Another Humiliating Gym Class

Jodie and Bonnie rushed into the lunch hall after the most embarrassing gym class they had ever experienced. They wanted to warn their friends from a different class who were due to take gym after the lunch period. They grabbed their food and found their friends at a table.

“You guys are not going to believe what we and the rest of our class have just been through!” Jodie exclaimed, sitting down next to Camilla.

“No you won’t!” Bonnie emphasised, taking her seat opposite Jodie and next to Daryl.

Camilla and Daryl knew that their two friends had just had gym and thought that the girls where trying to exaggerate.

“Come on now. It couldn’t have been that bad!” Daryl exasperated.

“Yeah,” Camilla continued, “We’re all used to the gym uniforms now, the way they expose our bare butts and fronts to everyone and the instructor.”

“No! I’m telling you! This was a lot worse than usual!” Bonnie said.

“Yes!” Jodie added, “Do you remember that story we heard about Donna’s ghastly gym class? Well this was worse!”

Jodie began the tale…

“All the girls in our class had just finished changing into our gym uniforms and checking one another over to make sure we all complied with the gym dress code. As usual, just to be on the safe side, the hems of our uniforms were above our belly buttons. We all had our butts on display with our hairless vaginas on full view. Since it was just us girls in this lesson, we were all quite comfortable with each other. Ella even joked that she would remove her uniform completely to prevent it getting in the way if we were going to do something very demanding. We all laughed at that, not knowing how prophetic her joke actually was. Anyway, we all walked into the gym expecting to see Miss Jayne, our regular instructor, but found it empty. After a few moments, the double gym doors burst open and Mr. Walker hurried in. Immediately, all of us girls felt very self conscious of our half nakedness now that a male instructor had entered the gym. Mr. Walker told us that a number of staff were off sick today including Miss Jayne due to the flu that was going around and that he would have to take our gym lesson.”

Bonnie continued, “We didn’t react much outwardly, but we were mortified at the thought that we would be running and jumping around with Mr. Walker seeing our private parts. All of us girls modestly tried to cover our pussies with our hands while we were facing him – after all, this wasn’t an inspection so we thought we could get away with it. The situation got worse, however. Mr. Walker said because of the staff shortage, he would also have to instruct the boys’ gym class as well at the same time. And right on cue, a whole gaggle of boys came crashing through the gym doors, noisily laughing and chatting to each other but as soon as the saw us in our super short tops trying to cover ourselves, they all fell silent and stared trying to glimpse between our legs.”

Jodie jumped in, “I sided up to Mr. Walker and asked him if we could wear panties or at least longer tops since it would be a co-ed gym class. He thought about it but then went off into a long speech saying rules were rules and we must adhere to them at all times and that this great nation was founded and built on rules and we must stick to the rules in all circumstances because changing rules just to suit one’s particular situation is what eventually leads to anarchy, tyranny and the inevitable destruction of society.”

Bonnie continued, “After all that waffle he did say he could see our point and that he would talk to the boys. He went over and told them, as he had told us, about having to combine gym classes with us girls. He said to them that they may find our gym uniforms a tad distracting but wanted them to be grown up and ignore us, concentrating on their own gym lesson, which I thought was good of him to say. The boys all acknowledged him and we felt a bit more comfortable. We had now grouped in a tight huddle and he returned to us saying that the boys understood. He then gave us a lecture saying that as us girls know, we should not do anything to excite the boys, no flirting or provocative behaviour, which was fine, but then he said he was sure us girls were well in control of our bodies and he didn’t think he needed to tell us this but we must not allow our vaginas to become wet just because the boys were present and that we must stay dry at all times. We were all starting to blush now.”

“Yeah,” Jodie furthered the tale, “The boys could all hear him say this and as if that wasn’t bad enough, he went on embarrassing us by saying that if any of us became wet, it would produce an arousing smell that would attract the boys even more and that we should just keep ourselves quiet and they would forget we were there.
“Anyway, the gym class started; the boys were at one end of the hall shooting hoops and we were at the other with the climbing apparatus that was packed flat against the wall. Mr. Walker said were going to do some stretching to make sure none of us pulled any muscles later on. He told us to line up against the apparatus facing it. We all did so and were told to raise our arms stretching into the air. Then we had to bend forward touching the floor with our hands, keeping our legs straight. As we all bent over, our short tops wilted over our heads practically falling off and revealing our tits to the boys who had suddenly lost interest in what they were doing and focused on us. Mr. Walker had his back to the boys while he was monitoring us as we were bent over. We were all now starting to blush again, fully aware that our arses were up in the air exposing our smooth, hairless cunts and our tits hanging upside down. Mr. Walker said that we should remove our tops completely because they were a safety hazard hanging around our necks. We tried to challenge this but he went into a tirade about him being sued if anything happened to any of us girls, so reluctantly, we had to remove them. Now fully naked, the boys begun staring at us intently, scrutinising every aspect of our bodies. Now we had to resume the same bent over position again. To reduce the amount the boys could see we tried to keep our legs together but that was making it difficult for us to keep our balance.”

Bonnie resumed, “We would have been okay with that though, but Mr. Walker spotted us wobbling and told us to spread our legs apart to help us balance. We had no choice, we had to follow his instruction, and we spread our legs a little bit but he insisted that we needed to spread them wider, ‘much, much wider’. We were all completely naked, bent over, touching the floor with our hands, with our legs about three or four feet apart. By now, the boys were openly eyeing our fully exposed pussies and arseholes. I could faintly hear one boy commenting on how pink my and some of the other girls’ pussies were. Mr. Walker told us to hold this position till he got round to us one by one, to make sure we were doing it correctly. But then, he turned his attention to the boys who immediately started pretending they were active as he went over to them. While he was giving their group instructions, two boys kicked their ball over to us pretending it had accidently rolled away from them and they had to retrieve it. With Mr. Walker’s back now turned to us, the two boys sneakily ran to us after picking up their ball and started to stroke some of our pussies! We cried out for Mr. Walker but the boys he was with were deliberately distracting him so these two boys could play around with our pussies while we were trying to hold the bent over position. With all their rubbing, it was becoming too hard to remain still. They even started gently stroking some of our clitoris’ and that made some of the girls tremble, which is when we all had to say enough is enough and we all stood up. The two boys dashed off as Mr. Walker turned to us, seeing us standing up right.”

Jodie continued, “Mr. Walker asked what we were doing as he hadn’t gotten round to us yet. We tried to tell him about the two boys but he silenced us without hearing what we were saying. Instead, he told us that if we were finding this ‘easy’ position difficult he would have to make it easier for us and he went to the store cupboard then came back with some rope. We were all puzzled until he said we were to again resume our previous positions and this time, to ‘help’ us, he’ll tie us to the apparatus in those positions. We were horrified but Mr. Walker thought this was a great idea. As some of the boys overheard this they really started to get excited. We tried to protest but Mr. Walker assured us that this was the best way for us to learn the position as we wouldn’t have to balance on our own, the rope would support us. But he didn’t want any more ‘complaining’ or we’d be sent to the Dean, he told us.
“So one by one, we were tied to the apparatus naked, bent over and with our legs spread wide apart. Mr. Walker realised it would take a while for him to tie all of us, so he got two volunteers from the boys’ group to help. The two boys from earlier reacted quickest to Mr. Walkers’ request. We found out their names were John and David. He showed them how to tie us down and they followed his tuition but as they were doing so, Mr. Walker could see we were all very uncomfortable with these boys being so close to us while we were naked and exposed.”

Bonnie elaborated, “Yeah, this was now really humiliating because Mr. Walker tried to put us at ease but only made it worse by telling John and David that he knew that when they were crouched down to tie our hands and ankles, their faces would be at the level of our vaginas and that some of our vaginas may be wet ‘right now’ because we had a boy so close to our most intimate areas and that the two boys should save us our modesty by not looking directly at our open vaginas, no matter how pink and lush our vaginas looked, or no matter how much they glistened in the sunlight gleaming through the high gym windows. This was so embarrassing, he was drawing even more attention to our pussies and the way he was talking was actually starting to get some of us wet as we had been trying not to think of this whole situation. In fact, he went on saying to the boys that their noses were probably a few centimetres away from our vulvas and some, if not all of us were probably getting wet now because the boys were so close to them and that if that was the case, they may have been able to smell the aroma of our vaginas. He continued embarrassing us by saying that some of our vaginas would probably smell quite strong since their noses were within a few centimetres, and that they should do their best to block out the musky scent of our female sex organs.

Ella was right next to me and after John finished tying me down, he moved on to her but was taking a long time tying Ella, so long in fact that Mr. Walker and David were all the way at the end of the apparatus on the last few girls and could not clearly see what John was doing. John glanced at Mr. Walker to see he wasn’t looking then he started stroking Ella’s pussy lips, which were now wet with her sticky juices. John began smearing her pussy juice all over her labia then stimulating her clitoris. He was making her very aroused and she wanted to call for the tutor. As she called his name, Mr. Walker rhetorically asked out loud if it was Ella he could hear ‘complaining’. Not wanting to be sent to the Dean, Ella sheepishly replied ‘…no…’ and had to put up with John’s fondling. He now seemed caught up in the way her pussy lips would stick together and with a thumb on either side of her pussy he would gently pull her lips apart then push them together again listening to the faint squelching noise her juiced up pussy made. Mr. Walker stood up, finished on the final girl. John quickly moved his hands to the ropes making out he was checking them over thoroughly. He clearly had an erection that he hid from Mr. Walker. Seeing they were finished, Mr. Walker sent John and David back to the other side of the gym where the rest of the boys were eagerly waiting to hear what our pussies were like. John however excused himself to use the bathroom claiming he had drunk too much water. Mr. Walker traversed the line of us once, reiterating the importance of stretching correctly so as to not injure ourselves.”

Jodie butted in, “He was about to walk back down the line when John jogged back into gym saying the Dean said Mr. Walker had an important phone call. Mr. Walker said he wouldn’t be long. Most of us immediately raised our voices telling Mr. Walker he couldn’t leave us tied up like that. He told us not to worry then turned to John and said that he saw him earlier double checking the ropes and since he had proved to be so responsible, he would leave him in charge till he got back. He told John not to let the boys come into our half of the gym and that he had to stand in front of us girls facing away from us and making sure all the boys faced away also. John said he understood and made a big show of it by yelling out to the boys if they had all heard what Mr. Walker had just said. They were all playing along with John and answered ‘Yes sir!’ making an extra effort to face exactly 180 degrees away from us. Mr. Walker was satisfied with what we could clearly see was fake obedience and hurried out the gym doors. We knew we were in big trouble. The gym doors hadn’t even begun to close properly when all the boys rushed over to us and began to shamelessly play with our helpless, tied up bodies. It was awful!

John was back at Ella spreading then closing her pussy lips listening to the noise they made, and then all the other boys picked a girl and copied him, all of them trying to make our pussies squelch. The boys who didn’t have a girl’s pussy to play with pulled at our nipples instead, trying to see how hard they could get them. Then they started a competition to see which of us had the longest nipples. So our nipples were being tweaked and pinched while simultaneously our fannies were being opened and closed. Some of the girls had a low sexual tolerance level and were starting to build to an orgasm which wasn’t helped by some of the boys concentrating their efforts on our clitoris’, trying to see just how hard a girls clitoris can get if they kept gently stroking and teasing it using our own silky vaginal juice as lubricant. Some of the girls tried to hang on and not orgasm; they didn’t want to be humiliated in this way, being forced to cum in front of the boys like that, but we just couldn’t stand it! Kandi was the first to cum, but you could hardly blame her with what she was being subjected to. She is very popular with the boys because, as we all know, she has huge tits. They were hanging teasingly about her neck while she was bent over touching the floor. She had five boys around her, one on each breast tweaking her nipples, another rubbing her clit, one playing with her pussy lips and the fifth rubbing her fragrant pussy juices all over her sensitive arsehole. We all heard her exclaim, ‘Ohhhh nooooooo…!’ as she bucked and trembled, the rope keeping her firmly in place as a powerful orgasm flooded through her body. Hearing her, the boys laughed and cheered adding to her humiliation.

Bonnie regained narration, “By now, the boys were bored with the pussy squelching game they had invented and resorted to outright fingering. We told them to stop, you could hear the various demands coming from us girls up and down the line; ‘Stop rubbing my clitoris!’ and ‘Leave my nipples alone!’ and ‘Don’t you dare stick your fingers in my arse!. Some girls had resorted to begging saying, ‘Please don’t make me cum!’ or ‘Please stop pinching my nipples, they’re very sensitive and you’re making me wet!’ The boys didn’t pay any attention to us and instead continued penetrating our pussies and arseholes with their chubby, masculine fingers, giving us deep, internal massages. Most of us were now cumming loud and hard. The gym was full of the sound of young girls climaxing. We sounded like and orgasmic choir!” Bonnie joked, then got serious again to continue her part of the story, “One of the boys who was on watch came running into the gym shouting Mr. Walker was coming back. All the boys leaped up running to the other side of the gym leaving most of us panting, trying to catch their breaths. A few of the girls had managed to resist all the boys’ stroking, rubbing and probing and had not orgasmed but their pussies remained very wet and puffed up with their juices seeping from their hot gashes, trickling down towards their bellies.”

Jodie continued, “I thought we were finally saved when Mr. Walker stepped into the gym but to our shock he sniffed at the air then said that we had disappointed him greatly and that he could smell the unmistakable odour of vaginal fluid and that we had filled the gym with it. Under the circumstances, he was prepared to overlook a little moisture but that this was ‘ridiculous!’, he said as he could see Ella’s pussy juices now dribbling down between her breasts. We tried to explain to him what the boys were doing to us but before we could even start, he interrupted us saying there were no excuses and that John had been in charge of the boys and he was sure that he carried out his duties perfectly. Kandi tried to interrupt him again but Mr. Walker cut her off shouting, ‘Enough girls!’ He was now furious exclaiming that we had been very disobedient. He looked over at the boys limping around trying to shoot hoops and saw they were all sporting big erections that were hindering them. He told us to look at what we girls had done to the boys and that they could not concentrate on their lesson. Then came what we all had been dreading. He told us he had to enforce the rules and he called the boys over. The humiliation got worse for us. He said to the boys that he knew it was impossible for them to continue with their lesson and that it was the smells of our vaginas that had filled the gym that had caused them all to have erections. He told them that we girls had caused this problem so we would have to fix it. He told each boy to drop his gym shorts and choose a girl to consensually rape but told them they could not ejaculate inside us, which I think would have been better than what actually happened. The boys couldn’t wait and each one drove their super erect dicks straight into our pussies immediately fucking us hard and fast while we were still bent over and tied naked to the apparatus. This was too much for all of us and especially for the girls who had managed to resist cumming before and they came instantly. The boys were so aroused from playing with our pussies before that it didn’t take them long to start cumming either but as there were a lot more boys than girls, some boys lined up behind particular girls, waiting for the boy in front to finish. We all got fucked by at least two different boys and all us girls were forced to orgasm multiple times for extra humiliation!”

Bonnie interjected, “This next bit is truly horrid! As Mr. Walker told the boys not to cum inside us, at the last moment, each boy withdrew and spurted his hot spunk down our bellies and over our tits. But poor Kandi! With her being so popular, several boys elected to withdraw from whoever they were consensually raping and ejaculate directly over her. By the time all the boys were finished, she was absolutely covered in cum. Some of them deliberately came on her face, trying to get their gooey ejaculate into her mouth. She managed to keep her mouth shut but more and more cum was starting to ooze up her nose, remember – she, like all of us were still bent over with our heads upside down. As more and more boys jizzed on her face, she had to open her mouth wide and let their cum drain into it to avoid their salty sperm seeping up her nose.
“When all the boys had drained their nut sacks, they went back to shooting hoops at the other end of the gym. Mr. Walker untied us and we were able to stand upright for the first time in what felt like ages. We all looked at each other with the boys’ cum running down our necks, dripping from our breasts and in Kandi’s case, her chin also. Mr. Walker said to us that he hoped we had learned a valuable lesson on how important it was to control our own bodies and to not become aroused just because there were boys in the vicinity. I was going to try and set the record straight with what had really happened in his absence but by then, I and all the other girls were just too exhausted from all the orgasms the boys had forced us to have so we all just mumbled, ‘Yes sir.’ Finally, he told us to take showers and get ready for lunch. As we turned and left the gym, we could all feel the boys’ eyes ogling our pert arses as we made our way to the showers.”

“Goodness gracious!” Camilla exclaimed. That really was humiliating!”

“And we’ve got gym next! Daryl exclaimed to Camilla.

“I know.” Jodie said. “That’s why Bonnie and I thought we should warn you!”

26 thoughts on “Another Humiliating Gym Class

  1. Publius

    Gym, from the Greek gymnos, means naked. Gymnasiums were places to be naked in ancient Greece. The well rounded student develops both mind and body. Having a physically education program helps the students train their minds to develop their bodies. Much like the inspections, a student called to strip in gym ought never feel ashamed. Nude is a healthier way of training – no sweaty clothing clinging to the body.

    As far as the boys touching the girls, well boys will be boys. But also consider the education the girls gave the boys. Normally, same sex gym classes, boys only see other boys. They learn about their bodies by seeing other male bodies. In this situation, having the chance to compare their own male bodies to those of the females is a great learning opportunity. And this is the real reason for continuing schooling – learning.

    With budget cuts being necessary. Co-ed gymnasiums and showers may be required. This allows just one locker room needed to be cleaned. It may also be desirable for co-ed gym classes to be fully nude in a full education of all students.

    1. slick Post author

      You’ve almost read my mind! I already have a few ideas planned regarding co-ed gym lessons and showers and as for the educational aspect, that is the focus of my next post…

  2. Publius

    As some buildings are deemed “No Topless” places, the gymnasium ought to be a “No Clothes” building. This rule ought to extend to both genders, and students and faculty alike.

    As the Ancient Greeks knew, if your goal was to develop the physical form of your body, you must have that body on display. It would not make sense to limit that to the female population, nor would it make sense for students only. Instructors lead by example.

    A fat track coach inspires no one to run. A weak wrestling coach is laughed at rather than listened. A clumsy gymnastic instructor helps no one.

  3. lover_mystery

    Unfortunately coed gym-class is not common, but it should be mandatory.
    Indeed the boys violated against the teachers direction to stay in the other part of the gym, but anyway, it is a minor offence. On the other side, they respected the CCC which allows them to touch an uncovered body-part. It calls no further discussion, that the all girls violated against the sexual-excitement rule, which requires them to stay dry all the time. So it was not only a result of their own contraventions, that the teacher asked their schoolmates to rape them, but almost his duty. Anyway, he had mercy with the girls to ask the boys not to cum inside, but to allow them only to spray outside. It is consequence of the teachers courtesy, that the girls received the boys semen on their upper body, on their face or on their mouth only. Far from it to complain, the girls should rather thank the teacher and their schoolmates for their mercy.

    1. Jasmin

      It was really unfair that Mr. Walker didn´t take our advice what the boys were doing while he had left. I can´t agree to lover_mystery. Sure the rules say as well the boys could touch us and as Mr. Walker found us wet, it was in accordance with the rules to give allowance to rape us, but as I understand the code, it was the teachers duty to safe us, cause he hadn´t to bound and leave us alone. I´ve thought to make a grievance, but my classmates dis-advised me. It might be found as an unfounded Grievance, which could make it much worse.
      Anyway, I hope it will never happen again and especially the teachers will take care to leave the girls never alone after stripping them.

  4. Ashley

    Bitches r so attractive just like the girls in this story sound. Girls r much better kissers than boys b/c they have a more gentle touch. That’s why I’m bi.

  5. William G. Gruff

    I called my local library and asked if James Joyce, F. Scott Fitzgerald, or William Faulkner ever wrote a novel about naked girls in college. The closest thing they have was written by some Russian guy named Vladimir Nabokov. The description sounded kinky, so I’m gonna check it out. Thanks, Slick!

  6. William G. Gruff

    I don’t think Take That earned the BRIT Award for Mastercard Album of the Year either but calling them asswipes is a little extreme.

    1. Slick P Wraith Post author

      Sorry William and everyone else. Those last two commments were by some idiot using my name. I’ve removed them now.

      Did you really ask in your library for books containing those subjects? I would have loved to have heard how they responded back to you!

      1. William G. Gruff

        Well, if I did I might be surreptitious about it. “Do you have any copies of Norman Mailer’s ‘The Naked and the Dead’? You do? Wonderful! What about books with naked college girls?”

        Speaking of removals, what happened to your most recent story about sex education? That was one of the greatest things I’ve ever read on CCC and I’ve been lurking here for years. Don’t tell me it’s gone!

        1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

          Grinch is investigating the case of someone else posting offensive messages using my name so he’s suspended my account until he gets to the bottom of it, I think that’s why the story’s been removed but it should be back once he’s sorted it. Then I’ll post part 2.

    1. William G. Gruff

      But then I wouldn’t get to sing the song!

      “…you really are a heel! You’re as cuddly as a cactus, you’re as charming as an eel! Mr. Grinch! You’re a bad banana with a greasy black peel!”

      However if Grinch is also helping to roll back Eroslavia to its golden age (pre-2009) then all will be forgiven.

      1. Grinch

        Ha ha Willam, thanks. Yeah, I was out travelling and literally just had 5 minutes to look into it, so just wanted to contain it. I don’t want to require registration to comment, because that would remove the ‘roleplay’ element of the comments … so I’m hoping this was just a fluke.

        I hope I’ll be able to ‘restore’ Eroslavia.

  7. William Kazak

    I was amused at what happened to the coeds that one day in gym class. They can be grateful for their experience. Why do I say this? Well, for one, they learned a lesson in telling the truth. Since the boys lied to their temp gym teacher, Mr. Walker, the girls learned how awful telling lies can become. Second, the girls might have learned how important it is to control their own bodies, even in the case of the extreme. Third, the girls learned that dressing provocatively can get a girl into trouble. Remember, that all the girls came into the gym wearing tops over their belly buttons, which immediately excited the boys. Fourth, the girls learned a lesson in safety that day. While engaging in sports, it is always important to have an outfit that won’t interfer with the activity or cause any harm to the wearer. Thus, it was important that Mr. Walker pointed that out and made them remove their tops for their own safety. I would say that, even though Mr. Walker did not exactly follow the usual protocol of the gym class, the girls should all thank him for their lessons learned that day.

  8. NoName

    I know stories like this one push the bounds of the CCC, but I have to say this series I find to be very good to go back on. It’d be great to see more ‘gym class with boys’ stories.

    PS, I know when the website starts to become slow it helps the writers if readers narrow what they like, so here’s my 2 cents.


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