?”  She let her fingers slip between Crysta’s lips, and pretended to ignore the spasms of delight thus induced.

“So you’re supposed to show up naked for these dress code trials, did you know that?”

Donna gulped, and clasped her breasts.  “Naked?”

“Yep.  Says so right here.”  Crysta used one hand to point to the “special instructions” at the bottom of Donna’s ticket where it says “Must Appear in the Nude”.  With the other hand, she continued to rub Donna’s breasts, raising both nipples to full attention.  “And since you have two classes right before that, you’ll need to be naked for them, too.”

Donna was reeling from the impact of Crysta’s words.  “You mean I…  I…”

“It gets worse,” Crysta said, trying to temper the bad news with a really good nipple massage..

Apparently, it was working, because Donna felt the need to unzip her shorts, which was her secret message to Crysta that her pussy needed a little rubbing, too.  “Worse than that?”

“Yes.  The only clothes you have access to during your trial are the ones taken into evidence by the inspector.”  Crysta let her fingers run down Donna’s front, but she had trouble gaining entry into Donna’s promised land.

Donna realized what that meant.  “So I’ll be bottomless during my trial.”  As if to illustrate the word, “bottomless”, she lowered her shorts a few inches.

Crysta felt the warm moistness between Donna’s legs, and smiled.  “That’s why you would have been better off if you had let him keep your shorts.”

“Oh, crap,” Donna said, allowing Crysta to pull her shorts down another few inches.  Donna closed her eyes as if to shut out the ironic image of having to fight the charge of indecency while naked.  Then she leaned her head back and almost purred as Crysta gave her a back scratch.

“Crap is right.  The only clothing in evidence will be that tiny Guinea T you were wearing.  You’ll be called on to model that shirt, and nothing else, and convince the jury that it does not violate the dress code.”  She kissed Donna’s breast, and continued to scratch her back with one hand, and gently stroke her pussy with the other.

Donna reeled as she tried to imagine spending the afternoon naked.  Crysta’s ministrations were getting to her, too, because she found her shorts too confining.  She let them drop to the floor beneath the table, and stepped out of them in order to spread her legs apart.  That felt better.  Now she was able to think more clearly.  “Well, at least I have a little muff,” she said, “to cover my pussy next Tuesday when I have to go around naked.”

Crysta shook her head, shaking Donna’s breast.  “I’m sorry, Donna, but you can’t keep that, either.  Pubic hair must never be seen.”

“Let me get this straight,” Donna said.  “I have to shave off my bush, and then show up to my classes on Tuesday with a hairless twat, and then defend myself in court wearing only a tiny shirt?  The jury will hang me out to dry!”

“Sit up here,” Crysta said, pointing to the table in front of her.

Donna looked left and right, and was satisfied the few people in the cafeteria weren’t paying them much mind.  She left her only article of clothing on the floor, and sat up on the table, naked.

Crysta gently nudged Donna’s legs apart, exposing her bright red inner pussy.  “Hopefully they’ll ask to review the evidence.”

Donna looked perplexed.

Crysta palmed Donna’s breasts, then massaged both inner thighs, purposely keeping her hands away from Donna’s throbbing pussy.  She continued teasing her girlfriend as she explained,  “After the evidence has been presented, the jury gets the case.  Sometimes it’s tricky to know whether the defendant is guilty, so the jury sends a message to the judge asking to take another look at the evidence.  The evidence is you, honey, wearing whatever clothes are suspected of violating the Dress Code.”

Donna leaned back on the table and put both legs in the air while her roommate drank in her sweetness.  “So I will have to model my short shirt for the jury while bottomless?”

“More than just model, I’m afraid.”  Crysta saw Donna’s shocked expression, but she had to finish.  Donna had to know the horrible truth.  “To get a ‘not guilty’ out of the jury, you have to satisfy them.”

“Satisfy them that I’m innocent, you mean,” Donna said, hopefully, as she neared orgasm.

“No, Donna, I mean you have to satisfy them.  You will do whatever it takes to satisfy them, and then you will go free.”

Both girls were silent for a moment, both imagining various images of Donna, clad only in her little white shirt, barely covering her breasts, as she satisfied one juror after another.

The horrible realization that she would have to get fucked twelve times sank in just as she came.  “Oh, Oh, Oh,” she said, each word louder than the last.  As euphoria washed over her, she remembered the main objective of the trial.  “At least when it’s done, I’ll be found ‘not guilty’.”  And then as the afterglow settled in, she added, “And I’ll get my little shirt back when I’m found innocent.”

“Yes, at least you’ll have that,” Crysta agreed.  As Donna lay exhausted on the table, Crysta stroked her sweaty belly and naked breasts.  She didn’t have the heart to tell Donna she could be re-arrested for violating the Code if she tried to wear the shirt out of the courtroom, and that although she would be found innocent of the charges, she would be leaving the courtroom naked and with cum dripping out of her pussy and asshole, and running down her legs.  “But don’t worry,” continued Crysta.  “I have some ideas for your defense.  I don’t think we’ll have any trouble winning this case.”


author: Richard Hertz

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